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March 1, 2017

The Gulfstream Sale

Fasig-Tipton Florida, Inc.
Gulfstream Park

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Consignor Index

   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Shanghai Bobby--Can't Bluff Me 30
b.f by Malibu Moon--Casa Lima 31
b.f by Uncle Mo--Flowers Athefinish 57
ch.c by Candy Ride (ARG)--Just an Inkling 84
ch.c by Ghostzapper--Malibu Cougar 96
ch.f by Street Cry (IRE)--My Spanx 110
Burning Allure b.f by Bernardini--Rare Bit 120
b.c by More Than Ready--Tensas Punch 156
   Hip Number
Bourbon High gr/ro.f by Mission Impazible--Yankee Million 14
Rule the Nile b.c by Pioneerof the Nile--Esher 51
Graycaster gr/ro.c by Graydar--Jocaster 82
Gee Gee' Music dkb/b.f by Maclean's Music--Record the Call 121
Osteria b.f by Stay Thirsty--Social Amber 141
   Hip Number
b.c by Gemologist--Bon Caro 27
b.c by Violence--Indemand 77
ch.c by Flat Out--Miss Accord 102
dkb/b.c by Shanghai Bobby--Mulligatawny 109
dkb/b.f by Scat Daddy--Obsequious 114
   Hip Number
gr/ro.f by Creative Cause--Rock n Wolin 127
   Hip Number
Lip Sync b.f by Maclean's Music--Tight Lipped 160
   Hip Number
b.c by Into Mischief--Blue Devil Bel 25
   Hip Number
b.c by Super Saver--Starstream 146
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Soldat--Ardara 18
b.c by Uncle Mo--As Promised 20
ch.c by Awesome Again--Bisbee's Prospect 24
b.f by Uncle Mo--Esther Got Even 52
b.c by Declaration of War--Miss Childrey 103
b.c by Dialed In--Monregale 107
b.c by Ghostzapper--Native One 111
b.c by Point of Entry--No Setting Sun 113
dkb/b.f by Pioneerof the Nile--Ribbon Taffy 126
   Hip Number
b.c by Into Mischief--Wynning Is Sweet 13
b.c by Into Mischief--Dance Team 44
dkb/b.f by Paynter--Emma Song 49
b.f by Quality Road--Favoritism 55
b.f by Union Rags--Force of Humor 58
dkb/b.c by Bernardini--Sleepytime (IRE) 138
Blu Grotto b.c by Uncle Mo--Smarty Bull 140
dkb/b.f by Malibu Moon--Stylish Wildcat 152
b.c by Take Charge Indy--Thunder Lilly 159
   Hip Number
b.c by Oxbow--Freedom Come 60
b.c by Medaglia d'Oro--Golden Artemis 64
b.c by Animal Kingdom--Golden Mean 65
   Hip Number
b.c by Into Mischief--Broadway Lullaby 28
b.c by Awesome Again--Kiss the Lady 87
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Curlin--Runge 129
   Hip Number
b.c by Overanalyze--Cateress 33
   Hip Number
ch.c by Distorted Humor--Taptam 155
   Hip Number
b.c by Tapit--Ithinkisawapudycat 80
b.c by Into Mischief--Mamasan 97
   Hip Number
b.c by Bernardini--Winnowing 10
dkb/b.f by Medaglia d'Oro--Cabbage Key 29
   Hip Number
gr/ro.c by Graydar--Sisti's Pride 137
   Hip Number
b.c by More Than Ready--Ruban Bleu 128
   Hip Number
b.c by Union Rags--Woodford Girl 11
b.c by Super Saver--Be Smart 23
   Hip Number
b.f by Oxbow--Mexican Moonlight 101
   Hip Number
b.f by Into Mischief--Vibrant 1
dkb/b.c by Medaglia d'Oro--Wild Chant 6
dkb/b.f by Scat Daddy--Classic Strike 40
ch.c by Curlin--Franscat 59
b.f by Quality Road--Guest House 67
b.c by Tiznow--La Suena 91
Smart Response ch.f by Smart Strike--Salty Response 130
b.c by Bernardini--Winner 135
b.f by Medaglia d'Oro--Starinthemeadow 145
   Hip Number
ch.c by Malibu Moon--Viva La Flag 3
gr/ro.c by Tapit--Christmas Star 38
b.c by Uncle Mo--Victory Lap 74
dkb/b.f by Speightstown--Modesty Blaise 105
ch.c by Malibu Moon--Spirited Away 143
ch.f by Distorted Humor--Stormy Welcome 149
   Hip Number
gr/ro.c by Mission Impazible--Glory Gold 63
dkb/b.c by Morning Line--HomecomingDance 71
   Hip Number
b.c by Malibu Moon--Christie Village 37
ch.f by Speightstown--Styler 151
   Hip Number
ch.f by Tapit--Above Heaven 15
gr/ro.f by Eskendereya--Champagne Royale 36
b.c by Smart Strike--Secret Status 131
   Hip Number
gr/ro.c by Creative Cause--Dattts Lady Di 46
   Hip Number
ch.c by Candy Ride (ARG)--Cloudburst 41
gr/ro.c by Into Mischief--Conkate 42
b.f by Into Mischief--Greer Lynn 66
Bridaled Temper b.f by War Front--Louve des Reves (IRE) 94
gr/ro.c by Frankel--Manerbe 98
b.c by Bodemeister--Pink Diamond 118
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Bodemeister--Stop the Wedding 148
   Hip Number
b.c by Union Rags--Classic Elegance 39
ch.c by First Samurai--Exploremore 53
ch.c by Curlin--Just Parker 85
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Mineshaft--Jellicle (IRE) 81
   Hip Number
b.c by Malibu Moon--Honest Cause 72
   Hip Number
b.f by Scat Daddy--Me and Miss Jones 100
   Hip Number
b.c by Bernardini--Revolutionary Act 125
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Orb--Renee's Titan 124
   Hip Number
b.c by Afleet Alex--Remembered 123
   Hip Number
b.c by Tiznow--Sweet Damsel 153
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by I Want Revenge--Aspen Whisper 19
ch.c by Majesticperfection--Hairdo 68
   Hip Number
b.c by Union Rags--Wee Highland Lass 4
dkb/b.c by Uncle Mo--Daisy Mountain 43
b.c by Into Mischief--Miss Vigilance 104
dkb/b.f by Orb--Northern Kraze 112
ch.c by Flat Out--Story Untold 150
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Tale of the Cat--Tiztimetokinect 161
   Hip Number
gr/ro.c by Exchange Rate--Fast Tip 54
   Hip Number
b.c by Kitten's Joy--Spent Gold 142
   Hip Number
Piven b.c by Prospective--Her Entourage 69
b.c by Forestry--Indian Carlie 78
b.f by Bellamy Road--Money Madness 106
b.c by Algorithms--Patrolwoman 116
dkb/b.c by Eskendereya--Shipboard Romance 133
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Overanalyze--Pleasant Ballerina 119
Orient Hwin dkb/b.f by Shanghai Bobby--True Ruby 162
   Hip Number
b.f by Take Charge Indy--W W American 12
ch.c by Justin Phillip--Catch My Fancy 32
ch.c by Tapit--Hurricane Flag 73
b.c by Paynter--Perfect Wave 117
   Hip Number
Dancing b.f by Bernardini--Dancing Alone 45
Snatchandgrab dkb/b.c by Shanghai Bobby--Deborah's Moment 47
dkb/b.c by Pioneerof the Nile--Katz Me If You Can 86
b.f by Dialed In--Lady in Waiting 89
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Spring At Last--Celadon 35
   Hip Number
b.f by Pioneerof the Nile--Sha Hearah 132
b.c by Into Mischief--Silver Prize 134
   Hip Number
Living On Salsa b.f by Two Step Salsa--Live Every Day 93
   Hip Number
b.c by Into Mischief--Sweet Seventeen 154
   Hip Number
b.c by Tale of the Cat--Awesome Bull 21
b.c by Pioneerof the Nile--Lady Byar 88
   Hip Number
b.c by Candy Ride (ARG)--After Thought 17
b.c by Smart Strike--Magical Ride 95
   Hip Number
b.f by Uncle Mo--Afleet Maggi 16
dkb/b.f by Shanghai Bobby--Cecilia's Crown 34
   Hip Number
ch.c by Creative Cause--Blushing Touch 26
   Hip Number
Fiftyshadesoftapit ch.c by Tapit--Lady of Fifty 90
   Hip Number
b.f by Malibu Moon--Maria's Dane 99
   Hip Number
gr/ro.c by Shanghai Bobby--Red Hot Maria 122
   Hip Number
ch.c by Custom for Carlos--Tensas Wedding Joy 157
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Shanghai Bobby--Thousandfold 158
   Hip Number
b.c by Street Cry (IRE)--Stephanie Got Even 147
   Hip Number
ch.c by Scat Daddy--Intelyhente 79
b.c by Orb--Spring Awakening 144
   Hip Number
ch.c by Malibu Moon--I'm Breathtaking 76
b.c by Giant's Causeway--Leaveminthedust 92
   Hip Number
Day of Reckoning dkb/b.c by Shanghai Bobby--Erica's Melody 50
   Hip Number
ch.f by Orb--Weekend Romance 5
b.f by Speightstown--Winding Way 7
dkb/b.f by Candy Ride (ARG)--Win McCool 8
dkb/b.c by Candy Ride (ARG)--Belle of the Hall 22
b.c by Curlin--Dress the Part 48
dkb/b.f by Candy Ride (ARG)--Florida Wildcat 56
dkb/b.c by Smart Strike--Girluphigh (IRE) 61
ch.f by Broken Vow--Give My Regards 62
dkb/b.f by Scat Daddy--Holly Days 70
dkb/b.c by More Than Ready--Ida Clark 75
b.f by More Than Ready--Jovani 83
gr/ro.c by Creative Cause--Mons Venus 108
b.c by City Zip--One Four Three 115
b.f by Majestic Warrior--Sister Martini 136
b.c by Union Rags--Smart n Special 139