The October Sale Thumbnail
October 23-26, 2017

The October Sale

Fasig-Tipton Kentucky, Inc.
Lexington, Kentucky
Oct 23 Hips 1-364, 10am
Oct 24 Hips 365-728, 10am
Oct 25 Hips 729-1092, 10am
Oct 26 Hips 1093-1459

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Consignor Index

   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Animal Kingdom--Smart Penny 283
ch.c by Ghostzapper--Street Dancer 339
ch.f by Speightstown--Ariege 643
ch.f by Animal Kingdom--Be Glorious 678
dkb/b.f by Awesome Again--Believe in A. P. 679
ch.c by Animal Kingdom--Ginger Brew 1067
   Hip Number
b.c by Bernardini--On a Lark 8
gr/ro.c by Cairo Prince--Successful Year 346
dkb/b.c by Medaglia d'Oro--Broadway Gold 736
ch.c by Curlin--Eden's Storm 950
b.f by Bodemeister--Katana (NZ) 1241
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Liaison--Dixie Bang 915
ch.f by Langfuhr--Family Business 997
gr/ro.f by Midshipman--Hot Chile Soup 1158
   Hip Number
ch.c by Tale of the Cat--North East Belle 1454
   Hip Number
b.f by Overanalyze--American Romance 613
ch.f by Mineshaft--Emerald Buddha 966
   Hip Number
ch.c by Curlin--Apache Plume 625
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Dialed In--Prime the Pump 94
   Hip Number
gr/ro.c by Cairo Prince--Down On Copperline 929
b.f by Cross Traffic--Miss Hanky Panky 1391
   Hip Number
ch.f by Afleet Alex--Arty'skentuckygirl 648
dkb/b.c by Power Broker--Busy Listening 743
ch.c by Shackleford--Grace of Hearts 1092
   Hip Number
b.f by Discreet Cat--Scarlet Begonias 223
dkb/b.c by Hard Spun--Van Lear Rose 478
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Mucho Macho Man--Elle Dehere 957
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Paynter--Wicked Woman of Ny 524
dkb/b.f by Data Link--Cause to Celebrate 774
dkb/b.c by Archarcharch--Devoted Gal 899
dkb/b.c by Line of David--Miss Dark Star 1387
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Blame--Cape Canada 759
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Atreides--Samurai Rose 209
dkb/b.c by Bernardini--Song of Me 295
ch.c by English Channel--Star Silver 321
b.f by Quality Road--Choo Choo Lady 803
b.f by Super Saver--Cuvee Uncorked 869
ch.c by Stay Thirsty--Dreamy Blues 933
dkb/b.f by Verrazano--Harlan Showgirl 1119
dkb/b.f by Alternation--More Than Proud 1420
   Hip Number
ch.c by Wilburn--Prime Risk 93
dkb/b.c by Awesome Patriot--Youmakemenervous 561
   Hip Number
ch.c by Can the Man--White Slippers 520
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Awesome Patriot--Saintly Music 202
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Itsmyluckyday--She'saflashymiss 244
   Hip Number
ch.f by Itsmyluckyday--Awful Smart 662
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Central Banker--La Diva 1257
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Alpha--Looking Chill 1317
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Creative Cause--Jack's Little Girl 1208
   Hip Number
b.c by Colonel John--Shake N Quake 237
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Kitten's Joy--Snooze 288
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Shanghai Bobby--Pizza Lady 70
dkb/b.f by Data Link--Somalia 294
b.f by Awesome Patriot--Tiz the Day 428
dkb/b.f by Archarcharch--Brahms Top Shelf 721
dkb/b.c by Trappe Shot--Donna D 920
b.f by Majesticperfection--El Rebecca 959
   Hip Number
gr/ro.f by Overanalyze--Spring Dragon 314
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Shakin It Up--Indy Sue 1191
   Hip Number
ch.f by Tale of Ekati--Yaletown 554
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Animal Kingdom--Larking 1275
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Bodemeister--Rhino Girl 158
dkb/b.f by Tale of the Cat--Samsational 208
b.c by Revolutionary--Seek 232
gr/ro.f by Curlin--Spoken Softly 313
dkb/b.c by Archarcharch--Sweet Reveille 379
b.f by Temple City--Tap'n Tango 393
gr/ro.f by Cairo Prince--That's Ok 404
dkb/b.f by Take Charge Indy--War Secret 500
b.c by Bodemeister--Alina 591
dkb/b.f by Violence--Blush 709
dkb/b.c by Street Sense--Call Me Swift 749
ch.c by Verrazano--Esher 978
dkb/b.f by Trappe Shot--Fashion Forward 1003
dkb/b.c by Bellamy Road--Granny Spinster 1099
ch.c by Sidney's Candy--I Am Iron Woman 1169
ch.f by Data Link--Isis Song (IRE) 1200
b.c by Violence--Itnab (GB) 1203
b.c by Flatter--Lady Aphrodite 1258
b.f by Awesome Patriot--Lumina 1329
b.f by Union Rags--Magical Cat (IRE) 1337
   Hip Number
b.c by Arch--Thousand Islands (GB) 413
b.c by Distorted Humor--Bernardette 693
b.c by Street Boss--Ever So 983
b.f by Animal Kingdom--Fjord 1018
b.c by Discreet Cat--Folk 1034
b.f by Girolamo--Gratitude 1100
   Hip Number
b.c by Street Sense--Livermore Leslie 1312
   Hip Number
b.c by Dominus--Romanesque 172
dkb/b.f by Tizway--Ballpark Frankie 669
   Hip Number
b.f by I Want Revenge--Flutter Bird 1030
   Hip Number
gr/ro.f by Take Charge Indy--Hotazel 1157
   Hip Number
ch.f by Strong Mandate--Lady Fifty Two 1260
   Hip Number
b.f by Quality Road--Striking Tomisue 342
dkb/b.f by Dialed In--Briskly 734
   Hip Number
b.f by Fed Biz--Midst 1377
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Paynter--Worth Fighting For 548
b.f by Quality Road--Megahertz (GB) 1364
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Take Charge Indy--Dream Job 932
   Hip Number
b.c by Street Sense--Hot Water 1160
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Broken Vow--Sweet Science 380
ch.f by Candy Ride (ARG)--Cat Fight 770
dkb/b.c by Shanghai Bobby--Chamrousse 778
dkb/b.c by The Factor--Dovie 928
b.c by Old Fashioned--Kuhlu 1254
dkb/b.c by Data Link--Moon Orchid 1416
   Hip Number
b.c by Lemon Drop Kid--Right On Renee 162
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Tizway--One Last Dance 12
   Hip Number
b.c by Shanghai Bobby--Your Flame in Me 563
ch.f by Strong Mandate--Belle Du Sud 686
b.f by Will Take Charge--Fast Resource 1007
b.c by The Factor--Givhans Ferry 1070
ch.f by Can the Man--Halo River 1113
   Hip Number
ch.c by Overanalyze--Golden Victress 1083
   Hip Number
ch.f by Speightstown--Royal Lahaina 188
b.c by Tiznow--Surprises Welcomed 360
b.c by Uncle Mo--Suzy Sage 364
b.c by Quality Road--Diplomat Lady 907
b.c by Bodemeister--Inclination 1185
b.f by Candy Ride (ARG)--Maryfield 1354
   Hip Number
b.c by Gio Ponti--So Very Happy 303
b.f by Malibu Moon--Travelers' Way 447
b.c by Tizway--Love to Score 1323
   Hip Number
b.c by Morning Line--Princess Kiha 99
   Hip Number
gr/ro.f by Cairo Prince--Chanel Number Mine 781
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Orb--She Be Keene 239
   Hip Number
gr/ro.f by Take Charge Indy--Lorelei True 1319
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Maclean's Music--Miss Cappy 1384
   Hip Number
gr/ro.f by Daaher--Alshadiyah 602
b.f by Kitten's Joy--Ensejaam 973
ch.c by Invasor (ARG)--Jayezaa 1212
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Sky Mesa--Abbigucci 569
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Maclean's Music--Twilight Mirage 463
   Hip Number
ch.f by Stormy Atlantic--Wynning Is Sweet 550
b.c by Uncle Mo--Flashy Ride 1021
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Temple City--Our Matilda 21
b.c by Bodemeister--Pilaf 66
ch.c by Mark Valeski--Pleasure Cat 75
b.f by Data Link--Tiz Dreamy 426
ch.c by Flat Out--Abolinna 572
ch.f by Line of David--Klagenfurt 1251
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Graydar--Bergamot 692
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Point of Entry--Miss Penny Fortune 1400
   Hip Number
gr/ro.f by Dialed In--On a Mountain Top 9
dkb/b.c by Shakin It Up--Paris Girl 40
b.f by Liaison--Rockport Beauty 170
b.c by Ice Box--Shesa Calendargirl 243
dkb/b.c by Tizway--Shy Contessa 258
ch.f by Goldencents--Silencieuse 260
dkb/b.f by Goldencents--Slam's Honor 275
b.c by Dialed In--Standing Regal 315
dkb/b.c by Atreides--Surveil 362
dkb/b.f by Astrology--Sweet Disposition 371
dkb/b.f by Archarcharch--Top Marks 435
ch.f by Tapizar--What a Trouper 516
gr/ro.f by Cross Traffic--Worthy of the Name 549
b.f by Dominus--Acts of Karma 577
dkb/b.f by Morning Line--Alexsietta 590
dkb/b.c by Cross Traffic--A. P. Andrea 626
ch.f by Itsmyluckyday--Butterscotch Rain (GB) 744
dkb/b.f by Jimmy Creed--Canadian Queen 755
ch.c by To Honor and Serve--Christmas Cheer 806
ch.c by Awesome Patriot--Collyns L 834
b.f by Warrior's Reward--Colonial Ballet 835
dkb/b.f by Shakin It Up--Cozy Cabin 854
dkb/b.f by Liaison--Dibaba 904
b.f by Astrology--Distant Memories 910
dkb/b.f by Itsmyluckyday--Dixieland Samurai 916
dkb/b.c by Gemologist--Don't Tacha Me 921
dkb/b.c by Itsmyluckyday--Enduring Pam 970
b.f by Paddy O'Prado--Enduring Trust 971
dkb/b.c by Awesome Patriot--Fighting Countess 1012
dkb/b.f by Magician (IRE)--Fizzy Pink (GB) 1017
dkb/b.f by Temple City--Get an Eye Full 1065
dkb/b.c by Itsmyluckyday--Glorious Cat 1072
ch.c by Dominus--Going Our Way 1075
dkb/b.c by Country Day--Gold Club 1076
dkb/b.c by Goldencents--Goody Two Shoes 1087
gr/ro.c by Cross Traffic--Great Morning (IRE) 1104
dkb/b.c by Dominus--Heavenly Spirits 1132
ch.f by Awesome Patriot--Holy Moly Susan 1149
gr/ro.f by Cross Traffic--Justaspell 1234
b.c by Regal Ransom--K'ehleyr 1245
dkb/b.f by Hat Trick (JPN)--Lanie Britt 1271
gr/ro.c by Cross Traffic--Light of Dubai 1292
ch.f by Wilburn--Lyrical Star 1330
dkb/b.c by Shakin It Up--Moonshine Bertie 1418
   Hip Number
gr/ro.c by Big Brown--Parrish Queen 41
b.c by Big Brown--Tatum Tot 394
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Frost Giant--Sarahisittrue 211
   Hip Number
gr/ro.c by Creative Cause--Princess Henri 98
gr/ro.f by Cairo Prince--Bourbon and a Kiss 718
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Frost Giant--Pat's Kitten 43
b.c by Big Brown--Liza Lu 1314
   Hip Number
b.c by Tizdejavu--One Hot Kiss 10
dkb/b.c by Strong Mandate--Callous Effect 751
   Hip Number
b.f by Paddy O'Prado--Auspice 657
   Hip Number
wh.c by Get Stormy--Packed Powder 31
ch.c by Regal Ransom--All Primed 598
dkb/b.f by Awesome Patriot--Brouhaha 739
dkb/b.c by Itsmyluckyday--College Girl 832
dkb/b.f by American Lion--I's a Fact 1199
b.c by Tizway--Livia B 1313
dkb/b.f by Can the Man--Midnight Search 1376
ch.c by Alternation--Miss Louisiana 1396
   Hip Number
ch.f by Majesticperfection--Psych 112
b.f by Haynesfield--Psychadelacized 113
ch.f by Proud Citizen--Reflate the Bubble 148
dkb/b.c by Cairo Prince--Rimini Road 163
b.c by Cairo Prince--Try to Remember 456
ch.f by Creative Cause--Blushing Touch 711
dkb/b.f by Creative Cause--Chance Romance 780
ch.c by Kitten's Joy--Indian Spell 1188
gr/ro.c by Cairo Prince--Lovers Spat 1322
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Bodemeister--Resonating 154
dkb/b.f by Midnight Lute--Spirit 310
ch.c by Malibu Moon--Archduchess 639
dkb/b.c by Midnight Lute--Holy Flapper 1148
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Congrats--Oh Glory Be 6
b.c by Overanalyze--One More Wild Ride 13
b.f by Elusive Quality--Paoletta 36
gr/ro.f by Exchange Rate--Private Ice (GB) 106
b.f by Strong Mandate--Proud Dame 110
gr/ro.c by Cairo Prince--Ride Me Fast 161
b.f by Artie Schiller--Tayrona 395
b.f by Arch--Visual Mind 492
gr/ro.c by Into Mischief--Well 506
b.f by Sky Mesa--Well Related 510
dkb/b.c by Regal Ransom--Yankee Glider 555
b.c by Cairo Prince--Kiss a Vet 1250
b.c by Discreetly Mine--Latin Tudor 1279
b.f by Animal Kingdom--Laureldean Gale 1283
ch.c by Animal Kingdom--Maria Von Trapp 1350
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Shanghai Bobby--Miss Prytania 1401
   Hip Number
b.f by Uncle Mo--Premium Action 87
dkb/b.c by Medaglia d'Oro--Sweet Tune 383
dkb/b.c by Twirling Candy--Millie's Quest 1379
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Orb--On the Same Page 17
ch.c by Overanalyze--Missing Treasure 1392
   Hip Number
b.f by Smart Bid--Cat's Holiday 772
   Hip Number
b.c by Into Mischief--Breaking Promises 727
   Hip Number
b.f by Street Sense--Bell's Shoes 690
   Hip Number
b.f by Quality Road--Stella Blue (FR) 326
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Shanghai Bobby--Silk Purse 261
b.f by Liaison--Texas Romance 401
b.c by Congrats--Boom Town Gal 715
ch.f by Line of David--Forest Patch 1037
ch.c by Raison d'Etat--Greenapple Martini 1107
   Hip Number
b.c by Birdstone--Violeth 489
b.c by I Want Revenge--Chenoa 792
   Hip Number
ch.f by Animal Kingdom--Agiftfromservice 587
   Hip Number
b.c by Broken Vow--L' Espoir 1288
   Hip Number
gr/ro.f by Paynter--On Hold 14
dkb/b.f by Take Charge Indy--Velvet Hammer 480
   Hip Number
gr/ro.c by Uncle Mo--Izshelegal 1206
   Hip Number
gr/ro.f by Cross Traffic--Humoristic 1164
   Hip Number
ch.f by Majesticperfection--Shesoprovocative 251
ch.c by Curlin--Triple Charm (GB) 452
b.f by Flat Out--Voodoo Dancer 493
b.f by Noble Mission (GB)--Bramley 722
dkb/b.f by Big Brown--Cold Shoulder 831
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Oxbow--Yes Please Mary 558
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Yes It's True--Mareana 1348
   Hip Number
gr/ro.c by The Factor--Tap for Luck 391
b.f by Morning Line--Corinzia 843
dkb/b.f by First Samurai--Key Quality 1247
   Hip Number
b.c by Run It--Promoted Deputy 109
b.c by Super Saver--Ready Reply 141
b.c by Temple City--Red Brunette 146
ch.c by Majestic Warrior--Smokey Glacken 285
b.c by Papa Clem--Vanguarda (ARG) 476
b.c by Alpha--Yankee Million 556
dkb/b.f by Freud--Zucca 567
b.f by Temple City--All On the Table 597
ch.c by Fed Biz--Bronze Route 737
ch.f by Run It--Brooke's Halo 738
b.f by Exchange Rate--Delta Weekend 896
ch.f by Run It--Dharma Girl 900
b.f by Orb--Flexfuel 1023
dkb/b.c by Atreides--Frisky Janelle 1049
b.c by Tizway--Good Granny 1084
gr/ro.f by Cross Traffic--Long Message 1316
   Hip Number
ch.f by Jimmy Creed--Pandora's Secret 35
b.f by Broken Vow--A Better Breeze 571
gr/ro.c by Exchange Rate--Jenny Come Lately 1216
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Silent Name (JPN)--Good Religion 1086
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Shanghai Bobby--Gradient 1094
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Shakin It Up--Rupert's Promise 195
   Hip Number
b.f by Hat Trick (JPN)--Royal Pleasure 189
   Hip Number
b.f by Temple City--Ponita 79
   Hip Number
ch.c by Birdstone--Ovid Fasti 29
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Daaher--Lira Lira 1306
   Hip Number
b.f by Even the Score--Lakesoftheclouds 1268
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Temple City--Bella Ballado 680
   Hip Number
b.c by Northern Afleet--Theres Always Hope 407
b.c by Bullet Train (GB)--Embellished Gold 965
   Hip Number
b.f by Paddy O'Prado--Affluent Appeal 585
   Hip Number
b.c by Albertus Maximus--Peggotty 48
ch.f by Lucky Pulpit--Serious Heat 236
b.f by Haynesfield--Sounds Friendly 298
   Hip Number
b.c by Successful Appeal--Sheer Joy 241
dkb/b.f by Take Charge Indy--Snappy Tune 287
ch.c by Sidney's Candy--Wild Hope 532
dkb/b.f by Revolutionary--Changing World 783
dkb/b.c by Jimmy Creed--Cuz You Never Know 870
b.f by Twirling Candy--Fast Delivery 1005
b.c by Wilburn--Letthepartybegin 1289
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Candy Ride (ARG)--Play Ballado 73
dkb/b.c by Sky Mesa--Darling My Darling 886
   Hip Number
ch.f by Gio Ponti--Sueno d'Oro 348
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Mineshaft--Heartofthematter 1127
   Hip Number
b.f by Jimmy Creed--Dancingontheedge 880
b.f by Northern Afleet--Hope for a Change 1155
   Hip Number
gr/ro.f by Flashback--Putbacktheglider 119
ch.f by Majesticperfection--Joyjoyjoy 1227
   Hip Number
b.c by Shackleford--Charismatic Nurse 786
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by English Channel--Nanette's Spirit 1444
   Hip Number
ch.c by Hold Me Back--Bless Your Heart 707
b.f by Revolutionary--God Bless Slew 1073
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Hat Trick (JPN)--Southern Empress 300
gr/ro.c by Birdstone--Unspoken Desire 471
dkb/b.f by Hat Trick (JPN)--Justifiably Salty 1237
   Hip Number
b.c by Uncle Mo--Dracken 930
   Hip Number
b.f by Shackleford--Romantic Romance 175
dkb/b.c by Liaison--With Every Thought 543
   Hip Number
ch.f by Line of David--Majestic Miss 1343
   Hip Number
b.f by Mucho Macho Man--Sweet Redemption 378
b.f by Mucho Macho Man--Belle Chaussee 685
b.f by Mucho Macho Man--Billboard Babe 700
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Creative Cause--Majestic Lady 1342
   Hip Number
gr/ro.c by Graydar--Paparika 37
   Hip Number
b.f by Tale of Ekati--Fancy Work 999
b.c by Nobiz Like Shobiz--Flying Free Again 1031
   Hip Number
b.c by Liaison--Kyoquot Sound 1255
b.f by Power Broker--Macchiati 1331
   Hip Number
gr/ro.c by Bellamy Road--Doris' Diamond 923
   Hip Number
gr/ro.f by Flashback--Reproduction 153
   Hip Number
b.f by Elusive Quality--Pokolbin Girl 76
dkb/b.c by Midnight Lute--Annabill 622
b.c by Snapy Halo (ARG)--A P's Hidden Honey 633
b.c by Ready's Image--Bella's Rebel 683
gr/ro.c by Musketier (GER)--Harpeth 1120
   Hip Number
ch.c by Kitten's Joy--Queen Nine 124
b.c by Kitten's Joy--Granny Ramsey 1098
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Curlin--Moon Philly 1417
   Hip Number
b.c by Scat Daddy--Funny Bay 1055
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Dominus--Stranger Things 338
b.c by Dominus--Tranquility Bay 446
b.c by Wilburn--Chance Review 779
gr/ro.f by Paddy O'Prado--Ecton's Lady 946
   Hip Number
ch.f by Lemon Drop Kid--The Best Day Ever 405
dkb/b.f by Midnight Lute--Hot Attraction 1156
dkb/b.f by Data Link--Miss C C 1385
   Hip Number
ch.f by Will Take Charge--Stormy Caress 335
   Hip Number
b.f by Run Away and Hide--Font 1035
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Central Banker--Snuggs and Kisses 290
   Hip Number
b.c by Paddy O'Prado--Ivory Trick 1204
   Hip Number
b.f by Will Take Charge--Renee's Titan 152
ch.c by Speightstown--Brazen Persuasion 726
ch.f by Yes It's True--Lucky Song 1327
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Tiznow--Voodoo Tales 495
   Hip Number
ch.c by Langfuhr--The Royal Way 408
   Hip Number
b.c by Malibu Moon--Bouquet Booth 717
   Hip Number
gr/ro.c by Oxbow--Miss Mesa 1399
   Hip Number
b.c by Blame--Frio Town 1048
   Hip Number
b.f by Super Saver--Decoder 893
   Hip Number
gr/ro.c by Paddy O'Prado--Arabisini 638
   Hip Number
b.c by Tizway--Diboll's Slew 905
   Hip Number
ch.f by Animal Kingdom--All Elegance (IRE) 595
ch.c by Animal Kingdom--Caterina (URU) 769
   Hip Number
ch.c by Graydar--Lil Lady Big Purse 1297
   Hip Number
b.c by Bodemeister--Yes She Is 559
   Hip Number
b.c by Magician (IRE)--Affluent 584
   Hip Number
b.f by Maclean's Music--Apple Strudel 630
ch.f by Verrazano--Expo Gold 988
   Hip Number
b.f by Blame--Judy In Disguise (GB) 1229
   Hip Number
b.c by Malibu Moon--Pussycat Doll 118
   Hip Number
b.f by City Zip--Ever Elusive 982
   Hip Number
gr/ro.c by Macho Uno--Exchange Cat 985
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Awesome Patriot--Limited Risk 1301
   Hip Number
b.f by Malibu Moon--Empire West 968
   Hip Number
b.c by Tizway--Wicked Speed 523
ch.f by Jimmy Creed--Black Power 703
   Hip Number
gr/ro.f by Tiznow--Sister Kate 271
   Hip Number
ch.c by Union Rags--Ubusuku 464
b.c by Into Mischief--Im Cruising Dixie 1178
   Hip Number
b.c by Gemologist--Roust Em Bertie 186
   Hip Number
b.f by Into Mischief--Canada's Vision 754
   Hip Number
b.f by Awesome Patriot--Peekabootoyou 47
b.f by Declaration of War--Sayedah (IRE) 222
b.c by Bernardini--Smara 279
dkb/b.c by Take Charge Indy--Summer Scene 352
ch.f by Posse--Swallow Falls 365
dkb/b.f by Cairo Prince--Veneti 481
b.f by Warrior's Reward--Waccamaw 496
b.f by Alpha--We There Yet 514
b.c by Drosselmeyer--Zulia 568
b.f by Street Sense--Andina (IRE) 616
b.c by Union Rags--Apt to Star 635
dkb/b.c by Kitten's Joy--Arcina 642
ch.c by Malibu Moon--Aristra 644
dkb/b.f by Cairo Prince--Beastlie Moon 675
b.c by Maclean's Music--Bouvet 720
b.f by Maclean's Music--Calma Prado 752
b.f by Discreet Cat--Chez La Femme 798
b.c by Gemologist--Culpepper Island 865
b.f by Liaison--Feisty Flirt 1010
dkb/b.c by Liaison--Flirt Ina Skirt 1027
dkb/b.f by To Honor and Serve--Gold Dust Woman 1077
ch.c by Jersey Town--Hanalei Bay 1114
ch.c by Congrats--Kalyani 1240
gr/ro.f by Bodemeister--Marieval 1352
b.c by Liaison--Marquetessa 1353
b.f by Colonel John--Maryland Mist 1355
b.c by Bernardini--More Than a Cruise 1366
b.c by Union Rags--Mind Eraser 1380
b.c by Yes It's True--Minstrel Show 1382
dkb/b.c by Alpha--Miss Double Take 1389
ch.f by Curlin--Nicky's Way 1448
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Midnight Lute--Western Ransom 512
   Hip Number
ch.c by Majestic Warrior--Smart Angel 280
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Revolutionary--Thousand Thrills 414
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Midnight Lute--Hard to Know 1118
   Hip Number
b.c by Liaison--Bala Perdida 668
ch.f by Jimmy Creed--Dance With Class 877
b.f by Paddy O'Prado--Nossa Vez 1458
   Hip Number
b.f by Milwaukee Brew--Pennyworth 52
dkb/b.f by Take Charge Indy--Perelli 55
ch.c by Power Broker--Primetime Cat 95
dkb/b.f by Justin Phillip--Sarah Supreme 212
dkb/b.c by Warrior's Reward--Savorite 219
dkb/b.c by Shakin It Up--Sweet But Sassy 368
b.c by Awesome Patriot--Tiz de Mayo 425
dkb/b.c by New Year's Day--Too Much Xcitement 433
dkb/b.f by Awesome Patriot--Black Arrow 701
dkb/b.f by Warrior's Reward--Brenda's Slew 729
ch.f by Flat Out--Capitol View 761
dkb/b.c by Shakin It Up--Classic Collection 817
b.f by Can the Man--Doolittle Daisy 922
b.c by Cross Traffic--Holy Touch 1150
b.c by Liaison--Koppy Kat Miss 1253
dkb/b.c by Shakin It Up--Lights Out Lewie 1295
dkb/b.c by Macho Uno--My Diamond Gal 1435
b.c by Majesticperfection--Nanyehi 1445
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Revolutionary--Sweet Serendipity 381
dkb/b.f by First Samurai--Treaty of Kadesh 449
ch.c by Gemologist--Christmas Card 805
b.c by Dialed In--Dynashore 940
b.f by Shakin It Up--Gator Fan Festival 1063
   Hip Number
b.f by Justin Phillip--Peaceful Splendor 44
b.f by Revolutionary--Resurge 156
b.c by Mr. Sidney--That's All 403
b.c by Revolutionary--Uzume 474
b.c by Line of David--Bag of Stars 666
dkb/b.c by I Want Revenge--Feistee Deer 1009
ch.f by Fed Biz--First Installment 1015
   Hip Number
ch.c by Capo Bastone--Call My Lawyer 750
dkb/b.f by Flat Out--Grace Abounds 1091
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Data Link--Hassled 1121
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Shakin It Up--Unsighted 470
ch.c by Declaration of War--Changethechannel 782
b.c by Flat Out--Lettre Spirituelle (GB) 1290
b.f by Dialed In--Moonlight Brew 1415
   Hip Number
b.f by Flat Out--Officially 4
ch.f by Gio Ponti--On the Cover 16
dkb/b.c by Speightstown--Perfect Shirl 58
dkb/b.c by Star Cat--Piney River 68
b.c by Flat Out--Pure Polished 115
b.f by Not Bourbon--Raging Fever 134
dkb/b.c by Overanalyze--Rose Dela Troienne 178
b.c by Shackleford--Secret of Mecca 228
ch.c by More Than Ready--Shirl's Soul 254
ch.f by Flat Out--Silver Market 265
dkb/b.f by Line of David--Supertunia 358
ch.f by Scat Daddy--Sure Route (GB) 359
b.f by Morning Line--Thunderous Song 417
dkb/b.c by Temple City--To My Delight 431
b.f by Not Bourbon--Tuscan Chianti 459
b.c by Flat Out--Voodoo's Vision 494
b.f by More Than Ready--Well Lived 509
dkb/b.c by Point Given--Windyindy 540
b.f by Paddy O'Prado--Atalantis 653
dkb/b.c by Jersey Town--Aztec Pearl 665
b.c by Bullet Train (GB)--Banbury Faire 670
ch.c by Jersey Town--Bourbon Kitty 719
dkb/b.f by Cross Traffic--Can't Catch Fire 758
b.f by Arch--Cascabella 764
ch.f by Line of David--Charm the Crowd 788
gr/ro.f by Line of David--Circustown Rose 810
ch.c by Will Take Charge--Citizenship 811
ch.f by Skipshot--Classical Destiny 816
b.c by Malibu Moon--Contentious 840
b.f by Alternation--Dancing Daisy 846
dkb/b.f by Liaison--Cozy Cottage 855
b.f by Gio Ponti--Dangerous Behavior 882
b.f by Kettle Corn--Dear to All 890
b.f by Flat Out--Distinct Sparkle 911
b.c by Mucho Macho Man--Dixie's Rebellion 918
b.f by Flat Out--Equisize 976
gr/ro.c by Not Bourbon--Extend 989
b.c by Awesome Patriot--Extended Credit 990
dkb/b.f by Street Sense--Fastbridled 1004
b.f by Curlin--Golden Rock 1079
b.c by Archarcharch--Got to Be My Girl 1089
b.c by Orb--Great Lookinblonde 1103
gr/ro.c by Will Take Charge--Greek Sister 1105
gr/ro.c by Cross Traffic--Heavenly Gift 1131
dkb/b.f by Archarcharch--Holiday Dreaming 1145
ch.f by Tale of the Cat--I'm Not Afraid 1179
b.f by Super Saver--Im So Fine 1184
b.c by Goldencents--Jessica's Halo 1218
gr/ro.f by Take Charge Indy--Laika Dawn 1266
b.f by Yes It's True--Lee Ann W 1284
b.f by Into Mischief--Limbo 1299
ch.c by Will Take Charge--Liszy 1308
b.c by Data Link--Malaysia (GB) 1345
b.c by Majestic Warrior--Miss Dixie Rose 1388
b.c by Can the Man--Ms. Bird Watch 1426
ch.c by Exchange Rate--Mykindasaint 1436
ch.f by Declaration of War--Nabat Seif 1441
   Hip Number
b.f by Gio Ponti--Oh Deanne O 5
dkb/b.f by Take Charge Indy--Our Secret 24
ch.c by Shackleford--Cocktail Hour 826
b.f by Super Saver--Court of Appeal 852
dkb/b.f by Gio Ponti--Dynaqueen 938
   Hip Number
b.c by Line of David--Lincoln Dancer 1304
   Hip Number
ch.c by Jimmy Creed--She's Extreme 249
gr/ro.c by Cross Traffic--Starlight Magic 316
gr/ro.c by Malibu Moon--Coup de Coeur 851
   Hip Number
b.c by Noble Mission (GB)--Rooneys Princess 176
ch.f by Stay Thirsty--Wildcat Gold 528
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Midnight Lute--P. S. U. Grad 111
dkb/b.f by Animal Kingdom--Im Out First 1180
b.f by Street Sense--Lemonette 1285
   Hip Number
ch.c by Noble Mission (GB)--On My Way 15
ch.f by Hard Spun--Archers Post 641
dkb/b.f by Point of Entry--Bye Bye Buffy 745
dkb/b.f by Awesome Again--Clearbrook 819
   Hip Number
b.c by Northern Afleet--Post Haste 80
dkb/b.c by Bernardini--Soho Dancer (GB) 292
b.c by Lemon Drop Kid--Go Forth North 1074
   Hip Number
b.c by Awesome Patriot--Peek 46
b.c by Munnings--Prairie Pie 85
b.c by Macho Uno--Razzledazzle Me 140
b.f by Atreides--She's a Boone 242
ch.c by Tapizar--Silver Bean 262
b.c by Cross Traffic--Small Pleasures 278
b.f by Cairo Prince--Sparky Three 305
b.c by Stay Thirsty--Stormy Antics 334
b.f by Regal Ransom--Trolling 454
ch.f by Alpha--Tura Isabel 457
dkb/b.c by Uncle Mo--Critic's Choice 862
b.f by Trappe Shot--Foxy Friend 1043
b.c by Tizway--Heaven Knows 1129
b.c by Shanghai Bobby--Icy Pi 1172
   Hip Number
ch.f by Tapit--Raffishing Look 131
b.c by Tapit--Receivership 144
ch.f by To Honor and Serve--Seeinsbelieven 231
ch.f by To Honor and Serve--Tempest Treasure 397
ch.f by Speightstown--Flores Island 1028
dkb/b.c by Quality Road--La Nez 1270
   Hip Number
b.f by Strong Mandate--Pure Refinement 116
b.f by Warrior's Reward--I Am a Good Looker 1168
   Hip Number
b.c by Noble Mission (GB)--Ransomed Bride (GB) 137
b.f by Warrior's Reward--Adirondack Sky 580
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Tapizar--Princess Turandot 103
   Hip Number
ch.c by Trappe Shot--Ambitious 608
   Hip Number
b.c by Bodemeister--Maya 1359
   Hip Number
b.c by Uncle Mo--Cocktail Cruise 825
   Hip Number
b.c by Astrology--Elrose 960
   Hip Number
ch.c by Declaration of War--City Sister 813
   Hip Number
b.f by Tapizar--Queen's Court 126
ch.c by Tapizar--Drumette 935
   Hip Number
b.c by Hard Spun--Temptress 399
b.f by Tapizar--Acacia 574
gr/ro.c by Tapit--Free Spin 1046
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by To Honor and Serve--Savannah 218
   Hip Number
b.c by To Honor and Serve--Affirmed Dancer 583
   Hip Number
gr/ro.c by Afleet Alex--Smart Ashley 281
   Hip Number
ch.c by Birdstone--Hookipa 1153
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Afleet Alex--Stellar Baby 327
ch.c by Sky Mesa--Julie Truly 1230
   Hip Number
b.c by Majesticperfection--Belle's Home 689
   Hip Number
gr/ro.c by Exchange Rate--Rag and Bone 132
   Hip Number
b.c by To Honor and Serve--A Precious Memory 632
   Hip Number
b.f by Pioneerof the Nile--Washington Bridge 501
   Hip Number
b.f by Proud Citizen--Bella Cardella 681
dkb/b.f by Proud Citizen--Lucky in Love 1326
   Hip Number
b.c by Ghostzapper--Arabian Song 637
gr/ro.c by Cross Traffic--Heavenly Bliss 1130
   Hip Number
b.c by Alternation--Sterling Vow 330
   Hip Number
b.c by Twirling Candy--Walkin in a Shadow 498
   Hip Number
b.c by Majesticperfection--Creaminyourcoffee 859
   Hip Number
ch.f by Central Banker--Sweetlalabye 375
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Archarcharch--Zamindarling 564
dkb/b.f by Astrology--Crypto Rising Star 864
   Hip Number
gr/ro.c by The Lumber Guy--Time to Win 421
b.f by Liaison--A Little Grace 592
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Line of David--Tutu Twain 460
dkb/b.f by Revolutionary--Look Whos a Star 1318
   Hip Number
b.f by Paddy O'Prado--Miss Bette M 1383
   Hip Number
ch.c by More Than Ready--Four Gifts 1041
ch.c by Majestic Warrior--Mazella 1360
   Hip Number
b.f by Point of Entry--Gal of Mine 1058
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Candy Ride (ARG)--Chestoria 796
   Hip Number
ch.f by Run Away and Hide--Elegant Finish 953
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Flashback--Rosemark 180
b.f by Albertus Maximus--Miss Reve 1402
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Point of Entry--Ultimate Prize 465
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Cairo Prince--Ocarson 1
b.c by Fed Biz--Symphony Ride 386
b.f by Afleet Alex--Town Belle 441
dkb/b.c by Awesome Again--Missteria 1405
   Hip Number
b.f by Line of David--Noontime Angel 1453
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Uncle Mo--Perfect Heist 57
b.c by Street Sense--Alwaan 603
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Ice Box--Our Stormy Girl 25
ch.f by Power Broker--Pearl Is Discreet 45
dkb/b.f by Oxbow--Preshow 89
ch.f by Curlin--Private Dreams 105
ch.f by Eskendereya--Revealing 157
dkb/b.c by Midnight Lute--Silverbulletfolly 289
gr/ro.c by Flashback--Steph's Tee 328
gr/ro.c by Concord Point--Tres Belle 451
ch.c by New Year's Day--Trulips 455
dkb/b.f by More Than Ready--Whenthedoveflies 517
ch.c by Eskendereya--Acting Class 576
b.c by Flashback--Apprized 631
dkb/b.c by Super Ninety Nine--Arch Enemy 640
b.c by Atreides--Cherry Royale 795
ch.c by Curlin--Mekong Delta 1365
gr/ro.f by Magician (IRE)--Me Love 1369
b.f by Stormy Atlantic--Memorette 1371
gr/ro.c by Flashback--Meridian Mama 1372
b.c by Medaglia d'Oro--Murani 1431
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Fed Biz--Outclassed Em 27
dkb/b.f by Artie Schiller--Pulpitina 114
dkb/b.c by Cairo Prince--Putyourdreamsaway 120
ch.c by Not Bourbon--Rouge Lady 183
ch.f by Stay Thirsty--Runaway Beauty 193
dkb/b.c by Jersey Town--Soul Title 297
ch.f by Street Boss--Southern Swing 301
dkb/b.c by Congrats--Timber Ice 419
ch.f by Niagara Causeway--Walk On Gold 499
dkb/b.c by Morning Line--Weekend Charade 505
ch.c by Verrazano--Woodflower 545
dkb/b.f by Magician (IRE)--Zarine 565
b.c by Take Charge Indy--A Cut Ahead 578
dkb/b.c by Revolutionary--Alittletoofabulous 593
dkb/b.f by Verrazano--Carlow Daisy 762
b.f by Magician (IRE)--Cute Cash 867
dkb/b.c by Lookin At Lucky--Dash to the Flash 887
dkb/b.f by Flat Out--Delta Holiday 895
gr/ro.f by Jersey Town--Diamond Song 903
dkb/b.c by Warrior's Reward--Done Smoking 919
b.f by Lookin At Lucky--Dynaffair 937
b.f by Court Vision--Fiddlesticks 1011
dkb/b.c by Flat Out--Goodness 1085
dkb/b.f by Revolutionary--Heavens Above 1133
b.c by Liaison--Heaven's Grace 1134
b.c by Discreet Cat--Holy Wow 1151
dkb/b.c by Niagara Causeway--Juncture 1232
b.f by Pioneerof the Nile--Leo's Pegasus 1286
b.f by Declaration of War--Live n Laugh 1311
dkb/b.f by Twirling Candy--Money for Makeup 1413
b.f by Cairo Prince--Motel Lass 1423
dkb/b.c by Violence--No Small Wonder 1457
   Hip Number
b.c by Get Stormy--Rave Reviews 139
b.c by Tale of the Cat--U R All That I Am 472
gr/ro.c by Regal Ransom--What a Bout 515
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Shanghai Bobby--Orient Moon 18
b.f by Paynter--Ruth and Neva 198
dkb/b.c by Real Solution--Sagedust 201
b.f by Oxbow--Stormy Lanae' 336
gr/ro.f by Cross Traffic--Stormy Monday 337
b.f by Bodemeister--Sweet and Ready 367
gr/ro.f by Cairo Prince--Tiz Camera Ready 424
ch.f by Union Rags--Echo Storm 944
ch.f by Shackleford--Haylie Brae 1123
b.f by Strong Mandate--Hen Party 1137
b.f by Street Sense--La Rignana 1274
dkb/b.f by Blame--Miz Topgallant 1408
   Hip Number
b.c by Uncle Mo--Mississippi Queen 1393
   Hip Number
b.c by Alternation--Make Contact 1344
   Hip Number
ch.c by Keep Up--Accountess 575
b.c by Gemologist--Charge d'Affaires 785
ch.c by Keep Up--Jen's Fashion 1217
   Hip Number
b.c by Birdstone--Melody Maiden 1368
   Hip Number
b.c by Astrology--Striking Success 341
ch.c by Eskendereya--Best Regards 697
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Flat Out--Icee Sara 1171
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Discreet Cat--Officer Big Red 3
   Hip Number
b.f by Get Stormy--Clockwork Angel 822
   Hip Number
b.c by Tizway--Seattle Artist 225
   Hip Number
gr/ro.c by Giant's Causeway--Beale Street Belle 673
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Strong Mandate--Top of the League 436
   Hip Number
b.c by Goldencents--Swampoodle 366
ch.c by Afleet Alex--Coulee 845
b.c by Alternation--Dattts R Girl Addy 888
   Hip Number
b.c by The Factor--Bold World 713
ch.c by Maclean's Music--Kauai Calls 1244
b.c by Kantharos--Laura Golightly 1281
   Hip Number
b.c by Malibu Moon--Artisanal 646
   Hip Number
gr/ro.f by Cairo Prince--Affluenza 586
   Hip Number
ch.f by Sky Mesa--Klondike Hills 1252
   Hip Number
ch.c by English Channel--Paradise Pond 38
   Hip Number
b.c by Run Away and Hide--Brave Mizz 725
b.f by Friesan Fire--Estimable 979
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Afleet Alex--Bound On Bi 716
   Hip Number
ch.f by E Z's Gentleman--Sacramental 200
dkb/b.c by Archarcharch--Throws It Down 415
b.c by E Z's Gentleman--Wide Barrel 526
b.c by E Z's Gentleman--Checker Hall 790
ch.f by Drosselmeyer--Easter Bonus 942
dkb/b.f by Temple City--El Swava 961
   Hip Number
ch.f by Flashback--Prairie Prize 86
b.f by Seville (GER)--Sly Butterfly 277
b.f by Revolutionary--Super Seller 357
dkb/b.f by Atreides--Tra 442
gr/ro.f by Flashback--Traditionalist 444
ch.g by Flashback--Wiggle 527
b.f by Shanghai Bobby--Alegra 589
b.f by Data Link--Girl Glitter 1068
b.f by Revolutionary--Justice Jackpot 1236
   Hip Number
ch.f by Trappe Shot--Splendor Town 312
   Hip Number
b.c by Power Broker--Coastland 824
dkb/b.c by Caleb's Posse--Extra Dividend 991
   Hip Number
b.f by Noble Mission (GB)--Sweet Kitten 374
b.f by Broken Vow--Darling Mambo 885
dkb/b.c by Court Vision--Minnie's Meadow 1381
   Hip Number
b.c by Curlin--Our Rite of Spring 23
ch.c by Flashback--Sardonic 213
gr/ro.c by Central Banker--Silver Wave 267
b.f by Into Mischief--Thunder Calling 416
b.f by Kitten's Joy--Better Be Better 698
b.c by Girolamo--Blarney Blush 705
b.g by Successful Appeal--Bluestem Meadow 708
blk.c by Flat Out--Bridgette Bordeaux 732
b.f by Quality Road--Candy Kitty 757
b.f by Into Mischief--Cofachiqui 830
b.c by The Factor--Distorted Love 912
gr/ro.f by Lemon Drop Kid--Doubled 926
ch.c by Candy Ride (ARG)--Driving Rain 934
b.f by Noble Mission (GB)--Easy Limit 943
b.f by Medaglia d'Oro--Emma's Encore 967
dkb/b.c by Super Saver--Exchange Funds 986
ch.f by Speightstown--Flash Forward 1019
dkb/b.f by Take Charge Indy--Fly to the Stars 1033
dkb/b.c by Twirling Candy--Gale in the Vale 1057
dkb/b.f by Twirling Candy--Heart Thief 1128
b.c by Twirling Candy--Holiday Girl 1146
gr/ro.f by Into Mischief--Holloween Candy 1147
ch.f by Union Rags--Indy Love 1190
b.f by Lemon Drop Kid--Jadira 1210
ch.c by Candy Ride (ARG)--Lake Huron 1267
dkb/b.c by Quality Road--Lightshaft 1293
b.f by Into Mischief--Lucy Valentine 1328
b.f by Tiznow--Madame Cactus 1333
dkb/b.c by Uncle Mo--Magical Powder 1338
dkb/b.f by Liaison--Mema's Turning Red 1370
b.c by Verrazano--Modesty Blaise 1411
b.c by Candy Ride (ARG)--My Baby Baby 1433
b.f by Gio Ponti--My Main Starr 1437
   Hip Number
ch.c by Giant Oak--The Gaillimh Girl (IRE) 406
dkb/b.c by Morning Line--Yay Go Me 557
ch.f by Gio Ponti--Ayla Bella 663
ch.c by English Channel--Belle of the Hall 687
b.c by City Zip--Half Heaven 1111
   Hip Number
ch.c by Kettle Corn--Pyrite Captain 122
   Hip Number
b.f by Eskendereya--Camille Garey 753
dkb/b.f by Fed Biz--Convent Type 841
dkb/b.f by Morning Line--Haggai 1110
   Hip Number
ch.f by Itsmyluckyday--Anahauc 615
dkb/b.c by Cross Traffic--Chick Flick 799
   Hip Number
b.f by Graydar--Fabulous Babe 993
ch.c by Jimmy Creed--Naturally Naughty 1446
   Hip Number
b.c by Algorithms--Mostbeautifulstorm 1422
   Hip Number
b.c by Vronsky--Just Hoping 1235
b.f by Uh Oh Bango--More Hoping 1419
   Hip Number
b.f by Wilburn--Roman Chestnut 171
dkb/b.f by Jimmy Creed--Sweetlikeme 376
b.f by Awesome Patriot--Foolish Party 1036
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Ghostzapper--Princesa de Papi 96
b.f by Line of David--Etamine 981
b.f by Curlin--Front and Center 1054
dkb/b.c by Majesticperfection--Jazz Dancer 1213
ch.c by Will Take Charge--License to Speed 1291
b.c by Uncle Mo--My Success 1439
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Can the Man--Angel Fire 619
b.c by Tapizar--Grandma's Rules 1096
b.c by Liaison--Indian Bluff 1186
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Jimmy Creed--Wicker Park 525
   Hip Number
b.c by Can the Man--City Angel 812
   Hip Number
b.c by Trappe Shot--Mrs. Rosa 1425
   Hip Number
b.c by General Quarters--Trip South 453
b.c by Run Away and Hide--Glitter 1071
gr/ro.f by Concord Point--Jaan's Brush 1207
   Hip Number
b.f by Magician (IRE)--Exhilaration 987
   Hip Number
b.f by Daaher--Peppermint Jones 54
b.f by Tizdejavu--Quick Flite 129
b.f by Overanalyze--Run Carrie Run 194
dkb/b.c by Giant Oak--Sh Sh Shakin' 257
b.f by Brilliant Speed--Sweet Champagne 369
dkb/b.c by Bellamy Road--Brave Boco 723
b.c by Misremembered--Chatelian 789
b.c by Power Broker--Delighted Cat 894
dkb/b.c by Stroll--Italian Opera 1202
b.f by New Year's Day--Lizzy Van Lew 1315
   Hip Number
b.f by Haynesfield--Air Cover 588
b.f by Fort Larned--Aunt Esme 656
   Hip Number
b.c by Warrior's Reward--Roundnroundwego 185
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by To Honor and Serve--Preservation Hall 88
dkb/b.f by Hat Trick (JPN)--Echt 945
   Hip Number
gr/ro.f by The Lumber Guy--Paraiba 39
ch.f by Desert Party--Salceda 203
   Hip Number
b.c by Uncle Mo--Infliction 1192
   Hip Number
b.f by Discreet Cat--Seared 224
dkb/b.f by Goldencents--Summer Rainbow 351
b.f by Quality Road--Unicity 469
   Hip Number
b.c by Paynter--Rock a Lily 167
b.c by Goldencents--Tiz the Mambo 429
ch.c by Flashback--Faithful Prayer 995
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Revolutionary--Sky Ay Ay Ay 273
   Hip Number
b.f by Majesticperfection--Referendum 147
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Tizway--Romantic Intention 174
dkb/b.f by Morning Line--Lights Out (AUS) 1294
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Paynter--Richie's Trix 160
   Hip Number
ch.f by Mucho Macho Man--Pleased as Punch 74
b.f by Street Boss--Illuminance 1176
   Hip Number
b.f by Goldencents--Rock Jasmine 168
dkb/b.f by Fed Biz--American Megan 610
b.f by Union Rags--Bebinn 677
b.c by Street Sense--Empress of Midway 969
   Hip Number
gr/ro.f by Cairo Prince--Soundwave 299
b.f by Take Charge Indy--Wind Strike 539
b.c by Flashback--Ensign Appeal 974
ch.c by Tapizar--Guculka Ksenya 1108
b.f by Quality Road--Island Hop 1201
   Hip Number
b.f by Bodemeister--Lady On the Run 1263
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by American Lion--Pike Creek 65
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Fed Biz--Princess Sequoia 102
ch.c by Maclean's Music--Fair Warning 994
dkb/b.c by Bellamy Road--Happy Gildmore 1116
dkb/b.c by Sidney's Candy--Hightshift 1144
ch.f by Drosselmeyer--Nicole's Dream 1449
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Sidney's Candy--Mahala 1341
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Tiznow--Social Gal 291
   Hip Number
b.c by Artie Schiller--Woodland Harmony 546
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Gone Astray--Phyllis 60
ch.c by Malibu Moon--Angel's South 620
dkb/b.c by Candy Ride (ARG)--Double Major 927
dkb/b.f by Tale of the Cat--Northwest's Hope 1456
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Strong Mandate--Mizoes Ready 1407
   Hip Number
b.c by Flat Out--Candy Doll (CHI) 756
   Hip Number
b.f by Birdstone--Bella the Princess 684
   Hip Number
ch.c by Declaration of War--Claire Soleil 815
gr/ro.c by Stay Thirsty--Dancing Years 881
b.f by Alternation--Fantastic Promise 1000
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Sidney's Candy--Simple Symphony 268
b.c by Yes It's True--Introducing 1196
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Cowboy Cal--Swingallover 384
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Paynter--Ambitious Journey 609
dkb/b.c by Gio Ponti--Combanchera 837
ch.f by Justin Phillip--Estrange 980
   Hip Number
b.c by Majestic Warrior--Divided We Fall 914
   Hip Number
gr/ro.f by Gio Ponti--Princess of China 100
dkb/b.f by Gio Ponti--Ask Me When 651
b.c by Justin Phillip--Blageuse 704
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Bodemeister--Raise Up 135
   Hip Number
b.c by Wilburn--Prettiereverydave 90
   Hip Number
b.c by Blame--Renee's Queen 151
dkb/b.c by Twirling Candy--Coco Belle 828
   Hip Number
b.c by Dialed In--Kelley Marie 1246
   Hip Number
ch.f by Flat Out--Venus Rosewater 482
   Hip Number
gr/ro.c by Cairo Prince--Entrada 975
   Hip Number
ch.c by First Samurai--Le Sang Royale 1287
   Hip Number
b.f by Tizway--Flattermeanyway 1022
   Hip Number
gr/ro.c by Cairo Prince--Aberforth 570
   Hip Number
gr/ro.c by Flatter--Chinchilla 800
   Hip Number
b.f by Warrior's Reward--Sue's Sweet Sioux 349
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Flatter--Miss Shegaas 1403
   Hip Number
b.f by Power Broker--Term Paper 400
ch.f by Mineshaft--Thatcher 402
ch.c by Power Broker--Title Winner 423
b.c by Congrats--Trendy Chic 450
b.f by Flashback--Evil Attitude 984
ch.c by Flashback--Magic Charm 1339
b.c by Flashback--Messageinabottle 1375
   Hip Number
b.f by Warrior's Reward--Florida Keys 1029
   Hip Number
b.f by Cairo Prince--A. P. Surprise 634
   Hip Number
b.f by Flat Out--From Tiz Moment On 1053
   Hip Number
ch.f by Regal Ransom--Artistry 647
b.f by New Year's Day--Little Bailey 1309
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Gio Ponti--Classic Romance 818
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Jersey Town--Risky Agenda 165
ch.c by Not Bourbon--Unchecked 468
ch.f by Jersey Town--Dimontina 906
dkb/b.c by Tale of Ekati--Indian Conduct 1187
   Hip Number
b.c by Flat Out--Centerpiece 777
   Hip Number
gr/ro.c by Flashback--Black Coronas 702
   Hip Number
ch.c by Birdstone--Station Hill 324
ch.f by Giant's Causeway--A. P. Investment 629
ch.c by English Channel--E J's Kitten 952
dkb/b.f by Red Rocks (IRE)--Golden Sky (IRE) 1081
dkb/b.c by Musketier (GER)--Highgate Park 1141
ch.f by Raison d'Etat--Inspired Exchange 1193
   Hip Number
gr/ro.f by Can the Man--Jennifer Moon 1214
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Will Take Charge--Mother Ruth 1424
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Magician (IRE)--Prevention 91
   Hip Number
ch.f by Horse Greeley--Khayelitsha 1248
   Hip Number
b.c by Gemologist--Trav n' Kris 448
   Hip Number
ch.f by Verrazano--Cherie's A. P. 793
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Arch--Golden Causeway (GB) 1078
   Hip Number
ch.f by Mizzen Mast--Annatlantic 623
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Majestic Warrior--Bumble Bee Mama 741
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Bodemeister--Lovely View 1321
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Scat Daddy--Alpha Mama 601
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Sidney's Candy--Pennymoney 51
ch.f by Jimmy Creed--Watch This Space 502
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Arch--Dixie Quest 917
b.f by Trappe Shot--Orphea 19
dkb/b.c by Gio Ponti--Sweet Gifts 373
b.f by Gio Ponti--Thisizsparta 412
b.c by Artie Schiller--Conquest Lil Miss 839
   Hip Number
b.c by City Zip--Madeira Park 1335
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Archarcharch--Pomeroy Angel 78
dkb/b.f by Violence--Tizn't Caught 427
ch.f by Alpha--Willy's Wicked Way 535
dkb/b.c by Ice Box--Allseas 599
dkb/b.c by Violence--Brave Cause 724
b.f by Mark Valeski--Brittons Hill 735
b.f by Tizway--Color My Heart 836
dkb/b.f by He's Had Enough--Family First 998
dkb/b.c by Data Link--Forever Red 1038
dkb/b.f by Revolutionary--Grazettes Muchacha 1102
b.c by Colonel John--Golden Silk 1080
dkb/b.c by Tizway--Greeley Appealing 1106
b.f by Gemologist--Impending Storm 1181
ch.c by Flashback--Ms Louisett 1428
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Regal Ransom--Questioneer 128
b.f by Girolamo--Boom Boom Bertie 714
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Super Saver--Crocodile Tuff 863
   Hip Number
ch.c by Lemon Drop Kid--Pieria 64
dkb/b.f by Shanghai Bobby--U S Gold 473
   Hip Number
ch.c by El Padrino--Windstream 538
   Hip Number
b.c by Country Day--Vanilla Babe 477
b.f by Caleb's Posse--Frisky Kitty 1050
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Sky Mesa--Jordanelle 1224
   Hip Number
b.f by Get Stormy--Tillie's Girl 418
   Hip Number
gr/ro.c by Archarcharch--Nimble Stratus 1451
   Hip Number
b.f by Kitten's Joy--Reggae Rose 149
b.f by Kitten's Joy--Secret Union 229
gr/ro.f by Kitten's Joy--Silver Holiday 264
ch.c by Kitten's Joy--Singfit 269
ch.c by Kitten's Joy--Smart Cash 282
dkb/b.f by Kitten's Joy--Starsilhouette 320
b.c by Real Solution--Storm Watcher 333
ch.c by Kitten's Joy--Tap Dance 390
ch.f by Real Solution--Thinkofyou 410
dkb/b.f by Stay Thirsty--All Star Kitten 600
b.c by Kantharos--Asana 649
b.f by Kitten's Joy--Bail Me Out 667
b.f by Kitten's Joy--Day Glow 889
dkb/b.c by Real Solution--Dynarhythm 939
b.f by Real Solution--Elusive Champagne 962
b.f by Kitten's Joy--Indygo F M A 1189
ch.f by Real Solution--Lily Lynn 1298
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Can the Man--Oceanic Queen 2
ch.f by Tiz the One--All American Miz 594
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by New Year's Day--Bazinga Baby 672
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Temple City--Lasso the Moon 1276
   Hip Number
ch.f by Haynesfield--Dia d'Oro 901
   Hip Number
b.c by Silent Name (JPN)--Showing Home 256
   Hip Number
b.f by Paddy O'Prado--Sippin' Devil 270
ch.c by Overanalyze--Cat Tango 773
ch.f by Orb--Happybirthdaybaby 1115
ch.f by Curlin--Lucky Eggs 1325
   Hip Number
gr/ro.c by Temple City--Queen's Song 127
b.f by Line of David--Foxcroft Salander 1042
   Hip Number
b.f by Girolamo--All Lute 596
b.f by Liaison--Jirina 1221
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Temple City--Rock n' Roll Gal 169
   Hip Number
b.c by Archarcharch--Iron Dove 1198
   Hip Number
ch.f by Sidney's Candy--Perfeck Connect 56
b.c by Itsmyluckyday--Ruby Red Shoes 192
b.f by New Year's Day--Top Time 437
dkb/b.c by Flat Out--Walkinforkisses 497
dkb/b.f by Paddy O'Prado--Whomping Willow 521
dkb/b.c by Shakin It Up--Countess Proud 848
dkb/b.f by Shakin It Up--Dance Over 875
ch.f by Paddy O'Prado--Dancing Compass 878
b.f by Liaison--Fantasy Dancer 1001
ch.c by Power Broker--Grandpa's Legacy 1097
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b.c by New Year's Day--Honorable Cat 1152
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dkb/b.c by Freud--Mlle Margaux 1410
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Super Saver--Pieces of Speight 62
   Hip Number
ch.f by Orb--Pampering 34
   Hip Number
b.f by Liaison--Semaphore 234
b.c by Sky Mesa--Arlene's Holiday 645
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Revolutionary--Golden Trip 1082
   Hip Number
b.f by Bellamy Road--Heart of Honor 1126
   Hip Number
b.c by Liaison--Silver Strike 266
   Hip Number
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   Hip Number
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b.f by Discreet Cat--Dads Shooting Star 871
dkb/b.f by Itsmyluckyday--Elementofsurprise 954
b.f by Can the Man--Hardrockcandymount 1117
ch.f by Itsmyluckyday--Heir to Dare 1136
ch.f by First Samurai--Hurricane Girl 1165
dkb/b.f by Goldencents--I Knot 1175
ch.c by Power Broker--Just a Flash 1233
   Hip Number
ch.f by Itsmyluckyday--Pure Scarlett 117
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Keep Up--I Love Nola 1177
   Hip Number
b.c by Yes It's True--Ready to Party 142
b.c by Stormy Atlantic--Rose Medallion 181
ch.f by Proud Citizen--Stunning Electra 344
b.c by Uncle Mo--Miss Fontana 1390
   Hip Number
b.c by Warrior's Reward--Carsonality 763
   Hip Number
gr/ro.c by Graydar--Witch Princess 541
   Hip Number
b.f by Fed Biz--Strength of Mind 340
ch.f by Mucho Macho Man--Little Emily 1310
   Hip Number
dkb/b.g by Street Boss--Amalfitana 606
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Paynter--Snagglepuss 286
   Hip Number
gr/ro.c by Tiznow--Mum 1429
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Candy Ride (ARG)--Tough Market 439
dkb/b.c by City Zip--Adaya 579
   Hip Number
b.f by Atreides--She's a Rainbow 246
   Hip Number
b.c by Paynter--Flirt Game 1026
   Hip Number
b.f by Strong Mandate--Crazy Woman Creek 858
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Twirling Candy--Wild Debutante 530
   Hip Number
b.c by Gemologist--Frangible 1044
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Shanghai Bobby--Humble Janet 1163
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Twirling Candy--Pink Traffic 69
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Revolutionary--Adopted Fame 582
dkb/b.f by Temple City--Autum Blaze 660
   Hip Number
ch.c by Tapizar--Cheyenne Spirit 797
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Jimmy Creed--Diamond Highway 902
   Hip Number
ch.f by Goldencents--Chocolate Mon 801
   Hip Number
b.f by Line of David--Youngnflashy 562
   Hip Number
ch.c by Mission Impazible--Dance Inthe Forest 874
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Temple City--Rage for Fame 133
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Itsmyluckyday--Where Woody Bea 518
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Jimmy Creed--Meadowbound 1362
   Hip Number
dkb/b.g by Maclean's Music--Mesa Mirage 1374
   Hip Number
b.f by Gio Ponti--Miss Matzo 1398
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Cross Traffic--Lady Giacamo 1261
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Ready's Image--Smok'em Over 284
gr/ro.f by Musketier (GER)--Tomica's Spirit 430
ch.f by Lemon Drop Kid--Toute Allure 440
b.c by Graydar--Lorna's Tapit 1320
   Hip Number
b.f by To Honor and Serve--Aphrodisiac 628
   Hip Number
b.f by Pioneerof the Nile--Dr. Diamonds Prize 931
   Hip Number
b.c by Discreet Cat--Princess Whinny 104
   Hip Number
b.f by Bullet Train (GB)--Storage Queen 332
gr/ro.f by Cross Traffic--Dance Team 876
   Hip Number
ch.f by First Samurai--Starlite Starbrite 317
   Hip Number
ch.c by Speightstown--Celestial Kitten 776
   Hip Number
gr/ro.f by Creative Cause--Pelt 49
   Hip Number
b.c by Majesticperfection--Summer Sky 353
gr/ro.c by Blame--Elusive Echo 964
   Hip Number
gr/ro.c by Graydar--Valienta 475
ch.c by Hard Spun--Capital Request 760
   Hip Number
gr/ro.f by Midnight Lute--St. Jean 331
dkb/b.c by Bind--Wildcat Skier 529
ch.c by Overanalyze--My Sweet Emily 1440
   Hip Number
b.g by Student Council--La Perica (JPN) 1272
   Hip Number
ch.c by K One King--Ollabelle 7
ch.c by Curlin--Aquapazza 636
b.c by Afleet Alex--Collegiate 833
b.c by Quality Road--Deceptive Glory 892
b.f by K One King--Girl Gone Zippy 1069
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Take Charge Indy--Philadelphia Gold 59
ch.f by Shackleford--Prom Dancer 108
b.c by Tizway--Sweet Dreamy Syn 372
b.f by Oxbow--Zippy Shannon 566
dkb/b.f by Take Charge Indy--Big Team Little Me 699
b.c by Distorted Humor--Darling Daughter 884
b.c by Into Mischief--Gypsy Lou 1109
dkb/b.c by Union Rags--How Far to Heaven 1162
b.f by Afleet Alex--Limoncella 1302
   Hip Number
ch.c by Can the Man--Plastique 72
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b.c by Fusaichi Pegasus--Roo Roo 177
b.f by Jimmy Creed--Roxanne O 187
b.c by Can the Man--Amora 614
b.c by Can the Man--Atlantic Zip 654
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b.f by Jimmy Creed--Justoneatheguys 1239
ch.f by Goldencents--La Prada 1273
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ch.c by Goldencents--Limpopo 1303
b.f by Jimmy Creed--Meadow Melody 1363
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Ghostzapper--St Trinians (GB) 343
   Hip Number
ch.c by Paddy O'Prado--Eddikins 947
gr/ro.f by Tapizar--Grand in Grey 1095
   Hip Number
ch.c by Stay Thirsty--Cajun Diva 748
b.c by Afleet Alex--Fire Wise 1014
b.f by To Honor and Serve--J's Hot Shot Lady 1228
   Hip Number
gr/ro.c by Kentucky Bear--Crispy 861
ch.f by Drosselmeyer--Nickel Candy 1447
   Hip Number
ch.c by Flat Out--Twilight Gallop 462
   Hip Number
ch.f by Munnings--Penelopus 50
ch.f by Jimmy Creed--She's an Alpha Gam 245
dkb/b.f by Trappe Shot--Suzenshine 363
ch.c by Society's Chairman--Daikatana 872
dkb/b.f by Revolutionary--Devil's Bride 898
ch.f by Goldencents--Gal's Victory 1059
dkb/b.c by Blame--Joyce Jenkins 1226
b.c by Bellamy Road--Macum 1332
   Hip Number
ch.c by Line of David--Coolenoughtosizzle 842
b.c by Big Screen--Jilli's Cape 1220
   Hip Number
b.f by Uncaptured--Think Fast 409
   Hip Number
ch.f by Street Boss--Got Smarts 1088
   Hip Number
gr/ro.c by Mission Impazible--Flingette 1024
   Hip Number
b.f by Discreet Cat--Bespoke 695
blk.f by Justin Phillip--Best Be Quick 696
   Hip Number
ch.c by Maclean's Music--Cinnamon Kisses 808
ch.f by Jimmy Creed--Disarona 909
   Hip Number
ch.f by To Honor and Serve--Code Variance 829
   Hip Number
b.c by Blame--Our Year 26
   Hip Number
b.f by Central Banker--Roses for the Star 182
   Hip Number
b.f by Orb--Falutin 996
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Distorted Humor--Rosee Is Cozee 179
   Hip Number
ch.f by Trappe Shot--Miss Shipley 1404
   Hip Number
ch.f by Creative Cause--Lignite 1296
   Hip Number
gr/ro.c by Cairo Prince--Flirtatious 1025
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Daaher--Hallie and Beth 1112
   Hip Number
b.c by Warrior's Reward--If Angels Sang 1174
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Union Rags--Automatic Victory 659
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Twirling Candy--Temple Cedar 398
gr/ro.f by Exchange Rate--Jump At the Chance 1231
   Hip Number
b.f by Warrior's Reward--Pacific Sky 30
dkb/b.f by Curlin--Weaponry 504
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Fed Biz--Cash's Girl 766
   Hip Number
ch.f by Bellamy Road--Restless Song 155
b.f by Flat Out--Cutie's Rosie 868
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Arch--Cabbage Key 746
   Hip Number
b.c by Lookin At Lucky--Wind Caper 536
   Hip Number
ch.f by Curlin--Daring Reality 883
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Bodemeister--Yes She's a Lady 560
   Hip Number
b.c by Twirling Candy--American Prize 611
ch.f by Jersey Town--Feather Maid 1008
   Hip Number
gr/ro.c by Paddy O'Prado--Solo Lady 293
gr/ro.f by Jimmy Creed--Gray Storm A'comin 1101
   Hip Number
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dkb/b.f by Stay Thirsty--Saw Her Shadow 221
dkb/b.c by Yes It's True--Belong to Lassie 691
dkb/b.c by Stephen Got Even--Cherry Nut 794
b.f by Liaison--Impersonate 1182
b.f by Divine Park--Ms. Cabell County 1427
ch.c by Horse Greeley--My Curlina 1434
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Medaglia d'Oro--Steelin' 325
   Hip Number
b.f by Uncle Mo--Rings and Things 164
b.c by Big Brown--Sashay Away 214
b.c by Into Mischief--Saturday Nthe Park 216
ch.f by Will Take Charge--Spiteful Gypsy 311
b.f by City Zip--Successfully Sweet 345
b.f by Super Saver--Villano 486
ch.c by Cross Traffic--Ad Litem 581
ch.f by Verrazano--As Promised 652
b.c by Bustin Stones--Cecelia's Cat 775
b.c by Violence--First to Come Home 1016
b.c by Jimmy Creed--Jade 1209
dkb/b.f by Archarcharch--Lady Lannis 1262
b.c by Flat Out--La La Pazusa 1269
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Flatter--Skipstone 272
   Hip Number
gr/ro.c by Desert Party--Dancing for Glory 879
b.c by Temple City--House of Leaves 1161
b.c by Super Saver--Intentional Fever 1194
dkb/b.f by Verrazano--Margarita Miss 1349
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Flat Out--Blushandbashful 710
b.c by Overanalyze--Hidden Music 1139
b.f by Can the Man--Miki's Melody 1378
   Hip Number
ch.c by Strong Mandate--Unbridled Magic 467
ch.f by Mucho Macho Man--Ayres Hall 664
   Hip Number
b.c by Haynesfield--Pinch 67
b.c by Twirling Candy--Always Ready 605
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Shakin It Up--Princess Penny 101
ch.f by Flat Out--Wildwife 534
dkb/b.c by Flashback--Bertha Jo 694
dkb/b.c by Fed Biz--Charlie Papa 787
dkb/b.f by Mucho Macho Man--Just Married 1238
   Hip Number
ch.f by Northern Afleet--Telltale Heart 396
   Hip Number
ch.f by Discreetly Mine--Here to Stay 1138
   Hip Number
ch.c by Speightstown--Saturday Nite Ride 215
   Hip Number
b.f by Into Mischief--Gracewood 1093
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Bellamy Road--I Bet Toni Knows 1170
   Hip Number
ch.c by Trappe Shot--Music Thunder 1432
   Hip Number
b.c by First Samurai--Talent 389
b.f by Violence--Masked Ball 1356
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by More Than Ready--Sally Bowles (SAF) 204
   Hip Number
b.f by Animal Kingdom--Whisked Away 519
   Hip Number
b.c by Majestic Warrior--Royal Spun 190
gr/ro.c by Munnings--Sally Says No 205
dkb/b.f by Flatter--Special Still 308
   Hip Number
b.f by Candy Ride (ARG)--Ellafitz 956
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Stay Thirsty--Briar Hill Dixie 730
   Hip Number
b.f by Regal Ransom--Miss Dahlia 1386
   Hip Number
b.f by Graydar--Ida Clark 1173
   Hip Number
b.f by The Factor--Overrated 28
gr/ro.c by Exchange Rate--Prairie Fever 84
dkb/b.f by Orb--Sweetnsharppatti 377
ch.f by Gemologist--Vindicated Angel 487
ch.c by More Than Ready--Always Auditioning 604
b.f by Pioneerof the Nile--Eliza's Gold 955
dkb/b.c by Exchange Rate--Introvert 1197
   Hip Number
ch.f by Graydar--Special Grayce 307
   Hip Number
ch.f by Kitten's Joy--High Jinks (BRZ) 1142
   Hip Number
b.f by Kitten's Joy--Anecdote 618
   Hip Number
gr/ro.c by Rookie Sensation--Miss Laine 1394
   Hip Number
b.c by Goldencents--Angels Trace 621
   Hip Number
b.f by Morning Line--Eden Is Burning 948
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Graydar--Counterpoise 847
   Hip Number
ch.c by Macho Uno--Practicaly Perfect 83
   Hip Number
b.c by To Honor and Serve--Waynetta 503
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by To Honor and Serve--Izolo 1205
   Hip Number
b.c by Street Sense--Super Savvy 356
   Hip Number
gr/ro.c by Graydar--Sunday Money 355
   Hip Number
b.f by Lookin At Lucky--Wellington Avenue 508
dkb/b.c by Gio Ponti--Ambience 607
dkb/b.f by Street Sense--Blush Island 712
dkb/b.c by Gio Ponti--French Lick 1047
dkb/b.f by Orb--Galway Lass 1060
b.c by Lookin At Lucky--Kathreenas Moon 1243
dkb/b.f by Curlin--Maggie Slew 1336
dkb/b.f by I Want Revenge--Merom 1373
   Hip Number
ch.f by Curlin--A. P. Elegance 627
   Hip Number
b.c by Flashback--Rougeole 184
dkb/b.f by Awesome Again--Western Vision 513
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Oxbow--Wild Indian 533
   Hip Number
ch.c by Alpha--Listed City 1307
   Hip Number
b.f by Bernardini--C J's Leelee 814
   Hip Number
ch.f by Super Saver--A to the Croft 655
b.c by Tale of the Cat--Beau Dare 676
b.c by Malibu Moon--Jeweliana 1219
   Hip Number
b.f by Animal Kingdom--Placentia 71
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Violence--Sydney's Darling 385
   Hip Number
b.f by Cross Traffic--Xunlei 553
   Hip Number
b.f by Majesticperfection--Dakota Lass 873
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Pioneerof the Nile--Wynning Ride 551
   Hip Number
gr/ro.c by Verrazano--Mizzen Miss 1409
   Hip Number
ch.c by Majesticperfection--Suchaprettygirl 347
   Hip Number
b.f by Shackleford--Munhall Miss 1430
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Graydar--Well Deserved 507
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by To Honor and Serve--Wild Encounter 531
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Ghostzapper--Piedras Negras 63
   Hip Number
ch.f by Eskendereya--American Profile 612
   Hip Number
ch.c by Sidney's Candy--Burns Turn 742
   Hip Number
ch.c by Violence--Witch's Coven 542
   Hip Number
b.c by Yes It's True--Samaritan's Star 206
   Hip Number
ch.f by Candy Ride (ARG)--Veronique 483
ch.f by Giant's Causeway--Cocoanut Row 827
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Tale of Ekati--Heart Lake 1124
   Hip Number
b.c by Point of Entry--Rhys 159
b.f by Quality Road--Rutherford Rd 199
b.f by Tiznow--Brilliancy 733
   Hip Number
b.c by Bernardini--Divalarious 913
   Hip Number
ch.f by Overanalyze--Whom Shall I Fear 522
dkb/b.c by Shakin It Up--Moon Confidential 1414
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by First Samurai--Erma's Gold 977
   Hip Number
b.f by Tiznow--Dirty Rush 908
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Speightstown--Princess Ash 97
b.c by Distorted Humor--Savvy Star 220
b.c by Pioneerof the Nile--Summer Humor 350
   Hip Number
b.f by Munnings--Laura's Pleasure 1282
   Hip Number
ch.c by Noble Mission (GB)--Maxine's Hymn 1357
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Hold Me Back--Thirty Eighth St. 411
   Hip Number
b.f by Warrior's Reward--Sambora 207
   Hip Number
b.c by More Than Ready--Maxxi Arte (IRE) 1358
   Hip Number
b.f by War Front--State 322
b.f by Declaration of War--Hurrican Source (IRE) 1166
   Hip Number
gr/ro.c by Exchange Rate--Blessings Count 706
   Hip Number
ch.c by Noble Mission (GB)--Sandsarita 210
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Super Saver--Painted Lady 33
dkb/b.f by Candy Ride (ARG)--Tracings 443
b.c by Sky Mesa--Brushed Gold 740
ch.c by Discreet Cat--Forty Greeta (ARG) 1040
b.c by City Zip--Gozlan 1090
b.f by Animal Kingdom--Hot Novel 1159
ch.f by Hard Spun--Malibu Mint 1347
   Hip Number
b.c by Archarcharch--Ascot Starre 650
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Bodemeister--La Belle 1256
   Hip Number
gr/ro.c by Scat Daddy--Edit 951
   Hip Number
b.c by Into Mischief--Lady Belsara 1259
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Blame--She Cat 240
   Hip Number
b.c by Candy Ride (ARG)--Secret Jewel 227
   Hip Number
gr/ro.f by Old Fashioned--Vikki's Honor 485
b.c by Astrology--Nothing But Heart 1459
   Hip Number
b.c by Violence--Crafty Atlantic 857
   Hip Number
b.f by Goldencents--Shopping Again 255
   Hip Number
b.c by Verrazano--Despite Her Form 897
   Hip Number
ch.f by Eskendereya--Raramuri Princess 138
   Hip Number
b.f by Archarcharch--John's Kinda Girl 1223
   Hip Number
b.f by Dialed In--She's Just Awesome 250
   Hip Number
ch.f by Sidney's Candy--Political Pupil 77
ch.c by Super Saver--Tactful Lady 387
ch.f by Haynesfield--Tapit n Go 392
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dkb/b.c by Majesticperfection--Eagle Putt 941
   Hip Number
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   Hip Number
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b.c by Astrology--Woodland Shadow 547
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   Hip Number
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b.f by Tiznow--West Coast Swing 511
b.c by Blame--Credit Quality 860
   Hip Number
b.c by Artie Schiller--Soother 296
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Midnight Lute--Lipstick Sunset 1305
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Atreides--Correspondent 844
   Hip Number
b.c by Artie Schiller--Senorita Lucy (NZ) 235
   Hip Number
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ch.c by Line of David--Northern Miss 1455
   Hip Number
ch.f by Street Boss--Speights' Colony 309
   Hip Number
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   Hip Number
ch.c by Munnings--Do the Charleston 925
   Hip Number
gr/ro.f by Elusive Quality--Sikara (IRE) 259
   Hip Number
ch.f by Jimmy Creed--Sleep Away Camp 276
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b.c by Giant's Causeway--Jor Jah 1225
b.c by Stay Thirsty--Marie Louise 1351
   Hip Number
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   Hip Number
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gr/ro.f by Cross Traffic--McTapit 1361
   Hip Number
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   Hip Number
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   Hip Number
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   Hip Number
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   Hip Number
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   Hip Number
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   Hip Number
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   Hip Number
ch.f by Point of Entry--Cozy Up 856
   Hip Number
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   Hip Number
gr/ro.f by Distorted Humor--Cloakof Vagueness 821
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   Hip Number
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   Hip Number
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   Hip Number
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   Hip Number
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   Hip Number
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   Hip Number
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   Hip Number
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   Hip Number
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   Hip Number
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   Hip Number
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   Hip Number
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   Hip Number
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   Hip Number
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   Hip Number
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   Hip Number
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   Hip Number
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   Hip Number
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   Hip Number
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   Hip Number
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   Hip Number
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   Hip Number
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   Hip Number
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   Hip Number
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   Hip Number
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   Hip Number
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   Hip Number
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   Hip Number
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   Hip Number
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   Hip Number
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   Hip Number
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   Hip Number
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   Hip Number
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   Hip Number
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   Hip Number
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   Hip Number
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   Hip Number
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   Hip Number
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   Hip Number
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   Hip Number
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   Hip Number
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   Hip Number
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   Hip Number
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   Hip Number
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   Hip Number
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   Hip Number
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   Hip Number
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   Hip Number
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   Hip Number
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ch.c by Get Stormy--Night Wings 1450
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   Hip Number
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   Hip Number
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   Hip Number
b.c by Curlin--Shesastonecoldfox 247