Midlantic Two-Year-Olds in Training Thumbnail
May 23-24, 2016

Midlantic Two-Year-Olds in Training

Fasig-Tipton Midlantic, Inc.
Timonium, Maryland
May 23 Hip #'s 1-300, 10am
May 24 Hip #'s 301-598, 10am

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Consignor Index

   Hip Number
Thirsty Pelican b.f by Stay Thirsty--Pelicus Affair 122
ch.f by Kantharos--Sister Charlie 223
   Hip Number
ch.c by Unbridled's Song--Perpetual Motion 125
b.c by Tapizar--Popeye's Lady 138
b.c by Quality Road--Sandra's Song 188
ch.f by Dialed In--Star of Luvina 250
Bluegrass Express b.c by Bluegrass Cat--Back to Daddy 374
gr/ro.c by The Factor--Hogan Beach 588
   Hip Number
gr/ro.c by Twirling Candy--Italian Opera 10
b.f by Shackleford--Justasprinkle 17
b.f by Mineshaft--Seeking Adel 201
ch.c by Trappe Shot--D' Elegance 473
   Hip Number
ch.c by Early Flyer--Louisiana Lace 49
Pure Art ch.f by Cowboy Cal--Mrs. Ed 90
b.c by Super Saver--Restless Kitten 169
dkb/b.c by Forefathers--Silver Vine 219
dkb/b.f by Archarcharch--Sister Desiree 224
dkb/b.c by Animo de Valeroso--Driven 491
dkb/b.c by Elusive Quality--Force One (GB) 535
   Hip Number
Rollin Warrior b.g by Warrior's Reward--My Chuly 91
ch.f by Cal Nation--Noble Maz 104
b.f by Include--Small Axe 230
b.c by Forestry--Acting Class 339
   Hip Number
b.f by Lookin At Lucky--Kim's Grace 22
Edlin gr/ro.c by Concord Point--Me Love 74
   Hip Number
b.f by Spring At Last--Miss Lulu 80
dkb/b.f by Congrats--Noon Day 105
   Hip Number
b.c by Gone Astray--Malindi 63
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Astrology--Neverthesame 102
   Hip Number
b.f by Flatter--La Bresilienne 30
   Hip Number
b.f by Desert Party--Promising Vow 148
   Hip Number
b.c by Friesan Fire--Irish Diva 8
Mr Vargas ch.c by Midshipman--Play It Back 134
ch.c by American Lion--Starkey 248
b.f by Kitten's Joy--Time Stood Still 286
gr/ro.c by Mission Impazible--Voodoo's Argument 310
b.c by Stay Thirsty--Backside Blackie 373
Fear the Fire ch.c by Friesan Fire--Daylight Lassie 469
b.c by Algorithms--Ginger Creek 545
Romantic Music dkb/b.f by Maclean's Music--Heathersdaddysbaby 579
Twice as Handsome ch.c by Dublin--His Beauty 587
ch.f by Maclean's Music--Holiday Lights 589
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by More Than Ready--Joie de Vie 16
gr/ro.c by Old Fashioned--Malibu Gem 62
b.f by Redeemed--Market At Midday 66
ch.c by Munnings--Nicole's Dream 103
ch.c by Curlin--Pathway to Heaven 121
b.f by Into Mischief--Quite the Sis 157
Commonwealthchrome ch.c by Malibu Moon--Ricketyracketyruss 173
b.c by Majesticperfection--Score Four 196
Ghost Punch dkb/b.f by Ghostzapper--Sophie's Destiny 239
dkb/b.f by Union Rags--Timuquana 288
b.c by Hard Spun--Acajou 338
b.c by Discreetly Mine--Andes 351
dkb/b.c by Tale of Ekati--Catch the Moon 425
gr/ro.c by Speightstown--Conchita 453
b.f by Midnight Lute--Countess Godiva 457
ch.c by First Samurai--Flame Trick 528
   Hip Number
Wildcattin' Rose dkb/b.f by Wildcat Heir--Ariel Rose 362
   Hip Number
b.g by J P's Gusto--Koni's Penty 25
   Hip Number
Lashes b.f by Daaher--Tequilas Dayjur 277
   Hip Number
ch.g by Lemon Drop Kid--Breeze Show 403
   Hip Number
Salsamatic b.c by Two Step Salsa--Motel Nurse 88
Chattahoocheehills b.c by Repent--White Diamond Girl 318
   Hip Number
b.g by Adios Charlie--Quincy Light 156
   Hip Number
b.f by Desert Party--Bull Ride 409
b.c by Kodiak Kowboy--Dayienu 468
dkb/b.c by Regal Ransom--Fabulous Frances 515
   Hip Number
gr/ro.c by Rule--Sassy Splash 191
b.f by Dublin--Seeing Clearly 200
Valley Cal dkb/b.c by Cal Nation--Vale Valley 304
b.c by Gio Ponti--Bella Talia 381
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Aikenite--Lajitana 35
dkb/b.f by Redeemed--Mass Romantic 69
b.c by Pioneerof the Nile--Moneybru 86
gr/ro.f by Posse--Mystic Miracle 99
b.c by Street Boss--Ommadon's Frenzy 108
dkb/b.c by Gemologist--Orabell 110
b.g by Not For Love--Otherwise Perfect 111
dkb/b.c by Street Magician--Shessomebody'shero 210
Gamer Girl ch.f by Jersey Town--Speedwell 242
Tiz Speedy dkb/b.f by Tizway--Speedy Escape 243
Beluga Baby gr/ro.f by Rockport Harbor--Untamed Melody 301
Enchanted Evening b.f by First Defence--Anofficerandalady 354
b.f by Into Mischief--Daysofwebnroses 395
b.g by Bullet Train (GB)--Cheers Darling 435
ch.f by Misremembered--Coconut Popsicle 449
b.c by U S Ranger--Credenza 462
Corporate Queen gr/ro.f by Colonel John--Executive Vision 512
Five Star Factor b.f by The Factor--Five Star Holding 534
Appealing Henry b.c by Successful Appeal--Gold Scammer 558
   Hip Number
b.c by Medaglia d'Oro--Kid Majic 21
Spanker ch.f by Cape Blanco (IRE)--My Spanx 97
b.f by Maclean's Music--Gizzy 547
   Hip Number
b.f by Mineshaft--Limited Partner 44
dkb/b.f by Gemologist--Plum 136
   Hip Number
gr/ro.f by The Factor--Love Mia (ARG) 51
gr/ro.f by Exchange Rate--Song and Delight 237
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Sky Mesa--Big Promise 388
   Hip Number
b.c by Dance With Ravens--Marionette 65
ch.c by Lemon Drop Kid--Panacea 115
b.c by Maclean's Music--Queenie Cat 152
dkb/b.f by First Samurai--Grand September 568
b.f by Uncle Mo--Head East 577
   Hip Number
ch.c by Shackleford--Intentional Cry 6
ch.f by Distorted Humor--Rahrahsixboombah 160
b.f by Lookin At Lucky--Chief Secretary 438
b.f by Divine Park--Dixie Dawn 483
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Broken Vow--Zehoorr 333
dkb/b.c by Harlan's Holiday--Awesome Maneuver 371
   Hip Number
Waltz to the King b.f by Majesticperfection--Conway Two Step 455
   Hip Number
b.f by Distorted Humor--Barracks Road 376
My Kinky Boots b.f by Lonhro (AUS)--Emirates Lady 500
Powerful Stuff ch.c by Midshipman--Home Run Kiss 594
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Repent--Lilly Marlene 43
   Hip Number
Cha Cha Heels b.f by Mission Impazible--Yankee Million 330
   Hip Number
b.f by Astrology--Bella Silver 380
   Hip Number
ch.c by Here Comes Ben--Anyplace Anytime 357
   Hip Number
b.c by Maclean's Music--Arch Enemy 361
   Hip Number
ch.f by Gemologist--Witty Gal 328
   Hip Number
Daddy's Heiress ch.f by Wildcat Heir--Ma'am Maw 56
   Hip Number
Benevolent Gift dkb/b.f by Maimonides--Premier Gray 140
   Hip Number
Lady Zip b.f by City Zip--Lady Ballavale 31
Pearsonality Too ch.c by Cat Thief--Lady of the Future 34
ch.c by First Dude--Lovin Spoonful 53
b.c by Dance With Ravens--Maude Onions 70
Mi Luna Rosa ch.f by Elusive Quality--Mi Luna Nueva 76
gr/ro.c by Old Fashioned--Nehalennia 100
dkb/b.c by Northern Afleet--Parish Hilton 119
ch.f by Congrats--Pinta 133
Lion Sleeps Tonite b.f by Wildcat Heir--Prime the Pump 144
Raise the Mast ch.c by Mizzen Mast--Sacred Alibi 184
Wrong Way Jane b.f by Gone Astray--Salsa City 185
Mission Is On dkb/b.c by Mission Impazible--Seek On 202
True Cat ch.c by Yes It's True--She's a Lady Cat 208
b.c by Court Vision--Slammingpartygirl 228
Socially Driven b.f by Overdriven--Social Security 233
True to the Moon b.c by Yes It's True--Song to the Moon 238
b.c by Yes It's True--St. Odilia 255
American Vet b.c by American Lion--Sweet Talkin Babe 267
Jersey Chic ch.f by Jersey Town--Tia Chela 282
What a Looker ch.f by Drosselmeyer--Time Marches On 285
Super Rocky dkb/b.c by Super Saver--Tremendamente Loca 295
b.f by Great Notion--True to a Point 297
Honor the Fleet b.c by To Honor and Serve--Afleet Lass 342
b.c by Here Comes Ben--August Gala 367
dkb/b.f by Warrior's Reward--Darluna 467
dkb/b.f by Colonel John--Galashey 542
Diamond Jim dkb/b.c by Gemologist--Gregoriana 572
U. S. Hardened b.c by United States--Hard and Fast 576
   Hip Number
ch.c by Dublin--Lady Manolo 33
dkb/b.c by The Factor--Latitude Forty 37
ch.c by Giant's Causeway--Montauk Daisy 87
dkb/b.f by Sidney's Candy--Never Is a Promise 101
gr/ro.c by Unbridled's Song--Piazza Grande 129
b.f by Bodemeister--Queen Greeley 151
Minorcan dkb/b.f by To Honor and Serve--Shes Got Skills 209
dkb/b.f by Creative Cause--Side Venture 214
ch.c by Tapit--Somethinaboutlaura 235
Spirit Lets Hearit dkb/b.f by Girolamo--Spirit of Wailea 245
ch.c by Tapizar--Strict Access 258
dkb/b.c by The Factor--Tina's Goal 289
b.f by The Factor--You're Beingplayed 331
ch.c by Algorithms--Broad Dynamite 406
Volcano dkb/b.c by Unbridled's Song--Eau de Vie 494
ch.f by Mineshaft--Fashion Forward 519
b.c by Uncle Mo--Hamsin 573
   Hip Number
ch.f by Street Boss--The Rain Is Gone 278
b.f by Any Given Saturday--Virtus 308
b.c by Even the Score--Western Goldrush 316
   Hip Number
b.f by Into Mischief--Bluegrassislegal 394
   Hip Number
ch.f by Caleb's Posse--Royal Embassy 179
   Hip Number
b.f by Archarcharch--I Am a Good Looker 1
   Hip Number
ch.c by Redeemed--Perverse 126
   Hip Number
ch.g by To Honor and Serve--Clever 447
   Hip Number
b.c by Northern Afleet--Loxina 54
Lunar Eclipse dkb/b.f by Malibu Moon--Our Fantene 112
Two Steppin dkb/b.c by Two Step Salsa--Rachel's Rose 159
Behavioral Bias ch.c by Shackleford--Rosie Dooley 176
dkb/b.f by Any Given Saturday--Sharp Minister 207
Resident Scholar dkb/b.c by Ghostzapper--Suave Voir Faire 259
b.f by Stay Thirsty--Tangier Sound 271
ch.c by Tapit--Tempting Note 275
dkb/b.f by More Than Ready--Unbridled Grace 300
Do It Again Jen ch.f by Mission Impazible--Wander Queen 313
b.c by Malibu Moon--Zapparition 332
b.f by Scat Daddy--Bridge and Tunnel 405
b.f by High Cotton--Cameron Crazies 413
b.f by Quality Road--Canaryinacage 414
ch.c by Shackleford--Classiest Gem 444
Celebrating ch.f by City Zip--Deborah's Moment 471
b.f by Maclean's Music--Dynacielo 492
ch.c by Creative Cause--Exclusive Rosette 510
gr/ro.f by Into Mischief--Firey Glow 527
ch.f by Broken Vow--Fun Filled 541
b.f by Harlan's Holiday--Glory and Grace 551
Compounder b.c by Quality Road--Gone to Utah 560
ch.c by Midshipman--Good Looking Girl 564
Monetary System dkb/b.c by Ghostzapper--Her Smile 582
   Hip Number
b.f by Orientate--Kissemilie 23
   Hip Number
b.c by Posse--We Kept Her 314
dkb/b.f by Bellamy Road--Carly Lee 417
Redhot Cheerleader ch.f by Haynesfield--Cheer Cheer 434
Run to Shelter dkb/b.f by Run Away and Hide--Fair Weather Lady 517
ch.f by Yes It's True--Hemet Humor 580
gr/ro.f by Mission Impazible--High Quality 584
   Hip Number
ch.c by Frost Giant--My Dancing Trick 93
   Hip Number
Formal Start dkb/b.c by Jump Start--Flomar 531
Holy Gold gr/ro.f by Touch Gold--Holy Shmoly 593
   Hip Number
Jed Tennessee gr/ro.c by Hansen--My Lady Avie 95
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by El Corredor--Bea Bet 379
ch.c by Speightstown--Ellesmere 498
   Hip Number
b.f by Desert Party--Miss Accord 77
dkb/b.f by Boys At Tosconova--Miss Trudy 82
   Hip Number
b.f by Gemologist--Dreamscape 488
   Hip Number
Feels Like Spring b.f by Spring At Last--Deep Feeling 472
   Hip Number
Goodnight Moon ch.f by Malibu Moon--Silky Smooth 216
   Hip Number
gr/ro.f by The Factor--Ramblin Rosie 162
b.c by Tapit--Starfish Bay 247
gr/ro.c by Tapit--Beloveda 382
   Hip Number
She Has Risen ch.f by Unbridled's Song--Scoot On By 195
ch.f by Smart Strike--Constrictor 454
   Hip Number
b.f by Kitten's Joy--Exceedexpectations 508
   Hip Number
b.c by Super Saver--Dreamspell 489
   Hip Number
b.f by Super Saver--Brushed Halory 407
   Hip Number
b.f by Astrology--Buy Out Time 410
   Hip Number
b.c by High Cotton--It's Sophie 11
b.c by City Zip--Saudi Princess 193
   Hip Number
b.f by Gemologist--Company Storm 452
   Hip Number
b.f by Lookin At Lucky--Queen of Empire 153
   Hip Number
b.f by Maclean's Music--Royal Beauty 178
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Arch--Petition the Lady 128
b.c by Smart Strike--Quiet Temper 155
b.f by Bernardini--Evening Jewel 506
b.f by Tiznow--Fair Exchange 516
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Lookin At Lucky--Something Shiny 236
Exclusively Ours dkb/b.g by Exclusive Quality--Starship Shrew 253
ch.c by Old Fashioned--Taya 273
ch.c by Backtalk--Trufast 298
b.c by Adios Charlie--Can Rianne 415
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Majestic Warrior--Kitty Cat Express 24
b.f by Bellamy Road--Ma Kitty 61
ch.f by High Cotton--Star of the Town 251
ch.c by Bellamy Road--Viva La Viva 309
b.f by Ice Box--Chris's Thunder 441
b.f by Majestic Warrior--Divination 481
b.f by Temple City--Going Our Way 553
b.f by Bellamy Road--Heart of Honor 578
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Mission Impazible--Littlebitabling 46
dkb/b.f by Flower Alley--Sketch Book 226
dkb/b.f by Perfect Soul (IRE)--Drama Mama 487
ch.c by Hansen--Eskimo's Best 505
   Hip Number
ch.f by Dialed In--Khasayl (IRE) 20
b.f by Proud Citizen--Pride of Pegasus 143
gr/ro.f by Two Step Salsa--Satin and Silver 192
dkb/b.f by First Samurai--Scouting Party 198
ch.c by Drosselmeyer--Screen Happy 199
ch.f by Tale of Ekati--Smart Timing 231
b.f by Congrats--Starry Pursuit 252
b.f by Into Mischief--Wings of a Dove 324
dkb/b.f by Regal Ransom--Cleverly Regal 448
dkb/b.f by Munnings--Cosmic Wing 456
ch.c by Tale of Ekati--Diablo's Bobett 476
b.f by Weigelia--Diamonds No More 478
ch.c by Northern Afleet--Divine Honor 482
b.c by Backtalk--Fiesta d'Oro 522
b.f by Weigelia--Gentlemen's Locket 544
b.f by Harlan's Holiday--Gold Collection 554
dkb/b.f by More Than Ready--Holly's Way 592
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Super Saver--Silver Shimmer 218
gr/ro.f by Lemon Drop Kid--Sunlight Sonata 264
gr/ro.f by Stay Thirsty--Bauhaus Bourbon 377
dkb/b.f by Jump Start--Chestnut Cabaret 437
D'boston Wildcat ch.c by D'wildcat--Distinct Beauty 479
ch.f by Birdstone--El Bank Robber 495
Biondante b.c by Biondetti--Glittering Georgia 550
   Hip Number
b.c by Tapit--Indian Way 5
b.c by Bernardini--Kelli Cat 19
ch.c by Street Cry (IRE)--Speed Succeeds 241
b.c by Pioneerof the Nile--Treedom 294
dkb/b.c by Street Boss--Virtuously 307
dkb/b.c by Giant's Causeway--Win's Fair Lady 326
Headliner ch.c by Tapit--Archduchess 360
gr/ro.c by Tapit--Charming Legacy (IRE) 433
b.f by Distorted Humor--Clay's Rocket 446
dkb/b.c by Street Cry (IRE)--Diamonds for Lil 497
Financial Recovery dkb/b.f by Street Cry (IRE)--Flawless Diamond 530
   Hip Number
United Del Coco dkb/b.c by United States--Macho La Papa 58
dkb/b.c by Archarcharch--To Dy Fore 291
dkb/b.c by Girolamo--Deputy Sarah 474
   Hip Number
b.c by Algorithms--City Talk 442
   Hip Number
b.f by Gemologist--Humor Me Molly 598
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Courageous Cat--Bridesmaid 404
   Hip Number
b.c by The Factor--Witch Tradition 327
   Hip Number
b.c by Tapizar--Express Chick 514
   Hip Number
b.c by City Zip--Thor's Daughter 279
   Hip Number
Another Smart One dkb/b.c by Smarty Jones--Lelander 40
Cool b.f by Caleb's Posse--Frozen Treat 538
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Archarcharch--Cherokee Caucus 436
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Boys At Tosconova--Princess Maura 145
Shackilia b.f by Shackleford--Gracilia 566
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Girolamo--Park View 120
dkb/b.c by Tizway--Acts of Karma 341
b.c by Broken Vow--Border Dispute 400
ch.c by Girolamo--Fast Heart 521
   Hip Number
b.f by Tizway--Island Rhythm 9
Mysideofthestreet dkb/b.f by Talent Search--No Speed Limit 106
Factor One blk.f by The Factor--One Last Salute 109
Super Rich b.c by Super Saver--Rich N Clever 171
ch.f by Shackleford--So Very Happy 240
b.c by Henny Hughes--Borrowing Base 401
ch.c by Haynesfield--High Resolve 585
   Hip Number
b.c by Archarcharch--My Fast Friend 94
b.f by Discreet Cat--Champagne Dream 429
   Hip Number
gr/ro.c by Paddy O'Prado--Awesome Frolic 370
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by American Lion--High Speed Ali 586
   Hip Number
Reallyareyakiddin ch.f by Frost Giant--Miss City Halo 78
Uncatchable dkb/b.c by Elusive Quality--Pick Me 131
Heavenly Awesome dkb/b.f by Smart Strike--Distinctively 480
   Hip Number
gr/ro.f by Unbridled's Song--Sunday Money 262
b.f by Warrior's Reward--Bayou Bride 378
dkb/b.f by Cowboy Cal--Changing Vista 430
   Hip Number
b.f by Hold Me Back--In a Squeeze 2
b.f by Temple City--Launchastorm 38
gr/ro.f by Vineyard Haven--Lucky Mama 55
b.f by Tiznow--Mildly Offensive 75
dkb/b.c by Discreet Cat--Miss Puzzle (AUS) 81
b.f by Pioneerof the Nile--Paper Angel 116
b.c by Algorithms--Perfect Wildcat 124
dkb/b.c by Midnight Lute--Pretty Elusive 141
gr/ro.c by Unbridled's Song--Richwoman 172
ch.c by Algorithms--Saudi Serenade 194
Albindon ch.c by Graeme Hall--Spell Again 244
ch.f by Malibu Moon--Blue Moon (FR) 396
gr/ro.f by Zensational--Bojour 397
b.c by Union Rags--Bold Assurance 398
dkb/b.c by Afleet Alex--Cachinnated 411
ch.c by Smart Strike--C C's Pal 427
Barcode ch.c by Big Brown--Code Variance 450
ch.c by Unbridled's Song--Dazzling Deelite 470
b.f by Bodemeister--Ellafitz 496
gr/ro.f by Broken Vow--Equilibrate 504
ch.f by Street Cry (IRE)--Flashy Lassie 529
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Warrior's Reward--Stormy Lanae' 256
dkb/b.c by Tizway--Bluegrass Blonde 393
   Hip Number
ch.c by Ghostzapper--Ainamaa 343
   Hip Number
ch.c by City Zip--Paradise Pond 118
   Hip Number
b.f by Into Mischief--Lady in Ermine 32
gr/ro.f by Hansen--Movie Star Magic 89
ch.c by Sidney's Candy--Above the Stars 334
Gold Braid b.c by Warrior's Reward--Carolina Moondance 419
b.c by Into Mischief--Fu Cat 539
gr/ro.f by Creative Cause--Goodbye Stranger 562
   Hip Number
b.c by Desert Party--Runaway Tiger 181
   Hip Number
b.c by Candy Ride (ARG)--Mayapple 71
   Hip Number
b.c by Algorithms--Provisions 149
b.c by Include--Angel in Six 352
   Hip Number
b.f by Stay Thirsty--Buffgirl 408
   Hip Number
Promise Me Snow b.f by Broken Vow--Snow Lass 232
   Hip Number
ch.c by Afleet Alex--Toll 292
b.c by Blame--Holler 591
   Hip Number
b.c by Mizzen Mast--Great Connection 569
   Hip Number
b.c by Malibu Moon--Seek to Soar 203
   Hip Number
ch.c by Smart Strike--Perfectly Pretty 123
Bye Bye Y'all b.c by Old Fashioned--Shaquita 206
ch.c by Exchange Rate--Amaretta 347
ch.c by Forefathers--Family Silver 518
dkb/b.c by Ghostzapper--Glengarra 549
   Hip Number
Worth a Pennie dkb/b.c by Gemologist--Shot Gun Pennie 211
Western Boy dkb/b.c by Colonel John--Western Fate 315
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Fort Prado--Record the Call 164
   Hip Number
ch.c by Broken Vow--Mystery Itself 98
   Hip Number
ch.c by Friesan Fire--Financial Crisis 524
   Hip Number
O Themistocles dkb/b.c by Bluegrass Cat--Ruler's Charm 180
   Hip Number
ch.c by Trappe Shot--Magical Point 60
ch.c by Not For Love--Ten Treasures 276
dkb/b.f by Rockport Harbor--Wildheartsneverdie 320
b.f by Paddy O'Prado--Bamba 375
   Hip Number
b.c by Malibu Moon--Jill Robin L 15
dkb/b.c by Speightstown--Czechers 463
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Tapizar--Ever Appealing 507
   Hip Number
b.f by Quality Road--Wild Summer 321
   Hip Number
b.c by Union Rags--Classic Neel 443
   Hip Number
b.f by Malibu Moon--Glasgow's Gold 548
b.c by Soaring Empire--Greenbackhasvalue 571
   Hip Number
b.f by Bodemeister--Useewhatimsaying 302
   Hip Number
b.f by Stephen Got Even--Answer By Daylight 355
gr/ro.c by Caleb's Posse--Hot Cocoa 596
   Hip Number
Big Girl Nation b.f by Cal Nation--Red Moon Girl 166
   Hip Number
Competitiveness dkb/b.c by Bodemeister--Bisbee's Prospect 389
   Hip Number
Mascarpone dkb/b.c by Hat Trick (JPN)--Sweet Theresa (SAF) 268
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Malibu Moon--Ready Willing Abel 163
   Hip Number
b.c by Gemologist--Tack Room 270
   Hip Number
Fireheart dkb/b.f by Friesan Fire--Purloin 150
ch.f by Redeemed--Gamble's Answer 543
   Hip Number
b.f by Uncle Mo--Top of the League 293
   Hip Number
b.f by Lemon Drop Kid--Light Your World 42
dkb/b.f by Astrology--Saarley Solution 183
dkb/b.f by Country Day--Saratoga Rhythm 190
ch.f by Cal Nation--Straightforward 257
gr/ro.c by Bluegrass Cat--Aqualina 358
b.c by Girolamo--Aristo 363
dkb/b.f by Colonel John--Charismatic Nurse 431
dkb/b.f by Dialed In--Dixie Sheikh 484
   Hip Number
b.f by Majestic Warrior--Lovestealer 52
Handsome Mo dkb/b.c by Uncle Mo--Scott's Aly Cat 197
ch.f by Old Fashioned--What Will Be 317
b.f by Tiz Wonderful--Wood Pattern 329
b.f by Tiz Wonderful--Clavadista 445
ch.f by Creative Cause--Henry's Posse 581
   Hip Number
Super Buddy gr/ro.c by Super Saver--Kosmo's Buddy 26
gr/ro.c by U S Ranger--Queen's Song 154
b.c by Into Mischief--Star of Glory 249
Paddy Jean gr/ro.f by Paddy O'Prado--St. Jean 254
dkb/b.f by Uncle Mo--Dream Street 490
Esken Me ch.c by Eskendereya--Enchanted Mesa 502
   Hip Number
Rockmyinfinity ch.f by Field Commission--Pola Cay 137
b.f by Biondetti--Sweet Aloe 265
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Harlan's Holiday--Pick and Pray 130
b.c by Medaglia d'Oro--User History 303
ch.c by Gemologist--Awesome Chic 369
ch.f by Malibu Moon--Blageuse 390
Crackerjackjustice gr/ro.c by Mizzen Mast--Goodbye Cat 561
b.f by Bellamy Road--Hot Spell 597
   Hip Number
Tiz Wicked b.c by Tizway--Willy's Wicked Way 322
Elasticity gr/ro.f by Paddy O'Prado--Belterra 383
dkb/b.f by Unbridled's Song--Carolina Sunrise 420
dkb/b.c by Awesome Again--Goldrush Girl 557
   Hip Number
Toast to Ghost dkb/b.c by Hansen--Shake Baby Shake 205
Inspirare dkb/b.f by Street Cry (IRE)--Full Moon Party 540
   Hip Number
b.f by American Lion--Petite Bear 127
   Hip Number
Totality gr/ro.c by Tapit--Jackpot Joanie 12
Tricky One dkb/b.f by Unbridled's Song--Simplify 220
dkb/b.f by Maimonides--Sweet Champagne 266
Rum Punch ch.f by Street Hero--Tapatia 272
Zarski b.c by Tapizar--Acacia 337
Tapsolute gr/ro.c by Tapit--Bouquet Booth 402
ch.c by Proud Citizen--Casuarina 423
Chill Factor dkb/b.c by Cowboy Cal--Chiloe 439
b.f by Into Mischief--Dance Trophy 465
dkb/b.c by Proud Citizen--Force of Humor 533
b.c by Tapizar--Gioiello 546
ch.f by Regal Ransom--Grand Cocotte 567
b.f by Tiz Wonderful--Holiday Peace 590
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Warrior's Reward--Sugar Belle 260
dkb/b.c by Soaring Empire--Good Habits 563
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Mad Flatter--Kylie's Dream 29
b.c by Majesticperfection--Sing Our Song 221
dkb/b.c by Sidney's Candy--Blazing Sasha 391
dkb/b.f by First Samurai--Boomanji 399
gr/ro.c by Mission Impazible--Carolina Kidnap 418
   Hip Number
ch.g by Henny Hughes--Indecision 4
b.f by Maclean's Music--Mizoes Ready 83
dkb/b.f by Sidney's Candy--Ristra 175
b.f by Warrior's Reward--Salute Regina 186
b.c by Tizway--Finmore Queen 526
Concord's Baby b.f by Concord Point--Go On Babe 565
Angelina Frances ch.f by Gemologist--Haqeeaq 575
   Hip Number
b.f by Into Mischief--Madoffwiththecash 59
Sexy Soldier dkb/b.f by Colonel John--Showcase 212
b.f by Run Away and Hide--Fillyocity 523
Fine Ice ch.c by Ice Box--Fine Prospect 525
b.f by Astrology--Forever a Friend 537
   Hip Number
Rocky Love b.c by Not For Love--Race Rocks (IRE) 158
ch.c by Dialed In--Raise Devil 161
gr/ro.c by Creative Cause--Abundantly Blessed 336
b.c by Discreetly Mine--Enterprise Beach 503
   Hip Number
Classy Dream ch.c by Super Saver--Masked Maiden 68
Bro's Dream b.c by Union Rags--Splendor Town 246
Diep Dream dkb/b.f by The Factor--Bertha Jo 384
   Hip Number
Witnessadream ch.c by Sidney's Candy--Irish American 7
   Hip Number
b.f by Majesticperfection--Sinister Sister 222
ch.f by Giant's Causeway--Tell a Kelly 274
   Hip Number
ch.f by Shackleford--Lovegood 50
ch.f by Drosselmeyer--Sandi's Ready 187
b.f by Lemon Drop Kid--Selkie 204
dkb/b.f by More Than Ready--Beso Grande 385
b.c by Flatter--Casanova Killer 422
b.f by Candy Ride (ARG)--Category Seven 426
   Hip Number
b.c by Uncle Mo--Cafe Concerto 412
   Hip Number
b.c by Trappe Shot--Silver Bean 217
   Hip Number
b.c by Twirling Candy--Pretty Gal 142
dkb/b.f by Street Hero--Winsconnie 325
b.f by Twirling Candy--Dangerous Dame 466
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Calibrachoa--Jet's Tradition 14
Bells Irish Fancy gr/ro.f by Dunkirk--Listed City 45
Diamond Drive dkb/b.c by Two Step Salsa--My Outlet 96
ch.f by Gio Ponti--Precise Touch 139
ch.c by Freud--Skinnydipper 227
ch.c by Dublin--All for Fashion 345
gr/ro.f by Tapizar--Ashley's Glory 365
b.c by Wilburn--Cut the Mustard 432
dkb/b.c by Boys At Tosconova--Counting Visions 458
b.f by Caleb's Posse--Dontstealmythunder 485
   Hip Number
b.f by Super Saver--Golden Victress 555
   Hip Number
b.f by Northern Afleet--Summer Rules 261
   Hip Number
b.c by Into Mischief--Twin Appeal 299
   Hip Number
b.c by Broken Vow--Annabill 353
   Hip Number
b.f by Yes It's True--White Slippers 319
   Hip Number
b.c by Friesan Fire--Crafty Toast 461
   Hip Number
ch.c by Sidney's Candy--Go Forth North 552
   Hip Number
b.f by Freud--Leaves of Autumn 39
b.f by Super Saver--Oxford Scholar 113
gr/ro.c by Tale of the Cat--Pliant 135
b.c by Harlan's Holiday--Soloing 234
gr/ro.c by Freud--Throbbin' Heart 280
b.c by Super Saver--Tiger Girl 284
b.f by Regal Ransom--Vukovar 311
gr/ro.f by Mission Impazible--Amiga Del Sol 349
b.c by Tapizar--Ammalu 350
ch.f by Freud--Arabic Dancer 359
ch.c by Kantharos--Carsomatic 421
dkb/b.f by Ghostzapper--Exiled Princess 513
ch.f by Congrats--Goldilocks' Cat 556
dkb/b.f by Mission Impazible--Hanna Lantana 574
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Tizway--Silent Treatment 215
dkb/b.f by First Samurai--Alcina 344
   Hip Number
Primal b.c by Flatter--Molly 84
Bowies Hero b.c by Artie Schiller--Remembered 167
b.c by Silver Train--Sundays On the Bay 263
I'm Perfection b.f by Majesticperfection--Wilzada 323
Live Round dkb/b.c by Dialed In--Aweemaway 368
Toss the Tub b.c by The Factor--Bet On the Blue 386
Shot of Cognac ch.f by Trappe Shot--Cognac Kitty 451
Onaj b.c by Hold Me Back--Crafty Gal 460
Jolly's Calling b.c by Tapizar--Exe 511
   Hip Number
ch.c by Tale of Ekati--Papier Mache 117
dkb/b.f by Soaring Empire--Als Delight 346
   Hip Number
Unusual Cat b.g by Bluegrass Cat--Ryder Jax 182
   Hip Number
Dolly Stormy gr/ro.f by Get Stormy--American Miss 348
b.c by Haynesfield--Chive Blossom 440
   Hip Number
ch.c by Malibu Moon--Medal Winner 73
b.c by Discreet Cat--Pahlmuhree 114
b.c by Ice Box--Rey Lake 170
b.c by Get Stormy--Destiny's Reward 475
   Hip Number
gr/ro.f by Malibu Moon--Maria's Dane 64
b.c by Into Mischief--Back in the Shade 372
   Hip Number
Champions Maternal ch.c by Giant's Causeway--Danceinthesunlight 464
   Hip Number
b.c by Uncle Mo--Red Dot 165
   Hip Number
b.c by Twirling Candy--Renacere (ARG) 168
   Hip Number
ch.f by Street Boss--Santa Rosalia 189
   Hip Number
b.c by Awesome of Course--Absoulute Heaven 335
   Hip Number
Hansanity gr/ro.c by Hansen--Art's Lady 364
   Hip Number
ch.c by Talent Search--Thunderous Song 281
   Hip Number
b.c by Colonel John--Double Dinghy Day 486
   Hip Number
b.c by Flatter--Janice Sue 13
dkb/b.c by Majestic Warrior--Ushuaia 306
   Hip Number
gr/ro.f by Mission Impazible--Eastern Exposure 493
   Hip Number
Socastee b.c by Wicked Rich--Miss Golden Freud 79
Tybee dkb/b.f by Wicked Rich--Mom's Honor 85
Yamassee gr/ro.c by Wicked Rich--Pink Tights 132
Mission Six dkb/b.c by Mission Impazible--Six Tales 225
Wateree b.f by Wicked Rich--Swimmer 269
Keowee gr/ro.f by Wicked Rich--Waiting to Connect 312
Ogeechee b.c by Wicked Rich--Embraceable Blue 499
   Hip Number
gr/ro.f by Rockport Harbor--Kris Xpress 27
gr/ro.c by General Quarters--Local Gossip 47
b.c by Tale of the Cat--Marquisite 67
ch.c by First Samurai--Mazel Tov Betty 72
dkb/b.c by Munnings--Tribecky 296
gr/ro.f by Awesome Again--Betty Brite 387
gr/ro.f by Mizzen Mast--Career Oriented 416
b.c by Mineshaft--Cat Charmer 424
dkb/b.f by Archarcharch--Central Moves 428
ch.f by Street Boss--Diamond Queen 477
b.f by Gemologist--Fashion House 520
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by To Honor and Serve--Flowers Athefinish 532
   Hip Number
b.f by Trappe Shot--Lan Kwai Fong (AUS) 36
   Hip Number
Gummy Delight ch.f by Crossbow--Slewpy's Star 229
Prettyasnewmoney ch.f by Shackleford--Time to Cash 287
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Tale of the Cat--Inavision 3
dkb/b.f by Uncle Mo--Katy Kat 18
Venus Serena dkb/b.f by Colonel John--Kurmikova (ARG) 28
b.f by Tale of the Cat--Lifelong 41
b.f by Drosselmeyer--Long and Lean 48
ch.c by Northern Afleet--Nun On the Run 107
ch.c by Distorted Humor--Princess Taylor (GB) 147
b.c by City Zip--Riotous Miss 174
b.c by Ghostzapper--Royal Bean 177
b.f by Astrology--Valuable Partner 305
Khonsu b.c by Gemologist--Blissful Trip 392
dkb/b.c by Harlan's Holiday--Count to Eleven 459
Spring Emperor ch.c by Spring At Last--Empress of Gold 501
ch.f by Shackleford--Excessing 509
dkb/b.f by Blame--Forestier 536
dkb/b.c by Congrats--Greeley's Rocket 570
ch.c by Munnings--Hickory Heifer 583
b.c by Midshipman--Hope's Diamond 595