The October Sale Thumbnail
October 24-26, 2016

The October Sale

Fasig-Tipton Kentucky, Inc.
Lexington, Kentucky
October 24 Hip #'s 1-416, 10am
October 25 Hip #'s 417-832, 10am
October 26 Hip #'s 833-1250, 10am

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Consignor Index

   Hip Number
gr/ro.f by Macho Uno--Lateegra 105
dkb/b.f by Silent Name (JPN)--Princess Adelyn 337
ch.f by Point of Entry--Velvet Moss 704
dkb/b.c by Point of Entry--Amnesian 793
dkb/b.f by Fort Larned--Carmelita 904
ch.f by Macho Uno--Chasida 937
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Stay Thirsty--Side Venture 495
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Uncle Mo--Bonnie's Empire 873
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Take Charge Indy--Winning Bet 740
   Hip Number
ch.f by Pleasantly Perfect--Record High 390
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Archarcharch--Desafinado Bay 1032
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Union Rags--Love Abounds 133
b.c by Flat Out--Dress Parade 1074
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Dialed In--My Daughter's Song 228
   Hip Number
ch.c by Majestic Warrior--Miss Olive Oil 200
dkb/b.f by Malibu Moon--Nadeshiko 240
b.f by Point of Entry--Won Opportunity 746
ch.c by Animal Kingdom--Catch That Song 911
b.f by Stormy Atlantic--Classical Humour 960
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Ice Box--Carli's Song 903
   Hip Number
ch.c by Flat Out--Kim D 70
b.f by Bodemeister--Surf Light 593
b.c by Ice Box--Tomisue's Pleasure 652
ch.f by Ice Box--Dill Or No Dill 1043
ch.c by Speightstown--Exit to Heaven 1107
ch.c by Ice Box--Glorious Exit 1176
b.c by Malibu Moon--Golden Mystery 1184
   Hip Number
b.c by Quality Road--Pirate Queen 321
   Hip Number
b.c by Haynesfield--Mountain Buddies 216
dkb/b.c by Paynter--Vertical Vision 705
dkb/b.c by Super Saver--Awesome Fleet 822
   Hip Number
b.c by Tapizar--Sermonettes Hope 468
b.c by Awesome Again--Enchante 1096
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Ice Box--All Hollywood 779
dkb/b.f by Ice Box--Caviarkiss 922
b.c by Forestry--Cozy Cottage 992
   Hip Number
b.c by Tale of the Cat--Time for a Crown 643
b.c by Into Mischief--Cedar Summer 925
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Curlin--Blue Catillac 862
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Archarcharch--Maggie's Pearle 142
ch.f by Line of David--Runthruthejungle 433
ch.c by Marsh Side--Storm Spell 578
b.f by Data Link--Devoted Gal 1038
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Algorithms--Miss Belga Bound 185
   Hip Number
ch.c by Run Away and Hide--Poplar Girl 327
   Hip Number
gr/ro.c by Even the Score--Remarkable Remy 403
ch.f by Alternation--Career Oriented 902
dkb/b.c by Pioneerof the Nile--Celestic 926
ch.f by Dunkirk--Choo Choo Lady 949
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Overanalyze--Colleague 973
ch.c by Sidney's Candy--Four Letter Word 1147
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Tale of Ekati--Little Miss Lucy 127
dkb/b.f by Liaison--Psalm Sixteen 354
b.f by Sky Mesa--Charm Away 934
gr/ro.f by Mission Impazible--High Quality 1229
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Cape Blanco (IRE)--Native Zeal 242
ch.c by Girolamo--Weekend Charade 724
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Midshipman--Questmet 370
b.f by Lookin At Lucky--Sixth and Walnut 514
b.f by Cape Blanco (IRE)--Solo Run 535
   Hip Number
ch.f by Girolamo--Stick Save 572
   Hip Number
gr/ro.c by Tizway--Masa 164
b.c by Regal Ransom--Pardon My Sarong 291
ch.c by Tiz Wonderful--Churchflower 952
   Hip Number
b.c by Tizdejavu--Nice n Groovy 246
gr/ro.f by General Quarters--Counttheblessings 990
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Street Boss--Brittan Lee 890
   Hip Number
b.f by Data Link--Pizza Lady 322
b.c by Birdstone--Sessile 469
dkb/b.f by Uncle Mo--Somalia 537
ch.f by Trappe Shot--Tres Peach 666
   Hip Number
b.c by Regal Ransom--Jigglin 39
   Hip Number
b.c by Simmard--Positive Charge 329
   Hip Number
ch.f by Regal Ransom--Exotic Actress 1108
   Hip Number
b.c by Haynesfield--Sweetest Star 600
gr/ro.f by Tale of Ekati--Coquila Rose 984
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by War Chant--Isis Song (IRE) 16
dkb/b.f by Take Charge Indy--Lady Aphrodite 88
dkb/b.c by Paddy O'Prado--Lady Heroine 92
dkb/b.f by Desert Party--Mia's First 173
dkb/b.c by Paddy O'Prado--Ms. Cat Princess 220
b.f by Violence--Queen's Lady 368
gr/ro.f by O'prado Again--Risque Connection 412
dkb/b.c by Dominus--Sister Desiree 512
b.f by Drosselmeyer--So Sovereign 543
ch.f by Jimmy Creed--Truely Ruby 678
dkb/b.c by Sky Mesa--Unrivaled Score 694
b.f by Tapizar--Witch Tradition 742
ch.f by Drosselmeyer--Best of Times 854
dkb/b.f by Violence--Blush 869
b.c by Country Day--Breeze Bayou 881
gr/ro.c by Old Fashioned--Charlotte's Di 932
dkb/b.f by Take Charge Indy--Citizen Emma 955
ch.c by Flatter--Cnocandancer (IRE) 969
b.f by Dialed In--De Belle 1025
dkb/b.c by Lookin At Lucky--Fi 1123
dkb/b.f by Archarcharch--G Gs Got the Goods 1165
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Candy Ride (ARG)--Half A. P. 1207
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by I Want Revenge--Stoneway 573
gr/ro.f by English Channel--Tarika 612
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Hat Trick (JPN)--Trophy Bride 676
b.c by The Factor--Voyage 717
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Americain--Hotazel 1244
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by I Want Revenge--Just a Tizzy 57
   Hip Number
ch.c by Dunkirk--Ubelongtomemissy 689
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Girolamo--Twilight Valley 687
   Hip Number
b.c by Daaher--Hallie and Beth 1208
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Paynter--Yattasmokem 753
   Hip Number
ch.c by Drosselmeyer--Star Wisper 565
b.c by Hold Me Back--Sultry Wisper 584
dkb/b.c by Archarcharch--Bella Gray 847
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by I Want Revenge--Granny Spinster 1200
   Hip Number
ch.c by Tapizar--Cat Onthe Town 915
   Hip Number
b.c by Violence--White Haven 733
   Hip Number
ch.c by Gio Ponti--North East Belle 253
   Hip Number
b.c by Drosselmeyer--Miss Marla 199
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by More Than Ready--Saintlike 440
   Hip Number
b.c by Elusive Quality--Make Light 147
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Blame--Bagatelle Park 827
   Hip Number
b.c by Discreet Cat--Mamboo 152
b.f by Flat Out--Minister's Destiny 182
b.f by Take Charge Indy--Pilaf 317
ch.f by Wilburn--Spree 558
ch.c by Flower Alley--Take the Cake 611
   Hip Number
b.c by Graydar--Jazz Dancer 30
dkb/b.f by Courageous Cat--Watrals Lady Hanne 721
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Bodemeister--Justaspell 56
dkb/b.f by Shanghai Bobby--Starlight Lady 562
b.c by Into Mischief--Great Morning (IRE) 1203
   Hip Number
ch.f by Albertus Maximus--I's a Fact 15
dkb/b.f by Line of David--Midnight Search 175
b.c by My Pal Charlie--Miss Daisy 190
b.f by Albertus Maximus--Packed Powder 283
b.c by Wilburn--Show Baby 492
dkb/b.c by General Quarters--All Primed 783
   Hip Number
ch.f by Awesome Patriot--Pennyrile 301
gr/ro.f by The Lumber Guy--Ski Seattle 516
   Hip Number
ch.f by Graydar--Britt's Sweetheart 891
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Majesticperfection--No Acronyms 249
   Hip Number
b.c by Hold Me Back--Leaving Virginia 110
dkb/b.c by Benny the Bull--Crystal Court 999
   Hip Number
b.f by Creative Cause--Indian Jewel 6
gr/ro.f by Creative Cause--Listen to Libby 122
gr/ro.c by Creative Cause--Tart's Knickers 615
ch.f by Haynesfield--Tiz Possible 650
dkb/b.f by Creative Cause--Tri Skipping 672
gr/ro.c by Creative Cause--All in With Aces 780
gr/ro.f by Creative Cause--Divine Happiness 1051
b.c by Proud Citizen--Enchant 1095
b.c by Astrology--Fearless Kiss 1121
b.f by Proud Citizen--Gallant Dreamer 1161
dkb/b.c by Istan--Goldilock's Bear 1188
   Hip Number
b.c by Shanghai Bobby--Jack's Flame 23
dkb/b.c by Bodemeister--Nobility 250
b.f by Bernardini--Dancing Alone 1013
b.c by Bodemeister--Famous 1115
b.c by Bodemeister--Flawless 1131
   Hip Number
b.f by Street Sense--Kunooz (IRE) 82
b.c by Arch--Looking Glass 130
gr/ro.f by Malibu Moon--Magnificent Song 144
b.c by Soldat--Montessa 209
dkb/b.c by Colonel John--Our Eleanor 277
ch.c by Kitten's Joy--Run for Cecila 431
dkb/b.c by Offlee Wild--Suzee Sunrise 595
dkb/b.c by Take Charge Indy--Sweet Soul 605
b.c by Street Sense--Trusten 682
b.f by Get Stormy--Yankee Glider 751
b.f by Warrior's Reward--After Tea 770
dkb/b.f by Graydar--Dance Studio 1011
b.c by Bernardini--Desert Gazelle 1034
b.c by The Factor--Do You Like Me Now 1068
ch.f by Fast Bullet--Driven by Royalty 1077
b.c by Paddy O'Prado--Falcon Gentle 1113
   Hip Number
ch.c by Algorithms--Pegastorm 296
dkb/b.f by Violence--Ever Adored 1102
   Hip Number
b.c by Uncle Mo--Pretty Clear 335
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Hat Trick (JPN)--Lisa Jean 120
b.f by Pleasantly Perfect--Millie's Quest 180
b.c by Gio Ponti--Sweet Tune 607
b.f by Giant's Causeway--Apple Charlotte 805
b.c by Twirling Candy--Brenda Leigh 882
   Hip Number
b.c by Warrior's Reward--Sookloozy 542
   Hip Number
gr/ro.f by Dunkirk--Maghera 143
   Hip Number
ch.f by Shackleford--Love This Kitten 137
b.f by Shackleford--Munhall Miss 224
b.f by Northern Afleet--Sarahcarolu 446
b.c by Forestry--Ambitious Dancer 789
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Data Link--Lovely Reward 136
dkb/b.f by Tale of the Cat--Ask Me Anything 811
   Hip Number
gr/ro.f by More Than Ready--Juncture 52
dkb/b.c by Majestic Warrior--Outclassed Em 279
gr/ro.c by Dunkirk--Quiet Reward 372
dkb/b.f by Tizway--Shawnee Moon 478
dkb/b.f by Trappe Shot--She'll Heir 481
dkb/b.f by Data Link--Silvertonguediva 504
dkb/b.c by Awesome Again--Southern Accents 545
dkb/b.f by Tale of Ekati--Stadia 559
dkb/b.f by Super Saver--Summer Breeze 585
gr/ro.f by Don Gato--Triple Cream 670
dkb/b.c by Istan--Zarine 758
dkb/b.f by Dunkirk--Al Max Diner 785
dkb/b.f by Archarcharch--Bridal Song 884
ch.c by Eskendereya--Cosmic Queen 987
gr/ro.f by Dunkirk--Easy to Cope 1083
ch.f by Midshipman--Forest Patch 1139
dkb/b.c by Shanghai Bobby--Gold Chant 1177
ch.c by Super Saver--Gold Glimmer 1187
gr/ro.c by Old Fashioned--Goldleafed Mirror 1191
ch.c by Tale of Ekati--Groundbreaker 1204
dkb/b.f by Stormy Atlantic--Heavens Above 1218
ch.c by Stay Thirsty--Hot Moon 1246
   Hip Number
gr/ro.c by Mizzen Mast--Key Quality 66
ch.c by Distorted Humor--Letters in Silver 112
dkb/b.c by I Want Revenge--Moorhead 211
b.c by Ice Box--Multifaceted 223
b.c by Take Charge Indy--My Meggie Meg 231
b.c by Paynter--Perfect Wave 305
dkb/b.c by Eye of the Leopard--Raw Gold 383
dkb/b.c by Fort Larned--Sariah 447
dkb/b.c by To Honor and Serve--Shadow Giant 470
b.f by Successful Appeal--Sing With Me 510
ch.f by Ice Box--Sojourn Love 532
b.c by Americain--Terrify 625
gr/ro.c by Old Fashioned--Trez 667
dkb/b.f by Raison d'Etat--Bella Bandita 845
b.f by Midshipman--Beware the Boys 856
dkb/b.f by Candy Ride (ARG)--Chase the Storm 936
b.c by Broken Vow--Citi Charisse 954
ch.f by Tale of the Cat--Corinzia 986
dkb/b.f by Americain--Cyrillic 1006
ch.c by English Channel--Diamond Dilemma (IRE) 1040
dkb/b.f by Broken Vow--Distant Storm 1047
gr/ro.f by Sky Mesa--Egress 1085
b.f by Langfuhr--Family Business 1114
ch.f by English Channel--Floating Island 1135
b.c by Temple City--Got No Answers 1196
   Hip Number
ch.c by Violence--Reddy for Rubys 391
gr/ro.c by Old Fashioned--Renagade Ruby 404
b.f by Mission Impazible--Riviera Chic 415
ch.c by Majestic Warrior--Sensibly Chic 463
gr/ro.c by Mission Impazible--Tiger Girl 641
ch.c by Cape Blanco (IRE)--Vanguarda (ARG) 702
dkb/b.c by Einstein (BRZ)--At Night 815
b.c by Papa Clem--Barbara Orr 833
dkb/b.c by The Factor--Class Break 958
b.f by Artie Schiller--Delta Weekend 1029
ch.c by Midshipman--Dharma Girl 1039
b.f by Mission Impazible--Divorce Settlement 1052
b.f by Majestic Warrior--French Silk 1153
dkb/b.c by Stay Thirsty--Frisky Janelle 1154
ch.f by Union Rags--Holy Wish 1236
   Hip Number
b.c by Liaison--Kitty Tracks 76
b.c by Broken Vow--Dixie and a Breeze 1054
   Hip Number
b.c by Girolamo--Good Religion 1193
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Lookin At Lucky--How Far Is Heaven 1247
   Hip Number
ch.c by Sidney's Candy--Riviera Cafe 414
   Hip Number
ch.c by Discreet Cat--Poetic Riches 325
   Hip Number
b.c by Tizway--Maria's Overture 158
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Einstein (BRZ)--Vitellia 712
   Hip Number
b.c by Fort Larned--Discount Rate 1046
   Hip Number
ch.c by Sidney's Candy--Risen Miss 411
b.c by Hold Me Back--Tubettini 683
   Hip Number
ch.f by Five Star Day--Levity 115
   Hip Number
b.f by Discreetly Mine--Dr. Kathy 1078
   Hip Number
b.c by Cowboy Cal--Miss Disaster 192
b.f by Afleet Alex--Rumble Seat 430
gr/ro.f by Zensational--Secret Motive 457
b.c by Concord Point--Anychanceatadance 800
b.f by Trappe Shot--Arch Nemesis 806
b.c by Brethren--Broad Picture 892
ch.c by American Lion--Cedar Island 924
ch.c by Pleasantly Perfect--Classical Destiny 959
dkb/b.c by Tapizar--Clifton Bay 966
b.f by Elusive Quality--Dragon Fly (FR) 1069
dkb/b.f by Hat Trick (JPN)--Hi Ho Euro 1230
   Hip Number
b.f by Regal Ransom--Shesforgiven 485
dkb/b.f by Stephen Got Even--Sister Sporty 513
gr/ro.f by Noble's Promise--Snow Flower 528
ch.f by Sidney's Candy--Weaving Gold 723
b.c by Awesome Again--Allison's Hope 781
ch.c by Midshipman--Ellie Gee 1090
dkb/b.c by Stephen Got Even--Fast Delivery 1119
   Hip Number
b.f by Tiz Wonderful--Cloudynhot 968
   Hip Number
b.f by Run Away and Hide--Italian Rapsody 19
dkb/b.f by Shackleford--Joyjoyjoy 43
dkb/b.c by Horse Greeley--Justakiss 55
dkb/b.f by Archarcharch--Lazulite 108
dkb/b.c by Run Away and Hide--Maiden America 145
b.f by Warrior's Reward--Makayla's Angel 146
ch.f by Jimmy Creed--Miss Emmy 196
ch.f by Sidney's Candy--Notayankeefan 257
dkb/b.c by Super Saver--Parallelogram 290
ch.f by Dialed In--Peach Pie 294
dkb/b.c by Tale of Ekati--Samantha's Strike 444
ch.f by Lookin At Lucky--Snappy Tune 526
dkb/b.f by Shackleford--Something Shiny 539
dkb/b.c by Sky Mesa--Superduper Miss 589
dkb/b.f by Hat Trick (JPN)--Westside Singer 730
b.c by Temple City--Zipping Away 762
ch.c by Tale of Ekati--Zizook 763
ch.f by Flower Alley--Acquiescent 766
ch.c by First Samurai--Alkmaar 776
dkb/b.c by Tapizar--Ambitious Thief 790
dkb/b.f by Hat Trick (JPN)--Bank Onahomerun 831
dkb/b.c by Super Saver--Chalmette 928
dkb/b.f by Graydar--Demaliat 1030
b.c by Yes It's True--Dixieland Gal 1056
b.c by Astrology--Doris' Diamond 1065
dkb/b.c by Tale of Ekati--Golden Memories 1183
ch.c by Union Rags--Haysee 1214
ch.c by Freud--Hedy Hopper 1220
dkb/b.c by Sky Mesa--Hoping for Sun 1243
   Hip Number
b.c by Afleet Alex--For My Pleasure 1141
   Hip Number
b.c by Maclean's Music--Yodeladytoo 756
dkb/b.c by Spring At Last--Dancingontheedge 1016
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Jump Start--Immune to Gloom 4
dkb/b.f by First Samurai--Keiai Tokyo 65
b.c by Dominus--Move Over Ginger 218
b.f by Friesan Fire--Protect the Child 351
dkb/b.f by Bellamy Road--Quiet Rendition 371
dkb/b.f by New Year's Day--Ransom Due 379
ch.c by Afleet Alex--Rhome Magic 407
dkb/b.c by New Year's Day--Sky Heat 518
dkb/b.f by Smarty Jones--Vodka Gal 714
dkb/b.c by E Dubai--Buff n Polish 895
ch.f by Discreet Cat--Conquistadordelite 980
b.c by Quality Road--Dad's Crazy 1007
b.c by Super Saver--Dillingham 1042
b.c by Street Boss--Harbor Cruise 1211
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Bluegrass Cat--Smart Roar 523
   Hip Number
ch.f by Giant's Causeway--La Coyote 86
ch.f by Munnings--Silent Alberta 497
ch.f by Wilburn--Sweeping Hours 598
dkb/b.c by Scat Daddy--Whosetheclownnow 735
ch.c by Line of David--Emily J 1094
   Hip Number
ch.c by Kitten's Joy--Then She Laughs 633
   Hip Number
ch.c by Kitten's Joy--Fanfire 1116
   Hip Number
b.f by Giant's Causeway--Shytoe Lafeet 494
dkb/b.c by Uncle Mo--Golden Damsel 1180
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Posse--Skye Castles 517
   Hip Number
b.c by Bodemeister--Composition 977
   Hip Number
b.c by Tizway--Stellar Cloud 571
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Gio Ponti--I'm Beguiled Again 3
   Hip Number
ch.f by Trappe Shot--Specification 547
dkb/b.f by Eskendereya--Championshipseason 929
   Hip Number
b.c by Run Away and Hide--Texit 626
   Hip Number
b.c by Tiznow--Forty Gran 1143
   Hip Number
b.c by Colonel John--Pure Refinement 357
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Lonhro (AUS)--South Bay Cove 544
   Hip Number
b.c by Artie Schiller--Beautiful Noise 840
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Artie Schiller--Reflect and Dream (AUS) 397
dkb/b.f by Orb--Solar Echo 533
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Tiz Wonderful--Moyvane Lass 219
   Hip Number
b.f by Freud--Taxi Dancer 617
   Hip Number
b.f by Medaglia d'Oro--Melissa Jo 171
b.c by Take Charge Indy--Noble Maz 251
b.f by Smart Strike--Sure Peg 592
b.f by Bodemeister--Clever Strike 965
   Hip Number
b.f by The Factor--Opera 274
   Hip Number
b.c by Scat Daddy--Flock of Doves 1136
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Tiznow--Cool Slew 983
   Hip Number
ch.c by Declaration of War--Golden Causeway (GB) 1179
   Hip Number
ch.f by D' Funnybone--Irish Ridge 13
ch.f by Eskendereya--Miss Charming 188
b.c by Morning Line--Two Times Won 688
dkb/b.c by Overanalyze--Andromeda 795
   Hip Number
ch.f by Munnings--Morsel 214
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Dialed In--Tiza Cowgirl 647
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Eskendereya--Promulgation 346
b.f by Soldat--Thunder Way 640
b.f by Street Hero--Cheri Chardoneigh 941
   Hip Number
b.f by Animal Kingdom--Banyan Street 832
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Burning Roma--Dolly's Delight 1062
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Street Sense--Imaginary Saint 2
dkb/b.f by Pioneerof the Nile--Jail House Money 25
b.c by Bodemeister--Kootenai 79
dkb/b.c by The Factor--Peggarty 297
b.c by Pioneerof the Nile--Petition the Lady 309
b.c by Pioneerof the Nile--Saturdaynightstrut 452
gr/ro.c by Orb--Cherryblossommiss 943
   Hip Number
b.c by Tiznow--Pursuit of Glory (IRE) 362
   Hip Number
b.f by Malibu Moon--In the Slips 11
dkb/b.f by Discreet Cat--Jamboree 26
dkb/b.f by Tale of the Cat--Lady Belsara 90
b.c by English Channel--Lost Gold 132
dkb/b.f by Medaglia d'Oro--Malibu Legacy 150
ch.f by Posse--Miss Double Take 194
dkb/b.c by Stormy Atlantic--Moms Mabley 207
b.c by Flatter--Object 263
b.f by Americain--Princess Zara 343
dkb/b.c by Paynter--Refining 396
ch.f by Americain--Sass Me 448
dkb/b.c by Tiz Wonderful--Shaquita 473
ch.f by Tiz Wonderful--Spread 557
gr/ro.f by Kitten's Joy--Starsilhouette 563
gr/ro.f by Hightail--Steal the Dance 567
b.f by Warrior's Reward--Sustain 594
b.f by Discreet Cat--Swallow Falls 596
dkb/b.c by Speightstown--Sweettrickydancer 606
ch.f by Speightstown--Trail Magic 659
ch.f by Cape Blanco (IRE)--Trois Aureole 675
b.c by Street Sense--War Prospector 719
ch.f by Giant's Causeway--Well Monied 725
ch.f by Violence--Western Goldrush 728
dkb/b.f by Shanghai Bobby--Yamato Damashii 750
b.f by English Channel--Attractive (IRE) 816
b.f by Smart Strike--Bloomy 861
b.f by Archarcharch--Bluegrass Blonde 863
dkb/b.c by Justin Phillip--Cat Be Nimble 908
b.f by Temple City--Chequered Love 940
b.c by Lemon Drop Kid--Classofsixtythree 963
b.f by More Than Ready--Dane Street 1018
b.f by Kitten's Joy--Day Glow 1021
dkb/b.c by Majestic Warrior--Delaneys Star 1028
b.f by To Honor and Serve--Gold Dust Woman 1178
ch.c by Hold Me Back--Humorlee 1248
   Hip Number
ch.c by Graeme Hall--Happy Vale 1210
   Hip Number
b.c by Tizway--Nossa Vez 255
dkb/b.c by Tizway--Bala Perdida 828
   Hip Number
gr/ro.c by Haynesfield--Queen Cobra 364
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Bellamy Road--Living My Dream 129
b.f by Denman (AUS)--Nice Stuff 247
b.f by Temple City--One Charming Devil 267
b.f by Morning Line--Silent Treatment 498
dkb/b.c by Flat Out--Silverwin 505
dkb/b.f by Street Boss--Star Voyager 564
dkb/b.f by Bellamy Road--Tiz de Mayo 649
dkb/b.c by Astrology--Zelia 760
b.f by Regal Ransom--Black Arrow 858
dkb/b.c by Street Boss--Classic Collection 961
b.f by Astrology--Doolittle Daisy 1064
b.f by Regal Ransom--Hello Love 1223
b.f by Astrology--Hello Precious 1224
   Hip Number
b.f by Astrology--Mango Kiss 154
   Hip Number
ch.c by Old Fashioned--N. Y. Friend 262
dkb/b.f by Temple City--Picata 315
dkb/b.f by Point of Entry--Speedy McGreedy 549
gr/ro.f by Majestic Warrior--Erin's Song 1099
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Shanghai Bobby--Pelicus Affair 299
gr/ro.c by Old Fashioned--Trendy Wendy 664
   Hip Number
b.c by Bodemeister--Cayman Sunrise 923
   Hip Number
b.c by Run Away and Hide--African Charm 768
dkb/b.r by Aikenite--Dotted Swiss 1066
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Tizway--Juicy Gossip 47
b.f by Midshipman--Just a Flash 54
b.f by Overanalyze--Krispy Kritter 81
dkb/b.f by Get Stormy--Lady Larkspur 93
b.f by Uncle Mo--Bally Storm 829
b.f by Eskendereya--Chipanaputt 946
   Hip Number
b.f by Declaration of War--Inkling 9
dkb/b.f by Raison d'Etat--Jen's Guinness R N 34
dkb/b.c by Unusual Heat--Jersey's Soul 35
dkb/b.c by Americain--Jewel Box (IRE) 38
b.c by Not Bourbon--Krismas Prospect 80
b.f by Tizway--Laika Dawn 97
dkb/b.c by Smart Strike--Liam's Dream 116
b.c by Tizway--Malabar Star 148
b.c by Tizway--Marnier 159
gr/ro.f by Fort Larned--Meadow Skippin 167
ch.c by Dialed In--Minnie's Minister 183
ch.c by Gio Ponti--Motivated Sreva 215
dkb/b.f by Flat Out--Officially 265
dkb/b.f by Flat Out--Pure Polished 356
ch.f by Lucky Pulpit--Quite Dramatic 375
dkb/b.c by San Pablo--Robin's N Beau's 417
b.f by Alternation--Sahara Moon 439
ch.c by Ice Box--Sassy Strike 451
b.c by Ice Box--Schedule (GB) 453
dkb/b.c by Tiz Wonderful--Serenada 465
ch.c by Flat Out--Sharp Sally 476
ch.c by Jimmy Creed--She's Roughin It 486
gr/ro.c by I Want Revenge--Silver Nithi 503
ch.c by English Channel--Solomea 534
dkb/b.c by Archarcharch--Speedygonegoddess 548
b.c by Gemologist--Starlicious 561
ch.c by Jersey Town--Steel Buns 568
b.f by Flat Out--Supertunia 591
dkb/b.c by Archarcharch--To My Delight 653
ch.f by Ice Box--Trill 668
ch.f by Overanalyze--Valeriena 700
ch.f by Dialed In--Vonn's Gold 715
b.f by Liaison--Voodoo Lounge 716
dkb/b.f by Flat Out--West Pointer 729
b.c by Flat Out--Wet n' Reckless 731
b.f by Tiz Wonderful--Atalantis 813
b.c by Hat Trick (JPN)--Bring the Noise 889
ch.f by Point of Entry--Cat's Garden 916
dkb/b.f by Tizway--Cat Wiesel 919
ch.c by Flat Out--Circustown Rose 953
ch.f by Kingship--Component 976
ch.c by Ice Box--Conspicuous 981
b.f by Mastercraftsman (IRE)--Cozzene's Angel 993
dkb/b.c by Archarcharch--Dancing Sea 1017
b.f by Tiz Wonderful--Deep Ocean 1027
gr/ro.c by Jersey Town--Diamond Song 1041
dkb/b.c by Flat Out--Distinct Sparkle 1048
ch.f by Flat Out--Dixie's Rebellion 1057
dkb/b.f by Awesome Again--Doitforbob 1061
ch.c by Flat Out--Drinksonthehouse 1075
dkb/b.f by Warrior's Reward--Early Church 1082
ch.f by Distorted Humor--England Swings 1097
dkb/b.f by Tizway--Extended Credit 1110
b.c by Orb--Extra Sharp 1111
dkb/b.c by Liaison--Fast Laner 1120
b.c by Flat Out--Fortune Play 1142
ch.f by Haynesfield--Ginger Light 1167
gr/ro.f by Paddy O'Prado--Got to Be My Girl 1197
ch.c by Ice Box--Hattie Mae 1213
ch.c by Tiz Wonderful--Hazel's Honor 1215
dkb/b.c by Archarcharch--Holiday Dreaming 1232
gr/ro.f by Dialed In--Hooky 1241
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Warrior's Reward--Toxis 658
ch.c by Gio Ponti--Feathered Diamond 1122
ch.c by Point of Entry--Honchis'n Ponchis 1238
   Hip Number
ch.c by Tiz Wonderful--Alpha Indy 786
   Hip Number
ch.c by Tale of the Cat--Invoke 12
b.f by Warrior's Reward--Hundred Acre 1249
dkb/b.f by Trappe Shot--Hymnal 1250
   Hip Number
b.f by Bodemeister--Normandy's Nell 252
b.c by Street Sense--All Glory 778
dkb/b.f by Blame--Destroy 1037
   Hip Number
ch.c by Tapit--Pretty City 334
ch.f by To Honor and Serve--Silver Colors 501
b.f by To Honor and Serve--Fun in D' Sun 1156
   Hip Number
ch.f by To Honor and Serve--Woman Smiling (IRE) 745
   Hip Number
b.c by Thoreau--Top Touch 655
dkb/b.f by Thoreau--Allura 784
   Hip Number
b.f by Majestic Warrior--Madame Thor 140
   Hip Number
b.f by Artie Schiller--Miss Hellie 197
   Hip Number
b.c by To Honor and Serve--She Nuit All 482
ch.c by Sidney's Candy--Small Pleasures 522
b.f by Into Mischief--Sparky Three 546
ch.f by Sidney's Candy--Tura Isabel 684
b.f by Tapizar--Varnish 703
b.f by Dunkirk--Foxy Friend 1149
   Hip Number
b.f by Colonel John--Our Intention 278
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Shanghai Bobby--Leave a Message 109
   Hip Number
ch.c by Speightstown--Nannycam 241
   Hip Number
b.c by Street Sense--Phoenicia 311
ch.f by Flat Out--Elusive Royalty 1093
   Hip Number
b.f by To Honor and Serve--Apache Canyon 801
   Hip Number
ch.f by Lookin At Lucky--Stellar Baby 570
   Hip Number
ch.c by Algorithms--My Sweet Caroline 238
   Hip Number
b.c by Warrior's Reward--Lady Pewitt 95
   Hip Number
gr/ro.c by Tapit--Christmas Star 951
   Hip Number
ch.c by To Honor and Serve--Golden Victress 1186
   Hip Number
ch.c by To Honor and Serve--Red Taffeta 392
   Hip Number
b.f by To Honor and Serve--My Kitty 230
   Hip Number
b.c by Tapizar--Peep Show 295
   Hip Number
b.c by Tapizar--Elaborate 1087
   Hip Number
ch.f by Street Hero--Selective 462
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Liaison--Golden Desert 1181
   Hip Number
ch.c by Birdstone--Hookipa 1240
   Hip Number
b.f by Trappe Shot--Ladyflickerflacker 91
   Hip Number
b.f by Giant's Causeway--Crescent Moon 997
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Haynesfield--Lucky in Love 138
dkb/b.f by Stroll--Bayou Boots 838
   Hip Number
b.c by Courageous Cat--My Brooklynne Rose 226
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Oxbow--Pure Class 355
b.c by Flat Out--Sweetlalabye 603
   Hip Number
b.c by Hat Trick (JPN)--Ten Carat Ruby 622
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Denman (AUS)--Miss Chestervalley 189
ch.c by Street Boss--Quinnsworth 374
   Hip Number
b.c by Tiz Wonderful--True Kiss 677
   Hip Number
b.f by Alphabet Soup--Leveragedtothehilt 114
dkb/b.f by Brilliant Speed--My Southern Star 234
ch.c by Tiz Wonderful--Diva Diva Diva 1049
   Hip Number
b.f by Dublin--Time to Win 645
   Hip Number
b.c by Awesome Again--One On Tap 270
   Hip Number
ch.c by Line of David--Sermon 467
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Yes It's True--Look Whos a Star 131
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Drosselmeyer--Dana Did It 1009
   Hip Number
b.c by The Factor--Jostle 42
dkb/b.f by Congrats--Shesabitdistorted 483
b.f by Line of David--Alessandra 773
   Hip Number
ch.c by Munnings--Dede's Mouse 1026
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Morning Line--Lights Out (AUS) 117
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Bellamy Road--Peppermint Queen 302
   Hip Number
b.f by Badge of Silver--Dancing Bay 1014
   Hip Number
ch.f by Shackleford--Lisvernane 123
ch.c by Street Boss--Rizzi Rose 416
   Hip Number
b.c by Bodemeister--Made to Love Her 141
dkb/b.c by Ghostzapper--Shared Dreams (GB) 474
   Hip Number
ch.c by Jimmy Creed--Jacqui's Promise 24
   Hip Number
ch.f by City Zip--Sunny Laugh 588
ch.f by First Samurai--Audacious 817
   Hip Number
b.f by Desert Party--Open Window 273
   Hip Number
ch.f by Orb--Tazarine 619
   Hip Number
b.c by Warrior's Reward--Papillon Rouge (CHI) 288
   Hip Number
b.c by Eskendereya--La Mina 99
   Hip Number
gr/ro.c by Giant's Causeway--Shoo In 491
   Hip Number
b.f by Maclean's Music--Lady Artemis 89
dkb/b.f by Medaglia d'Oro--Martha's Moon 162
b.c by Maclean's Music--Martini 163
dkb/b.f by Morning Line--Memorette 172
ch.f by Algorithms--Miss Charades 187
b.f by Medaglia d'Oro--Moment of Majesty 205
dkb/b.c by Tiz Wonderful--Preshow 333
dkb/b.c by Tiz Wonderful--Propero 349
b.c by Maclean's Music--Secret Scheme 459
b.c by Bodemeister--Spooky Minister 555
ch.c by Midshipman--Trulips 681
b.f by Maclean's Music--Dowd Chapel 1067
ch.f by Eskendereya--Film Critic 1125
b.f by Eskendereya--Freedom Star 1152
dkb/b.f by Majestic Warrior--Glamour Star 1172
dkb/b.f by Proud Citizen--Hollywood Heroine 1234
   Hip Number
b.f by Mizzen Mast--Lamington 100
dkb/b.c by Violence--Northern Vacation 254
dkb/b.c by Shanghai Bobby--Salut d'Amour (IRE) 443
b.c by Jersey Town--Seeking Sheba 461
ch.c by To Honor and Serve--Spinning Lady 552
b.c by Tapizar--Thor's Daughter 638
ch.c by Mineshaft--Timber Ice 642
dkb/b.c by Tapizar--Why Lucy Why 736
ch.f by Lookin At Lucky--Yard Art 752
b.c by Union Rags--Adorabell 767
ch.c by Giant's Causeway--Babe Hall 824
dkb/b.f by Emcee--Back in the Shade 826
b.c by Soldat--Bari's Pulpette 836
dkb/b.c by Not Bourbon--Beaucette 839
b.f by Cape Blanco (IRE)--Combat Mission 975
b.c by Colonel John--Cute Cash 1002
b.c by Shanghai Bobby--Excited 1106
ch.c by Scat Daddy--Flip Flop (FR) 1133
b.c by Animal Kingdom--Four Bears 1146
gr/ro.f by The Factor--Hogan Beach 1231
   Hip Number
b.f by Run Away and Hide--Bright Orange 886
   Hip Number
ch.c by Get Stormy--Destiny's Reward 1036
   Hip Number
b.f by Get Stormy--Rave Reviews 382
ch.c by Broken Vow--Critics Acclaim 998
ch.c by Run Away and Hide--Doc's Leading Lady 1058
   Hip Number
ch.c by Stormy Atlantic--Love Cove 134
b.f by Majestic Warrior--Swept Bayou 608
   Hip Number
gr/ro.c by Gio Ponti--Myrtle's Gray 233
dkb/b.c by Overanalyze--Port Roberto 328
   Hip Number
b.f by Stormy Atlantic--Jesse's Justice 36
dkb/b.f by Speightstown--Juliette Ava 49
b.c by Flower Alley--Kisses for Lynn 73
b.c by Bullet Train (GB)--La Bresilienne 84
dkb/b.c by Run Away and Hide--Little Mary E 125
dkb/b.c by Flatter--Little River 128
dkb/b.f by Cape Blanco (IRE)--Quiet Rumour 373
b.c by Bernardini--Revolutionary Act 406
ch.c by Jimmy Creed--Roman Chestnut 423
ch.c by Sidney's Candy--Sky Mystic 519
b.c by Lemon Drop Kid--Stormy Monday 579
b.c by Overanalyze--The Sense Angel 636
ch.c by Caleb's Posse--Bragadocious 877
b.f by Orb--Castanea 906
ch.c by Tiz Wonderful--Cheoah 939
dkb/b.f by Midnight Lute--Court Dress 991
ch.c by Haynesfield--Create a Legend 995
dkb/b.f by Arch--Forest Valentine 1140
ch.f by Trappe Shot--Getaway Girl 1164
ch.c by To Honor and Serve--Gran Lioness 1199
   Hip Number
b.f by Haynesfield--Proper Form 348
   Hip Number
ch.f by Overanalyze--Queen Mercury 365
dkb/b.f by Data Link--Smokin' Greida 525
dkb/b.c by Flat Out--Swampoodle 597
ch.c by Concord Point--Coulee 989
dkb/b.c by Lookin At Lucky--Dattts R Girl Addy 1020
b.f by Alternation--Ever Appealing 1104
   Hip Number
b.f by Gio Ponti--Whobabydatiz 734
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Blame--Artisanal 809
   Hip Number
b.f by Algorithms--Mihrimah 176
b.f by First Defence--Cap's Legacy 900
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Overanalyze--That's Ok 628
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Hat Trick (JPN)--Private Citizen 344
ch.g by Sangaree--Apleasantnight 803
gr/ro.f by Bullet Train (GB)--Brave Mizz 880
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by American Lion--Numerus Reasons 260
b.g by Kodiak Kowboy--Tascosa 616
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Alternation--Lovely Dream 135
   Hip Number
ch.f by Tiz Wonderful--Phu Cat 314
gr/ro.c by Paddy O'Prado--Speightsy Heart 550
   Hip Number
ch.c by Get Stormy--Coastland 970
b.f by Fort Larned--Hello Gypsy 1222
   Hip Number
b.f by Quality Road--Jump On In 50
dkb/b.c by Lonhro (AUS)--Mama Lulu 151
ch.c by City Zip--Missed the Point 195
ch.c by Majestic Warrior--Panorama Valley 287
gr/ro.c by Smart Strike--Runway Rosie 434
ch.c by Drosselmeyer--Some Silver Gal 538
b.f by Into Mischief--Thunder Calling 639
gr/ro.c by Graydar--Tristanme 673
b.f by Big Brown--Bluestem Meadow 866
dkb/b.c by Take Charge Indy--Brilliancy 887
b.c by Twirling Candy--Brilliant Humor 888
b.c by Bodemeister--Cofachiqui 971
ch.c by Candy Ride (ARG)--Conquestadory 979
b.f by Munnings--Diva N Disguise 1050
gr/ro.c by The Factor--Elusive Allie 1092
ch.c by Super Saver--Gale in the Vale 1158
b.f by Run Away and Hide--Heart Thief 1216
b.f by Stormy Atlantic--High Button Shoes 1228
b.c by Tiznow--Home Court 1237
   Hip Number
b.c by Curlin--Judith Basin 46
gr/ro.f by Denman (AUS)--Princess Patricia 340
gr/ro.c by Curlin--Summer Flirt 586
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Malibu Moon--Private Gift 345
   Hip Number
b.c by Quality Road--Candy Drawer 899
   Hip Number
b.c by Yes It's True--Park View 292
dkb/b.f by Sidney's Candy--Conjuress 978
b.c by To Honor and Serve--Cryston 1000
ch.c by Stay Thirsty--Flirting 1134
ch.f by Majestic Warrior--Floral Park 1137
   Hip Number
b.f by Pioneerof the Nile--Cohiba Miss 921
   Hip Number
b.f by Liaison--Pure Sentiment 358
b.c by Liaison--Regime 401
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Flat Out--Margarita Nites 157
   Hip Number
ch.c by Midshipman--Sassy Silver Lady 450
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Offlee Wild--Salander 442
   Hip Number
ch.c by Haynesfield--Kings Lynn 71
b.f by Monarchos--Yes Honey 754
   Hip Number
ch.c by Dominus--Butterfly Princess 896
   Hip Number
b.c by Liaison--Saardona 437
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Flat Out--Indian Bluff 5
   Hip Number
b.c by Creative Cause--Jill's Gem 40
   Hip Number
b.c by Liaison--Charm 933
   Hip Number
b.f by To Honor and Serve--Divot Doll 1053
   Hip Number
gr/ro.c by Concord Point--Jaan's Brush 21
b.f by Concord Point--Polish Flower 326
dkb/b.c by Dominus--Reem Al Barari 393
b.f by Sky Mesa--Cafe Circle 897
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Gio Ponti--La Danielle 87
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Irish Road--Marshmellowfudge 160
dkb/b.f by Irish Road--Nuggets 259
ch.c by Munnings--Cosmic Wing 988
dkb/b.f by Midshipman--Firm and Fair 1127
   Hip Number
ch.c by Noble Causeway--Momma's Eyes 206
b.c by Stay Thirsty--Wings of a Dove 739
b.f by Tiz Wonderful--Deputy Sarah 1031
   Hip Number
b.c by Violence--Palm Beach Story 286
b.c by Shackleford--Walton Place 718
   Hip Number
gr/ro.c by The Factor--Argent Affair 807
   Hip Number
ch.c by Concord Point--Reba's Cat 389
ch.f by Power Broker--Run Nola Run 432
gr/ro.c by Monarchos--Sentimental Style 464
b.c by Daaher--Tabadabado 610
ch.c by Greeley's Conquest--True Tear Drops 680
dkb/b.c by New Year's Day--Blue Stream 867
dkb/b.f by Line of David--Brave Boco 879
dkb/b.f by Greeley's Conquest--Chatelian 938
   Hip Number
ch.c by Tiz Wonderful--Apple Annie 804
   Hip Number
ch.f by Overanalyze--Sagedust 438
   Hip Number
b.c by Animal Kingdom--Golden Mean 1182
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Temple City--Lady's Song 96
gr/ro.c by E Z's Gentleman--D D's Kidding 1023
b.c by Hold Me Back--Eretwice 1098
   Hip Number
gr/ro.c by Dunkirk--Jazil's Song 29
b.c by Uncle Mo--Klondike Hills 78
dkb/b.c by Fort Larned--M'Dearest 166
b.c by Girolamo--One Little Tear 269
ch.c by Candy Ride (ARG)--Orion's Daughter 275
dkb/b.f by Midnight Lute--Perfect Wildcat 306
gr/ro.c by Uncle Mo--Petite Fuego 308
b.f by Keep Up--Song of Confidence 541
ch.f by Speightstown--Styler 583
b.f by Elusive Quality--Tarlow 613
b.f by Midnight Lute--Trip for A. J. 669
b.f by Keep Up--Auntie Soph 818
ch.f by Graydar--Baby J 825
b.c by Blame--Barbie Wire 834
b.f by Tizbud--Corinthian Lady 985
dkb/b.c by Scat Daddy--Holly's Way 1233
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Keep Up--Sheza Runaway Star 488
   Hip Number
ch.f by Street Boss--Ask for a Star 810
   Hip Number
b.f by Run Away and Hide--Dynatap 1081
   Hip Number
b.c by Concord Point--Jivin' 41
dkb/b.c by New Year's Day--Killoe 68
ch.c by Flower Alley--On High Alert 271
gr/ro.c by Old Fashioned--Raramuri Princess 380
ch.f by Haynesfield--She'll Be Right 480
dkb/b.c by Wilburn--Shezaharleygirl 487
dkb/b.c by I Want Revenge--Aspen Whisper 812
ch.f by Alternation--Cut the Mustard 1004
ch.c by Midshipman--First Quality 1128
ch.c by Majesticperfection--Hairdo 1206
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Hat Trick (JPN)--Referendum 376
   Hip Number
b.f by Quality Road--Snip the Ribbon 527
   Hip Number
ch.c by Maclean's Music--Ten Pin Tide 623
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Tiz Wonderful--Raise Devil 377
   Hip Number
b.f by Dialed In--Ready to Lead 387
dkb/b.c by Wilburn--Shu Ling 493
   Hip Number
ch.f by Super Saver--Birds Nest 857
   Hip Number
gr/ro.c by Graydar--Ibetyouwishyouknew 1
b.c by Soldat--Treasured Freedom 660
dkb/b.f by American Lion--Dark Rhythm 1019
dkb/b.f by Roman Ruler--Fireinyournewshoes 1126
   Hip Number
ch.f by Majesticperfection--Triumphantly 674
dkb/b.f by Tiz Wonderful--Dixie Delight 1055
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Wilburn--One Fell Swoop 268
ch.f by Justin Phillip--American Megan 791
dkb/b.c by Hold Me Back--Bella Bliss 846
dkb/b.f by Overanalyze--Brandywine Summit 878
   Hip Number
b.f by Overanalyze--Romance Is Passion 422
b.f by Jimmy Creed--Vanetta Hill 701
dkb/b.c by Jimmy Creed--Airizon 771
   Hip Number
b.c by Stormy Atlantic--Pied a Terre 316
b.f by Graydar--Rocket's Lady 419
   Hip Number
b.c by Midnight Lute--Cautionary Tale 920
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Denman (AUS)--Flak 1129
   Hip Number
b.f by Candy Ride (ARG)--Solo Survivor 536
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Bodemeister--Listen Now 121
dkb/b.c by Bellamy Road--Princess Sequoia 342
dkb/b.f by Artie Schiller--Fair Warning 1112
   Hip Number
b.f by El Corredor--Wendybird 726
b.c by Flower Alley--Day's Sunset 1022
   Hip Number
gr/ro.f by Distorted Humor--Positive Energy 330
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Overanalyze--Vixen 713
   Hip Number
b.c by Stroll--Shake N Quake 472
   Hip Number
b.c by Fort Prado--True Rose 679
dkb/b.f by Tizway--Bozena 876
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Cowboy Cal--Swingallover 609
   Hip Number
b.c by Divine Park--Iwillinaminute 20
dkb/b.f by Artie Schiller--Jump Up 51
b.f by Awesome Again--Peggy May 298
   Hip Number
ch.f by Haynesfield--Awesome Alexa 821
   Hip Number
b.f by Lonhro (AUS)--Grace's Valentine 1198
   Hip Number
b.c by Maclean's Music--Directive 1044
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Fort Prado--Jabber 22
   Hip Number
ch.c by Jimmy Creed--Laters Babe 106
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Drosselmeyer--Charming Toutsie 935
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Flat Out--Next Big Nothin' 245
   Hip Number
b.f by Wildcat Heir--Pyramyst 363
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Wiseman's Ferry--Tax Rob 618
   Hip Number
b.f by Kodiak Kowboy--Juju's Girl 48
b.f by Sidney's Candy--Phone Joan 313
ch.f by Sidney's Candy--Pretty Penelope 336
   Hip Number
b.f by Not Bourbon--Miss Illusion 198
gr/ro.c by Tale of Ekati--Rubywood 429
   Hip Number
gr/ro.f by Malibu Moon--Princess of China 339
b.f by Justin Phillip--Propelleroneway 347
b.c by Gio Ponti--Tarrip 614
dkb/b.f by Gio Ponti--Alexander Three D (IRE) 774
b.c by Gio Ponti--Blageuse 860
b.f by Gio Ponti--Catchascatchcan (GB) 909
b.f by Justin Phillip--Catch the Blue Hat 912
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Midnight Lute--Janetstickettocats 27
   Hip Number
b.f by New Year's Day--La Chica Rica 85
ch.f by New Year's Day--Larue Lovelake 102
b.f by New Year's Day--Level Headed 113
dkb/b.f by Power Broker--Piper Jade 320
dkb/b.c by Orb--Purim's Dancer 359
dkb/b.f by New Year's Day--Thatcher 627
b.f by New Year's Day--West Coast Gal 727
ch.f by New Year's Day--With Honorandgrace 744
ch.f by Power Broker--Guest List 1205
dkb/b.c by New Year's Day--Hardened She Cat 1212
   Hip Number
b.f by Artie Schiller--Street Chant 581
b.c by Midshipman--Black Java 859
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Sky Mesa--Callie's Joy 898
   Hip Number
gr/ro.c by Stephen Got Even--Chinchilla 945
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by I Want Revenge--Gold Ink 1189
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Smart Strike--Rcuandry 384
gr/ro.c by Sky Mesa--Vesper Lynd 706
   Hip Number
b.c by Mizzen Mast--Kitty Wicked 77
   Hip Number
ch.f by Fast Bullet--Summerville 587
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Tale of the Cat--Miss Shegaas 201
ch.c by Eskendereya--Queen of the Wind 366
   Hip Number
gr/ro.c by Haynesfield--Indy Xs 8
dkb/b.c by Take Charge Indy--Collar 972
   Hip Number
b.f by Super Saver--Comanche Princess 974
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by American Lion--Unclouded 692
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Jimmy Creed--Legend Has It 111
   Hip Number
b.c by Alternation--Out of Prado 280
   Hip Number
ch.c by First Samurai--Eliana Querida 1088
   Hip Number
ch.c by English Channel--Spooky Kitten 554
dkb/b.c by Hightail--Bourbonesque 874
dkb/b.f by English Channel--Classicism 962
dkb/b.c by Raison d'Etat--Dance Away Capote 1010
ch.c by Snapy Halo (ARG)--Funny Valentine 1157
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Uncle Mo--Storm Dancer 576
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Take Charge Indy--Shawnee Country 477
   Hip Number
b.f by Artie Schiller--Rock the Moon 420
   Hip Number
ch.f by Malibu Moon--Meerkat Miss 170
   Hip Number
b.f by Bernardini--Rare Bit 381
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Pioneerof the Nile--Aronia 808
   Hip Number
b.f by Arch--Kissed by a Star 72
   Hip Number
b.c by Exchange Rate--Go Milan Go 1192
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Hold Me Back--Pennymoney 300
ch.f by Caleb's Posse--Watch This Space 720
dkb/b.f by Archarcharch--Why the Mystery 737
   Hip Number
b.c by Include--Mannie Violet 155
dkb/b.c by Forestry--Sandringham Lady 445
b.c by Quality Road--Tejati 620
   Hip Number
b.c by Cowboy Cal--Joy Lake 44
   Hip Number
b.c by Tale of the Cat--Morrow Cove 213
b.c by Quality Road--Sweet Gifts 601
dkb/b.c by Trappe Shot--Thisizsparta 637
dkb/b.f by Super Saver--Ek Haseena 1086
   Hip Number
ch.g by Biondetti--Tionesta 646
b.f by Kantharos--Glittering Georgia 1175
   Hip Number
ch.f by Congrats--Gran Pashita 1201
   Hip Number
b.c by Dublin--Roxie Dancer 427
ch.f by Wilburn--Ski Breeze 515
b.c by Dublin--Stay Composed 566
   Hip Number
ch.c by Midshipman--Mattie Cakes 165
dkb/b.c by Twirling Candy--Not Affiliated 256
gr/ro.c by Violence--Queen's Triomphe 369
b.c by Adios Charlie--Hidden Intent 1227
   Hip Number
b.c by Dominus--Keys 67
   Hip Number
ch.f by Alternation--Bella Talia 850
   Hip Number
b.f by Country Day--Prophesy 350
dkb/b.c by Country Day--Flatter Me Fiona 1130
   Hip Number
gr/ro.f by Graydar--Justenufappeal 58
   Hip Number
gr/ro.f by Flower Alley--Stormy Story 580
   Hip Number
ch.f by Stay Thirsty--Honest Now 1239
   Hip Number
ch.f by Eskendereya--Ace of Kay 765
   Hip Number
b.f by Warrior's Reward--Katina K 64
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Discreet Cat--Draw a Blank 1070
   Hip Number
b.f by Archarcharch--Treasure Lake 661
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Birdstone--Atlantic Cat 814
   Hip Number
b.c by Boys At Tosconova--Jb's Golden Regret 31
   Hip Number
b.c by Lookin At Lucky--Money Huntress 208
ch.f by Kitten's Joy--Pacific Trail 282
b.f by Kitten's Joy--Queen's Causeway 367
ch.c by Kitten's Joy--Reach for a Peach 385
b.f by Kitten's Joy--Reachfortheheavens 386
ch.f by Kitten's Joy--Reggae Rose 400
ch.f by Kitten's Joy--Sheba's Secret 479
ch.c by Kitten's Joy--Shinyshots 490
b.f by Kitten's Joy--Siempre Lista 496
b.f by Union Rags--Smittenwithkitten 524
dkb/b.c by Kitten's Joy--Steffi 569
dkb/b.f by Midas Touch (GB)--Sweet On Kitten 604
b.f by Street Boss--Thebignbadestbunny 630
dkb/b.f by Kitten's Joy--Treqqer 665
ch.f by Kitten's Joy--Brushwork 893
b.f by Kitten's Joy--Cardinalli 901
ch.c by Kitten's Joy--Carousel (GB) 905
b.c by English Channel--Catty Barry 918
b.c by Kitten's Joy--Credit Spread 996
b.c by Desert Party--Dahteste 1008
b.f by Street Sense--Deanaallen'skitten 1024
b.f by Kitten's Joy--Far Isle 1118
dkb/b.f by Kitten's Joy--Gazeley 1163
ch.f by Kitten's Joy--Glamour Puss 1171
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Stay Thirsty--Katie's Ten 63
ch.f by Jersey Town--Cat Tango 917
b.c by Fusaichi Pegasus--Got Me On the Go 1195
   Hip Number
b.f by Flat Out--Marco Groom 156
ch.c by Street Boss--Foxcroft Salander 1148
   Hip Number
b.f by The Factor--Last Illusion 104
b.c by Quality Road--Pray for Grace 331
   Hip Number
gr/ro.f by Goods--Siphina 511
dkb/b.f by Fifteen Love--The Gardener 632
b.f by Holiday Promise--All Lute 782
gr/ro.f by Goods--Avie's Roberta 820
   Hip Number
dkb/b.g by Pass Rush--Reillys Birdstone 402
dkb/b.f by Domestic Dispute--With a Little Salt 743
   Hip Number
b.c by Alphabet Soup--Moro's Delight 212
b.c by Temple City--Oro's Sugar 276
gr/ro.f by Goods--Paige's Dynasty 284
gr/ro.f by Goods--Silken Dreams 499
dkb/b.c by Hold Me Back--Angel's Royalty 797
b.c by Perfect Soul (IRE)--Free Bonus 1151
dkb/b.c by Touch Gold--Hot Chili Pepper 1245
   Hip Number
ch.c by Street Boss--Island Asset 17
b.c by Shanghai Bobby--Little Maryruth 126
b.f by Munnings--S. L. Tompkins 520
b.c by Violence--Thealka 629
ch.c by Trappe Shot--Top Time 654
dkb/b.f by Flat Out--Beau Watch 841
b.f by Morning Line--Chandelle No. Five 930
dkb/b.c by Paddy O'Prado--Dancing Compass 1015
b.f by Liaison--Doctor Diane 1059
b.c by Wilburn--Fantasy Dancer 1117
b.f by Data Link--Galileo's Star 1160
   Hip Number
b.c by Discreet Cat--Midian 174
ch.f by Bellamy Road--Mystery Itself 235
gr/ro.f by Old Fashioned--Never Quicker 243
gr/ro.f by Bellamy Road--Purrfect Song 361
b.c by Awesome Patriot--Alpha Light 787
   Hip Number
gr/ro.f by Flat Out--Centerville 927
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Jersey Town--Storm Hen 577
   Hip Number
b.c by Majestic Warrior--Stunning Electra 582
b.c by Northern Afleet--Catena Zapata (BRZ) 913
   Hip Number
ch.c by Majestic Warrior--W W One 748
   Hip Number
b.f by Data Link--Desi Girl 1035
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Denman (AUS)--Dream Ride 1073
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Shanghai Bobby--Simple Symphony 506
   Hip Number
b.f by Into Mischief--Trippi's Sailor 671
dkb/b.c by Soldat--Gold Lady 1190
   Hip Number
b.f by Into Mischief--Serene Lake 466
   Hip Number
b.f by Warrior's Reward--Reata's Quik Punch 388
   Hip Number
b.f by I Want Revenge--Belle Noelle 851
   Hip Number
ch.c by Wilburn--So Go So 531
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Colonel John--Kimberlite 69
ch.f by Roman Ruler--Repeta 405
ch.f by Roman Ruler--Unbridled Colors 690
dkb/b.f by Tizway--Here's Kitty 1226
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Archarcharch--Pine Hill 318
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Cowboy Cal--Crazy Cyd 994
   Hip Number
ch.f by Dunkirk--Viola Blew By 710
   Hip Number
b.c by The Factor--Perpetual Motion 307
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Tapizar--City Run 956
   Hip Number
b.f by Get Stormy--Storage Queen 575
dkb/b.f by Stephen Got Even--Virtuous Lion 711
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Dialed In--Briara 883
   Hip Number
ch.c by Orb--Whenthetimeisright 732
   Hip Number
b.f by Blame--Mountain Mambo 217
b.f by Paynter--Ryan's Inheritance 436
b.f by Stroll--Small Axe 521
   Hip Number
b.c by Tale of Ekati--American Placed 792
gr/ro.c by Redding Colliery--Bond's Babe 871
   Hip Number
b.f by Discreet Cat--Heaven's Grace 1219
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Haynesfield--Luminosity 139
b.f by Paynter--Miss Sheltowee 202
dkb/b.c by Alternation--Philadelphia Gold 310
gr/ro.f by Irish Road--Rhythmos 408
b.f by Run Away and Hide--Seamless 455
dkb/b.c by To Honor and Serve--Winslet 741
ch.f by Shackleford--Zamindarling 757
b.f by Shackleford--Allegro Lady 777
dkb/b.c by Giant Oak--Anna Banana 798
ch.f by Wilburn--Aunt Sis 819
b.c by Shackleford--Barefootin 835
b.f by Flat Out--Desant 1033
   Hip Number
ch.f by Trappe Shot--La Prada 101
dkb/b.f by Tizway--Lastaria 103
dkb/b.f by Temple City--Limehouse Leza 119
dkb/b.f by Majestic Warrior--My Girls Rock 229
ch.f by Get Stormy--Roo Roo 425
b.c by Jimmy Creed--Roxanne O 426
b.f by Jimmy Creed--Rush to War 435
dkb/b.f by Warrior's Reward--Torrent of Song 656
b.f by Bodemeister--Absolute Nectar 764
dkb/b.f by Warrior's Reward--Amora 794
dkb/b.c by Tiz Wonderful--Bella Rush 849
dkb/b.c by Warrior's Reward--Hope for Love 1242
   Hip Number
b.f by Alternation--Ocean Magic 264
   Hip Number
gr/ro.c by Morning Line--Sociable 529
dkb/b.c by Istan--Anniversary 799
ch.c by Tapit--Cherokee Queen 942
dkb/b.f by Creative Cause--Ellsmere Island 1091
b.c by Orb--Gitchee Goomie 1170
   Hip Number
b.f by The Factor--Latte 107
dkb/b.c by Flat Out--Miss McDreamy 161
ch.f by Super Saver--Miss Dixie Halo 193
ch.f by Munnings--Cherry Wildcat 944
dkb/b.c by Justin Phillip--Dream Date Diva 1072
b.c by Twirling Candy--Fredericka La Rose 1150
b.c by Scat Daddy--Hangingbyamoment 1209
   Hip Number
ch.c by Haynesfield--Regal Lion 398
ch.f by Line of David--Beshairt 853
   Hip Number
b.c by Munnings--J's Hot Shot Lady 45
   Hip Number
b.c by Overanalyze--Evasive 1101
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Shanghai Bobby--Touch of Charm 657
   Hip Number
ch.c by Sidney's Candy--Untainted 697
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Tapizar--Shining Victory 489
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Broken Vow--Here Music 1225
   Hip Number
ch.c by Sidney's Candy--Zip Gun 761
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Archarcharch--Star Dixie 560
   Hip Number
b.c by Lemon Drop Kid--Girl Warrior 1169
   Hip Number
b.c by Bodemeister--Refinement 395
   Hip Number
b.f by Orb--Trendsetting 663
   Hip Number
ch.c by Super Saver--Donnay 1063
   Hip Number
ch.c by Kodiak Kowboy--On the Expressway 272
   Hip Number
ch.f by Scat Daddy--Perennial Song 303
dkb/b.c by Overanalyze--Pleasant Ballerina 323
dkb/b.c by Midnight Lute--Reen 394
b.f by Stay Thirsty--Rings and Things 410
dkb/b.c by Courageous Cat--Spooky Mirage 556
ch.c by Custom for Carlos--Tensas Wedding Joy 624
b.c by Mineshaft--Bonita Meadow 872
ch.f by Gio Ponti--Ever and Anon 1103
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Two Step Salsa--So Fly 530
   Hip Number
b.c by Wilburn--Silver Cross 502
ch.f by Hold Me Back--Tussle 686
   Hip Number
b.f by Mineshaft--Lillian Gish 118
ch.c by Violence--Plus One 324
ch.c by Overanalyze--Proud Beauty 352
b.f by Artie Schiller--Time Lost 644
ch.c by Flatter--Up in Lights 698
b.f by Strong Contender--Beezy Street 842
b.c by Street Sense--Bourbonstreetgirl 875
b.f by Overanalyze--Exotic Tap 1109
gr/ro.c by Midnight Lute--Gorgeous Goose 1194
   Hip Number
ch.c by Ghostzapper--Malibu Cougar 149
   Hip Number
b.c by Paddy O'Prado--Miki's Melody 177
b.c by Keep Up--Giant Redwood 1166
   Hip Number
b.c by Lookin At Lucky--Dulce Realidad 1080
   Hip Number
b.c by Stay Thirsty--Medicinal 169
dkb/b.f by I Want Revenge--Golden Po 1185
   Hip Number
b.c by Haynesfield--Just Married 60
ch.c by Caleb's Posse--Princess Penny 341
   Hip Number
b.f by Flat Out--Telltale Heart 621
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Majesticperfection--New Attraction 244
   Hip Number
b.f by Algorithms--Just Joking 59
b.c by Get Stormy--Europe Again 1100
   Hip Number
b.c by Medaglia d'Oro--Mistical Plan 204
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Astrology--Nothing But Heart 258
   Hip Number
b.f by Take Charge Indy--Sing Dixie Sing 508
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by More Than Ready--Mutakaway 225
dkb/b.f by Pioneerof the Nile--Overrated 281
ch.c by Overanalyze--Paradise Princess 289
b.c by Scat Daddy--Riverboat Queen 413
b.c by Tapizar--Seeking Luck 460
dkb/b.c by Orb--Zealous Gold 759
b.c by Bodemeister--Awesome Maneuver 823
b.c by Flatter--Catch My Eye 910
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Take Charge Indy--Secret of the Sea 458
   Hip Number
b.c by Kitten's Joy--Cat On a Tin Roof 914
dkb/b.f by Kitten's Joy--Exceedexpectations 1105
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Tizway--Yes Its True Shery 755
   Hip Number
b.c by Mission Impazible--Pink Lollipops 319
b.f by Mission Impazible--Sassy Redhead 449
gr/ro.c by Graydar--Cute Cognac 1003
   Hip Number
b.c by Malibu Moon--Christie Village 950
   Hip Number
b.f by Old Fashioned--Chittlin' Switch 948
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Kafwain--Xylonia 749
   Hip Number
b.f by Tiz Wonderful--Lake Squared 98
   Hip Number
b.f by Into Mischief--Moonwalk 210
b.c by First Samurai--Silky Omega 500
   Hip Number
gr/ro.c by Songandaprayer--Unspoken Desire 695
   Hip Number
b.c by Aikenite--Regal Romp 399
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Morning Line--Clear Destiny 964
   Hip Number
gr/ro.f by Mission Impazible--Unspoken Word 696
   Hip Number
ch.c by Cape Blanco (IRE)--Bride in the Wings 885
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Mineshaft--Jellicle (IRE) 32
dkb/b.f by Lonhro (AUS)--Kahraba 61
dkb/b.f by Kitten's Joy--Tizaqueena 648
   Hip Number
b.f by Street Sense--Isabell's Shoes 14
   Hip Number
ch.c by Eskendereya--Best Regards 855
   Hip Number
ch.c by Run Away and Hide--Military Mama 179
   Hip Number
b.f by Bernardini--C J's Leelee 957
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Bodemeister--Dance Thewayyouare 1012
   Hip Number
b.f by Maclean's Music--Nuts About Mom 261
   Hip Number
b.c by Distorted Humor--Isn't She Grand 18
dkb/b.c by Midnight Lute--Superhalf 590
dkb/b.f by Paynter--Unbridled Ridge 691
b.c by Medaglia d'Oro--Blushing 870
b.c by Giant's Causeway--Cataract Canyon 907
b.f by Speightstown--Doilookfatnthese 1060
   Hip Number
ch.f by Girolamo--Karaka 62
b.f by Midshipman--Gated Entrance 1162
   Hip Number
b.c by Kitten's Joy--Spent Gold 551
   Hip Number
b.c by Midnight Lute--Screen Giant 454
b.c by Tale of the Cat--Song Cat 540
b.c by Animal Kingdom--Raise Up 378
b.f by Bodemeister--Ronda's Bridge 424
dkb/b.c by Jimmy Creed--Simply Elegant 507
   Hip Number
b.f by Bodemeister--A. P. Elegance 802
   Hip Number
b.f by To Honor and Serve--Kissin Bobby Vicar 74
gr/ro.f by The Factor--Liszy's Union 124
ch.c by Kitten's Joy--Miles of Style 178
b.c by Astrology--Mystic Mirage 237
b.c by Tizway--Sweetheart Legacy 602
ch.f by Animal Kingdom--Behaving 844
   Hip Number
ch.f by Mizzen Mast--Shared Hope 475
   Hip Number
ch.c by Proud Citizen--Cup o' Luck 1001
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Tiz Wonderful--Rigamaro 409
   Hip Number
b.c by Discreet Cat--Minny's Niece 184
ch.c by Tiz Wonderful--Splendorella 553
b.c by Warrior's Reward--Sweet Abilena 599
   Hip Number
b.c by Curlin--Party Chatter 293
b.f by Mineshaft--Baltic Flier 830
   Hip Number
ch.c by Jimmy Creed--Chitka 947
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Super Saver--Tiz Terrific 651
   Hip Number
b.c by More Than Ready--Ruban Bleu 428
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by More Than Ready--Indy's Windy 7
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Sky Mesa--Palaestra 285
   Hip Number
gr/ro.f by D' Funnybone--Mystic Miracle 236
b.c by D' Funnybone--Shakaleena 471
   Hip Number
b.f by Courageous Cat--My Canary 227
   Hip Number
ch.f by Giant Oak--Kyoquot Sound 83
b.f by Cape Blanco (IRE)--Valeisha 699
   Hip Number
b.c by Tizway--Oh Caramel 266
dkb/b.f by American Lion--Blue Yonder 868
b.f by Tizway--Gliding Light 1174
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Soaring Empire--Media Bias 168
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by San Pablo--Due in Seattlet 1079
   Hip Number
b.c by Temple City--Vickey Jane 707
   Hip Number
ch.f by Even the Score--Jester 37
gr/ro.c by Even the Score--Frisky Kitty 1155
   Hip Number
b.c by Tale of the Cat--Cypriata 1005
gr/ro.f by Mizzen Mast--Fleetwood Alexis 1132
   Hip Number
ch.c by Wilburn--Theresa E 634
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Northern Afleet--Purple 360
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Intidab--Lady Lola 94
   Hip Number
ch.c by Union Rags--Bella Princessa 848
   Hip Number
b.f by Courageous Cat--Just a Bella 53
gr/ro.f by Mission Impazible--Rodeo'sbeenspotted 421
   Hip Number
ch.f by English Channel--African Skyline 769
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Uncle Mo--Charlie My Girl 931
   Hip Number
b.c by Afleet Alex--Robyns Tune 418
b.c by Distorted Humor--Tusculum Rd 685
   Hip Number
ch.c by Kettle Corn--Jay Bird Street 28
b.g by Kettle Corn--Nitty Gritty 248
b.g by Mercer Mill--Batuka 837
b.g by Kettle Corn--E Golden Honey 1084
   Hip Number
b.c by Blame--Kiss the Diva 75
   Hip Number
gr/ro.f by Archarcharch--Holy Smokie 1235
   Hip Number
gr/ro.c by Regal Ransom--Driven 1076
   Hip Number
ch.c by Stormy Atlantic--Ms. Sabbatical 222
   Hip Number
b.f by Run Away and Hide--Thedoctorscat 631
   Hip Number
b.f by Uncle Mo--Saintly Action 441
   Hip Number
b.c by Into Mischief--Perfect Southerner 304
   Hip Number
b.f by Union Rags--Miss Singhsix (IRE) 203
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Overanalyze--Alexandria Wa 775
b.c by Tapizar--Bluegrass Smile 865
dkb/b.c by Jimmy Creed--Disclosed Desire 1045
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Archwarrior--Blue Grass Dancer 864
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Temple City--Mamselle Aries 153
   Hip Number
ch.c by To Honor and Serve--Miss Del Gallo 191
ch.c by Jimmy Creed--Phoenician Moon 312
   Hip Number
b.c by Jersey Town--Miss Bette M 186
   Hip Number
b.c by Stay Thirsty--Cooking Mama 982
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Artie Schiller--Angapanga 796
   Hip Number
b.f by Lemon Drop Kid--Great Look 1202
   Hip Number
b.c by Pioneerof the Nile--Forty Love 1145
   Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Congrats--Dr. Diamonds Prize 1071
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Awesome Again--Princess Dashkova 338
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Flatter--Interlocking 10
ch.c by More Than Ready--Mimi's Bling 181
dkb/b.c by Stroll--Mythical Yarn 239
dkb/b.f by Awesome Patriot--Premier Gray 332
b.c by Soldat--She's a Gold Mine 484
b.f by Pioneerof the Nile--Unforgotten 693
b.f by Colonel John--Vindy City 709
b.f by Point of Entry--Berlin Beauty 852
b.f by Tiznow--Bsharpsonata 894
b.f by Soldat--Gale Warning 1159
b.c by Soldat--Glass Hat 1173
dkb/b.c by Currency Swap--Heat Exposure 1217
b.f by Kodiac (GB)--Hekaayaat 1221
   Hip Number
ch.c by Super Saver--Victory Island 708
b.c by Paynter--Cloud Rise 967
b.c by Overanalyze--Gins Majesty 1168
   Hip Number
blk.c by Archarcharch--Seawell 456
   Hip Number
ch.f by Super Saver--A. K. A. Xe 772
   Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Violence--Jenny's So Great 33
dkb/b.f by Flatter--Proud of My Roots 353
dkb/b.c by Bodemeister--Stop the Wedding 574
blk.c by Girolamo--Tregrandibambini 662
b.c by Uncle Mo--Waynetta 722
b.c by Tapizar--Wild Meeting 738
dkb/b.c by Archarcharch--Woodford Lady 747
dkb/b.f by Violence--Be Fair 843
b.c by Graydar--Fiery Pulpit 1124
dkb/b.f by Violence--Fontanne 1138
   Hip Number
ch.f by Scat Daddy--Ms. Readiness 221