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July 15, 2013

Summer Selected Horses of Racing Age

Fasig-Tipton Kentucky, Inc.
Lexington, Kentucky

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Consignor Index

   Hip Number
Unavailable 2009 b.f by Distorted Humor--Emotion Parade (ARG) 352
Artfully 2010 ch.f by A.P. Indy--Magnificience 360
   Hip Number
Candyman E 2007 ch.g by Candy Ride (ARG)--Flo Rose n Net 301
Terrific Trio 2010 b.g by Grand Slam--Big City Dream 349
   Hip Number
Fusaichiswonderful 2010 ch.f by Fusaichi Pegasus--Cry Baby 312
   Hip Number
Reflecting Riva 2008 dkb/b.m by Lion Hearted--Riva's Reflection 340
   Hip Number
Marvelous Marcy 2010 b.f by Unbridled's Song--Awesome Chic 319
Myluvforugrowsdaly 2010 dkb/b.f by Medaglia d'Oro--Cabaniss 326
Nordic Bull 2010 gr/ro.c by Flashy Bull--Nordic Breeze 329
Phonybooksnrecords 2010 b.f by Tapit--True Addiction 335
Prettyhotprincess 2010 b.f by Stormy Atlantic--Nijinskys Princess 338
Thebignbadestbunny 2010 dkb/b.f by Smart Strike--Silent Eskimo 350
Bolt From the Blue 2010 gr/ro.c by More Than Ready--Electric Shock 365
   Hip Number
Frasero (ARG) 2009 ch.c by El Corredor--Campi Di Roma 310
Holiday Soiree 2009 b.f by Harlan's Holiday--Try to Remember 314
Mi Baires (ARG) 2009 dkb/b.c by El Corredor--Mi Surena 322
Rincon Sur (ARG) 2008 dkb/b.h by Not For Sale--Right Fula 341
   Hip Number
The Thinker 2009 dkb/b.c by Tale of the Cat--Valdivia 351
Anna Pavlova 2010 ch.f by Unbridled's Song--Our Rite of Spring 358
   Hip Number
Mercury Moon 2008 b.m by Malibu Moon--Valid Acquisition 321
   Hip Number
Anniversary Girl 2008 ch.m by Aragorn (IRE)--Whalah 359
   Hip Number
Need a Reason 2009 ch.f by Giant's Causeway--Tatou 327
Shimmering Moment 2007 ch.m by Afleet Alex--Vassar 343
   Hip Number
Grand Mere 2010 b.f by Bob and John--Petite Princess 313
   Hip Number
Cougar Ridge 2010 dkb/b.c by Johannesburg--Wild as Elle 304
Fighter Squadron 2010 dkb/b.c by Medaglia d'Oro--Whoopi Cat 309
Kingston Jamaica (IRE) 2010 b.c by Galileo--Aleagueoftheirown 317
Point Piper 2010 b.c by Giant's Causeway--Imagine (IRE) 337
Teaks North 2007 dkb/b.g by Northern Afleet--Teaksberry Road 347
   Hip Number
Fur Lined 2006 ch.m by Trust N Luck--Mittens 311
Leather Gloves 2008 dkb/b.g by Not For Love--Mittens 318
One Hot Hand 2009 gr/ro.f by Macho Uno--Mittens 331
   Hip Number
Lulu Wong 2009 b.f by Badge of Silver--Lovely Cool 368
   Hip Number
Unstoppable U 2009 gr/ro.c by Exchange Rate--Naseem 354
   Hip Number
Donna Getyourgun 2007 ch.m by Stormy Atlantic--Cryptoqueen 308
Miss Relentless 2010 ch.f by Mr. Greeley--Candy Apple (ARG) 323
Whatthecatdrugin 2007 dkb/b.g by Cat Thief--Select Account 356
   Hip Number
Opera Lily 2010 ch.f by Street Cry (IRE)--Folk Opera (IRE) 333
   Hip Number
Band of Joy 2009 b.g by Bowman's Band--Oxford Joy 369
   Hip Number
Cost Affective 2010 dkb/b.c by Officer--Quick to Please 303
Creation 2009 gr/ro.f by Mizzen Mast--Lil Sister Stich 305
Cromer 2010 b.c by Awesome Again--Sightseek 306
Night Warden 2010 b.c by First Defence--Euphonize 328
Pagets 2010 dkb/b.c by Forestry--Apple of Kent 334
Sevenoaks 2010 gr/ro.c by Mizzen Mast--Arboreta 342
Teleconference 2010 b.c by Empire Maker--Conference Call (GB) 348
Virage 2009 b.g by Empire Maker--Averti 355
   Hip Number
Battle Bridge 2009 dkb/b.f by Arch--Board Battle 363
   Hip Number
Imperialistic Diva (IRE) 2008 ch.m by Haafhd--Imperialistic 315
Belief System 2010 dkb/b.g by Read the Footnotes--Boatman Road 364
   Hip Number
Now Hope 2010 b.f by Tiznow--Shared Hope 330
Storm Pursuit 2008 ch.h by Stormy Atlantic--Masada 345
Unitarian 2010 b.c by Pulpit--Minimalist 353
Attendant 2009 dkb/b.g by More Than Ready--Queen's Play 361
   Hip Number
Mello Kisses 2010 dkb/b.f by Stormello--Kitty Kisses 320
   Hip Number
Alsono 2011 ch.c by Limehouse--Miss Blue Grass 357
   Hip Number
Brooklynn's Dream 2011 ch.f by Afleet Alex--North Dream 366
   Hip Number
Deliver 2011 b.f by Article of Faith--B. n W. Delivery 307
   Hip Number
Jaycito 2008 b.h by Victory Gallop--Night Edition 316
Mordi's Miracle 2009 ch.c by Lawyer Ron--Enchanted Woods 325
Princess Ash 2009 dkb/b.f by Indian Charlie--Boston Lady 339
Soul Warrior 2006 ch.h by Lion Heart--Urmia 344
   Hip Number
Mom's Tour 2010 b.g by Express Tour--Return of Mom 324
One Wild Fire 2009 ch.f by D'wildcat--Madam Fireplace 332
   Hip Number
Ciao Bella Luna 2010 b.f by Tribul Rule--Shadow of the Moon 367
   Hip Number
Come Acorkin 2009 b.f by Leroidesanimaux (BRZ)--Unbridled Lover 302
Baltoro 2010 b.f by Red Giant--Sheena's Gold 362
   Hip Number
Sweet Cassiopeia 2008 ch.m by Five Star Day--My Sweet Caroline 346