Aug 12, 2006

Saratoga Preferred Yearlings

Fasig-Tipton New York, Inc.
Saratoga Springs, New York

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Consignor Index

    Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Freud--By Your Leave 228
    Hip Number
dkb/b.f by A. P Jet--Time For Faith 377
    Hip Number
gr/ro.f by Wheelaway--Our Lady T 326
    Hip Number
b.c by Two Punch--Astarte 209
dkb/b.f by Phone Trick--Honky Tonk Ballad 288
    Hip Number
ch.c by City Zip--Ivar's Honey 294
b.c by Good and Tough--Mia Zia Dea 309
ch.f by City Zip--Reverse the Call 347
    Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Jump Start--Adorahy 202
b.f by Lemon Drop Kid--Attagal 210
b.c by Aptitude--Blond Lady 220
ch.f by E Dubai--Pretty Pretty 335
    Hip Number
gr/ro.f by Maria's Mon--Personal Bid 330
    Hip Number
ch.f by Buddha--Tahila 371
    Hip Number
b.c by Distant View--All Engaged 205
b.f by Stormy Atlantic--Tuft of Flowers 382
    Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Jump Start--Mooring 317
    Hip Number
b.c by E Dubai--Princess Caveat 336
    Hip Number
b.f by Stephen Got Even--Sand Pirate 354
    Hip Number
ch.c by Not For Love--Impulse Shopper 290
    Hip Number
b.f by City Zip--Emeralino 260
ch.f by Holy Bull--Loping Along 304
    Hip Number
gr/ro.c by Holy Bull--Twotime 384
    Hip Number
ch.c by Mr. Greeley--Dancing Blues 246
b.f by Exploit--Downstream Blues 253
ch.f by Meadowlake--Like It Is Lil 301
    Hip Number
ch.f by City Zip--Addie's Pride 201
    Hip Number
b.f by Successful Appeal--Mydistinctive Star 321
    Hip Number
b.f by Tomorrows Cat--Essen 'n Fressen 264
b.c by Jump Start--Ms Jaguar Type 319
    Hip Number
b.c by Lemon Drop Kid--Doyenne 254
    Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Kafwain--Luck to Boot 305
    Hip Number
gr/ro.f by Not For Love--Cozzekiki 244
    Hip Number
b.c by Tomorrows Cat--Kawajlain 296
    Hip Number
b.f by Matty G--Flying Smarten 273
    Hip Number
gr/ro.f by Buddha--Tina Fleet 378
    Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Hold That Tiger--Chasse 233
    Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Jump Start--Avril a Portugal 214
    Hip Number
ch.f by Freud--Chunter's Joy 236
b.f by Griffinite--Milliemillie 312
.f by City Zip--Run With Netti 350
gr/ro.f by Buddha--Seattle Moon 356
    Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Cryptoclearance--Taffy Pull 370
    Hip Number
ch.f by Volponi--Charmed Aura 232
    Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Say Florida Sandy--After You 203
    Hip Number
b.f by Say Florida Sandy--Judge Barbara 295
    Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Freud--Axspect 215
ch.c by Strategic Mission--Bolton Nina 223
b.c by Volponi--Consider It Done 241
b.f by Include--Dr. Velvet 255
dkb/b.f by Our Emblem--Heavenly Arc 284
dkb/b.f by Deputy Commander--Holdyoursuspicions 285
dkb/b.f by Buddha--Mamas Last Girl 306
ch.f by Langfuhr--Morgans Raider 318
ch.c by Good and Tough--Paige Commands 328
ch.c by Langfuhr--Wee Lass 389
    Hip Number
ch.c by Wiseman's Ferry--Dasharoo 247
dkb/b.f by Hook and Ladder--Single Swinger 362
    Hip Number
b.c by Hook and Ladder--Ausable 211
b.c by Officer--Beaty Creek 217
b.c by Good and Tough--Diamondsandrubys 250
b.c by Milwaukee Brew--Ebb n' Flow 257
dkb/b.c by Hook and Ladder--Erv's Duck 262
ch.f by Dream Run--Eternally Hopeful (GB) 266
dkb/b.c by Hook and Ladder--Expensive Tap 267
ch.c by Tactical Cat--Holy Wish 286
b.c by Freud--Lavish Numbers 299
ch.c by Freud--Mighty Emy 311
b.c by Hook and Ladder--Moneymakinmamma 315
b.f by Hook and Ladder--Perfect Design 329
b.c by Dream Run--Precious Choice 334
b.c by Dream Run--Quick Alert 337
dkb/b.f by Hook and Ladder--Saintly Lady 352
b.f by Crafty Prospector--Talamanca 373
b.c by Hook and Ladder--Unbridled Star 387
b.f by Good and Tough--Uppity 388
    Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Harlan's Holiday--Sky Bonnet 364
    Hip Number
b.f by Wiseman's Ferry--Lineage 302
    Hip Number
ch.f by Good and Tough--Cozwhy 243
    Hip Number
gr/ro.c by Dream Run--Elegant Future 258
    Hip Number
ch.c by Hussonet--Bo Bo's Sister 221
dkb/b.c by Minardi--Eastside Lass 256
    Hip Number
gr/ro.c by Wheelaway--Amistad 207
dkb/b.c by Louis Quatorze--Boca Juniors 222
dkb/b.f by Wheelaway--Burst of Laughter 226
dkb/b.f by Desert Warrior--Carson Countess 230
ch.c by Cat Thief--Cercis 231
ch.f by Ecton Park--Cozzy Temper 245
dkb/b.c by Judge T C--Diplomatic Bride 251
b.c by Gold Token--Fappies Cosy Miss 268
ch.c by Desert Warrior--Feisty K. C. A. C. 269
b.f by Petionville--Fit and Fleet 270
dkb/b.c by Judge T C--Fixin to Storm 271
b.f by Judge T C--Forever Splendid 276
dkb/b.c by Not for Love--Instant Shopper 291
ch.c by Point Given--Lasha 298
dkb/b.f by Wheelaway--Miss Claratius 313
dkb/b.c by Wheelaway--Not Caught Yet 324
.c by Wheelaway--Root For Marge 349
dkb/b.f by Wheelaway--Tyler's Tops 385
    Hip Number
b.c by Indian Charlie--Quietly Elegant 339
    Hip Number
b.c by Horse Chestnut (SAF)--Secret Breeze 357
    Hip Number
ch.c by Well Noted--Manny's Gold Maker 308
dkb/b.c by Well Noted--Straight Jacket (CHI) 367
    Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Stormy Atlantic--Lake Minipi 297
dkb/b.f by Wiseman's Ferry--Mich's Pitch 310
dkb/b.c by Yonaguska--M. J. Bean 314
ch.c by City Zip--Polar Capp 333
ch.f by Wiseman's Ferry--Senorita Constanza 359
    Hip Number
ch.f by Van Nistelrooy--Al Fayeza 204
ch.c by Hennessy--Ava Anne 212
b.f by Distinctive Pro--Ave's Finale 213
ch.f by Performing Magic--Berkshire Shopper 218
b.f by Vicar--But 227
dkb/b.f by D'Wildcat--Cobey's Girl 238
ch.f by Catienus--Devil's Dame 249
b.f by Good and Tough--Down South 252
dkb/b.c by Hook and Ladder--Escarrgot 263
ch.f by Crafty C. T.--Estate Sale 265
dkb/b.f by Full Mandate--Good Listener 280
ch.c by City Zip--Heather's Apparel 283
b.c by Van Nistelrooy--Northern Eyes 323
ch.c by Street Cry (IRE)--Quiet Rumour 340
ch.f by Devil's Bag--Respectability 346
dkb/b.f by Distinctive Pro--Show the Mark 361
dkb/b.f by Wheelaway--Skippin Upbroadway 363
dkb/b.c by Grindstone--Storm Fever 366
b.c by City Zip--Travellin' Along 380
b.f by Precise End--Tweak n Twist 383
b.c by Golden Missile--Winloc's Glorious 391
    Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Judge T C--Rachael Tennessee 342
    Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Performing Magic--Christina B. 235
b.c by Quiet American--Gold 'n Sugar 279
gr/ro.c by Thunder Gulch--Multiplicity 320
ch.c by Johannesburg--Out of the Buggy 327
dkb/b.c by American Chance--Quiet Julia 338
ch.c by Performing Magic--Rambuckus 344
    Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Distinctive Pro--Answer True 208
    Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Mayakovsky--Stately Lady 365
    Hip Number
ch.c by Wiseman's Ferry--Counting Visions 242
b.f by Desert Warrior--Trustees Gray 381
    Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Arch--Classic Cure 237
ch.f by Precise End--Plume Poppy 332
ch.c by Out of Place--Taken by Storm 372
    Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Malibu Moon--Cherokee Mist 234
ch.c by Phone Trick--Fois Gras 274
gr/ro.c by Silver Charm--Gallant Number 277
b.f by Trippi--Halo's Notebook 282
b.c by Stormin Fever--Pleasant Ghost 331
    Hip Number
b.c by Yonaguska--Bit of the Bubbly 219
b.f by Military--Energica 261
ch.f by Phone Trick--Opening Address 325
    Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Catienus--Rae's Little Girl 343
    Hip Number
ch.c by Stormy Atlantic--Quistadora 341
    Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Johannesburg--Mandy Jud 307
    Hip Number
ch.f by Tiger Ridge--Balmoral Gap 216
dkb/b.f by Wiseman's Ferry--Brianas'flyingkiss 224
b.c by Golden Missile--Careful Approach 229
dkb/b.f by Victory Gallop--Deputy Dear 248
dkb/b.c by Stormy Atlantic--Elise' 259
b.c by Three Wonders--Glorious Day 278
b.f by City Zip--Goomada Byda Sea 281
dkb/b.c by Macho Uno--Honor Lass 289
ch.f by Two Punch--Intend to Win 293
dkb/b.c by Hook and Ladder--Liz Ficken 303
dkb/b.f by Belong to Me--Near and Dear 322
dkb/b.f by Aptitude--Secret to Life 358
b.c by Halo's Image--She's a Pill 360
b.f by Honour and Glory--Tarnished Lady 374
dkb/b.c by Silver Charm--Tenacious Tiffany 375
ch.f by Precise End--Whisper Lightly 390
    Hip Number
b.c by Include--Colebrookadvantage 240
    Hip Number
dkb/b.c by Black Minnaloushe--Honey Sorbet 287
b.f by Honour and Glory--Insured Deposit 292
gr/ro.f by Holy Bull--Tina Pond 379
    Hip Number
ch.f by Orientate--Britetonzmyday 225
ch.c by Wiseman's Ferry--Foot Pick 275
dkb/b.c by Phone Trick--Lightbeam 300
ch.f by City Zip--Repast 345
ch.c by Orientate--Sabre Dance 351
ch.c by Proud Citizen--Scherzando 355
ch.c by Storm Boot--Unbridled Bird 386
    Hip Number
b.c by Distinctive Pro--Allen's Girl 206
ch.c by Crafty C. T.--Supah Sassy 369
    Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Yonaguska--Roman Jet 348
    Hip Number
dkb/b.f by Mayakovsky--Sultry Hill 368
b.f by Brahms--The Warden 376