Nov 5 , 2006

November Selected Mixed ClassicStar Dispersal

Fasig-Tipton Kentucky, Inc.
Lexington, Kentucky

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Consignor Index

    Hip Number
1998 dkb/b.m. In Excess (IRE) Something Perfect Above Perfection
1994 b.m. A.P. Indy Naskra's Return All the Moves
1997 gr/ro.m. Alydeed Qui Bid Alybgood
2003 gr/ro.m. Grand Slam Good Response Angry Reply
1991 dkb/b.m. Lord Avie Fancy Pan Avie's Fancy
1999 b.m. Saint Ballado Goulash Ballado's Halo
2000 b.m. Formal Gold I'll Get Along Be Happy My Love
1999 dkb/b.m. Soft Gold (BRZ) Interactive Bella Bella Bella
1994 b.m. Blushing John Gold Issue Blushing Issue
1996 ch.m. Bounding Basque Spinner Brittsker
1998 dkb/b.m. Holy Bull Donut Queen Bullish Miss
2001 ch.m. Real Quiet Platinum Choice Choose the Right
1988 b.m. Conquistador Cielo Baby Elli Conquistress
1996 b.m. Inexcess (IRE) Guilded Times Controlled
1996 dkb/b.m. A.P. Indy Court Hostess Court Reception
1998 b.m. Miswaki Wedding Vow Cross Your Heart
1992 ch.m. Classic Account Pasampsi Debit My Account
1991 dkb/b.m. Gone West Defer Defer West
1997 ch.m. Out of Place Max Donnell Defining Style
1991 ch.m. D'Accord Enough is Enough D'Enough
1993 ch.m. Wavering Monarch Seen and Silent Desert Queen
1988 b.m. Regal and Royal Wandering Lace Drina
2003 ch.m. Giant's Causeway Evil's Pic Evil's Causeway
1992 ch.m Piccolino Evil's Sister Evil's Pic
1998 b.m. Deputy Minister La Chaposa (PER) Fiddlin Devon
1993 dkb/b.m. Riverman Young Flyer First Flyer
1991 b.m. Pleasant Colony Frosty Skater Flirty Frosty
1996 dkb/b.m. Time for a Change Judaire Fresh Aire
1999 b.m. Honour and Glory Swazi's Moment Glory High
1997 ch.m. Falstaff Key Mist Go Go
1995 dkb/b.m. Prospector's Halo Needles Lady Gold Princess
2000 dkb/b.m. Capote Real Jenny Golden Jenny
1998 ch.m. Salt Lake Manhattan Gold Golden Lake
1996 b.m. Saint Ballado Country Starlet Her Halo
1992 b.m. Sadler's Wells Detroit (FR) Honfleur (IRE)
1996 ch.m. Citidancer Prospective Joy Hookedonthefeelin
1997 b.m. Humble Eleven Deputy Clerk Humble Clerk
1997 ch.m Ends Well Affirmed Peach Impeachable
1988 b.m. Seattle Song Royal Slip (IRE) Irish Linnet
2000 dkb/b.m. Seattle Slew Montecito Island Park
1993 b.m. Easy Goer Balinese Itsoeasy
2002 b.m. Tale of the Cat Larking Larking Cat
1994 dkb/b.m. Seattle Slew Navratilovna Leo Girl
1991 b.m. Cutlass Gilded Lilly Lill's Cutlass
1997 b.m. Seattle Bound Never Tarnished Lil Sister Stich
1996 ch.m. Seeking the Gold Louve Bleue Louve Mysterieuse
2000 ch.m. Gentlemen (ARG) Speak Halory Lovely Sage
1990 gr.m Lyphard Gallant Sister Lyphard Gal
1996 b.m. Broad Brush Illeria Magic Broad
1985 b.m. His Majesty Long Legend Majestic Legend
2002 dkb/b.m. Awesome Again Tassa Mantova Run
2003 b.f. Deputy Minister Squall City Minnie's Minister
1999 dkb/b.m. Storm Boot Foxfire Lass Nice Boots Baby
1997 b.m. Meadowlake Cassowary North Lake Jane
2000 dkb/b.m. Honour and Glory Smuggle One and Twenty
2002 ch.m. Fusaichi Pegasus Bet Twice Princess Princess Medusa
1993 ch.m. Private Account Ballet de France Profit Column
1990 dkb/b.m. Known Fact All Things New Rainbow Promise
1997 dkb/b.m. Valid Appeal Regal Pennant Regally Appealing
1995 b.m. Copelan Regal Pennant Regal Miss Copelan
1992 ch.m. Seeking the Gold Fulbright Scholar Seeking Regina
1995 dkb/b.m. Pine Bluff Shawklit Shawklit Delight
1994 ch.m. Easy Goer Escrow Agent Sheepscot
1995 ch.m. Eskimo Slide Out Front Silent Eskimo
1992 dkb/b.m. Storm Cat Lyrical Princess Singin Up a Storm
1996 b.m. Storm Cat Wedding Reception Song to Remember
1992 b.m. Seattle Slew Hangin On a Star Starboard Tack
1991 dkb/b.m. Storm Cat Magnificient Style Stylelistick
1993 dkb/b.m. Eastern Echo Drone Qui Tellum Texan
1997 b.m. Sadler's Wells Ridge the Times Tobaranama (IRE)
1992 ch.m. Turkoman Turbo Launch Turko's Turn
1996 dkb/b.m. Farma Way Star of Wicklow Wild Heart Dancing
1999 b.m. Dehere Win Crafty Lady Win's Fair Lady
2004 b.f. Danzig Zoftig Zofzig